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Marmaray Metro Istanbul: Stations | Price | History

Marmaray Metro Istanbul is one of the most important transportation projects in the world, as the metro line connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and passes under the sea and the Bosphorus.

The Marmaray metro project is designed to be used with electric power in order not to pollute the environment, as it provides transportation services to citizens with high efficiency.

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About Istanbul Marmaray Metro

The project is currently one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the world. The length of the completely new, improved railway system is approximately 76.6 km.

The first idea of ​​constructing a new railway tunnel connecting the European and Asian side of Istanbul began during the Ottoman Empire, and the construction of the line actually began in 2004.

The first trip of the Istanbul Marmaray metro line began to operate on October 29, 2013.

History of the Istanbul Marmaray Metro

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The idea of ​​creating a metro railway line under the Bosphorus connecting the Asian side with the European side appeared in the year 1860 AD, during the era of Sultan Abdul Majid.

The first serious step in the project began in the era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, when French engineers drew a blueprint for the Marmaray Railway in 1892.

The railway’s designs were developed over the next 20 to 30 years, as the design was for a railway tunnel to pass under the Bosphorus, with the tunnel placed on columns built on the sea floor.

The desire to build a public transportation line between the east and west of Istanbul under the Bosphorus gradually increased in the early 1980s, and as a result, the first comprehensive feasibility study was conducted at the time of Prime Minister Turgut Özal in 1987.

. As a result of this study, it was determined that such a connection was both technically feasible and cost-effective, and the path that we see in the project today was chosen as the best among a number of different paths.

In late 2002, deep-sea drilling began, and in 2003, contractors began taking over construction work.

The project was funded by the Japan JICA Bank for International Cooperation, the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, and the European Investment Bank.

Marmaray Metro Stations

Station nameThe time of the first trainThe time of the last train
1. Gebze 06:0022:15
2. Darıca 06:0322:18
3. Osmangazi 06:0522:20
4. Fatih 06:0822:23
5. Çayırova 6:1022:25
6. Tuzla 05:5822:29
7. Içmeler 06:0122:32
8. Aydıntepe06:0322:34
9. Güzelyalı 06:0522:36
10. Tersane 06:0722:38
11. Kaynarca 6:1022:41
12.Pendik 06:0022:44
13. Yunus,06:0322:47
14. Kartal 06:0622:50
15. Başak 06:0922:53
16. Atalar 06:1122:55
17. Cevizli 06:1422:58
18. Maltepe 06:1723:01
19. Süreyya Plajı 06:1923:03
20. İdealtepe 06:2123:05
21. Küçükyalı 06:2323:07
22.Bostancı 06:2623:10
23. Suadiye 06:2823:12
24. Erenköy06:3123:15
25. Göztepe 06:3423:18
26. Feneryolu 06:3623:20
27. Söğütlüçeşme 05:5523:23
28. Ayrılıkçeşmesi 06:0023:28
29. Üsküdar06:0423:32
30. Sirkeci 06:0823:36
31. Yenikapı 06:1123:39
32. Kazlıçeşme 06:1623:44
33. Zeytinburnu 06:2023:48
34. Yenimahalle06:1123:51
35. Bakırköy 06:1323:53
36. Ataköy06:1523:55
37. Yeşilyurt06:1823:58
38. Yeşilköy06:2012 o’clock
39. Florya Akvaryum06:2400:04
40. Florya06:2600:06
41. Küçükçekmece 06:2900:09
42. Mustafa Kemal06:3200:12
43. Halkalı

Ticket Price of the Istanbul Marmaray Metro

The prices below are the current prices at 08.01.2024.

1 – 7 Stations15.00 ₺7.32 ₺10.74 ₺
8 – 14 Stations19.29 ₺9.02 ₺13.30 ₺
15 – 21 Stations22.26 ₺10.74 ₺15.64 ₺
22 – 28 Stations25.68 ₺12.21 ₺18.21 ₺
29 – 35 Stations29.99 ₺14.36 ₺21.42 ₺
36 – 43 Stations33.20 ₺15.00 ₺23.14 ₺

Important Informations about Marmaray Metro Line

  • Fees are charged for the longest distance according to the entered station.
  • The distance traveled is calculated after disembarking from the station, and the amount that will be returned to you is calculated by the fee returned to the electronic card used at the station entrance.
  • In the event that more than one person uses the same electronic card, only one amount will be refunded to the used card.
  • In the event that personal and discounted cards (monthly card, discount, free, student, etc.) are used by another unauthorized party, officers have the right to confiscate the card and prevent the person from traveling.
  • You can use the monthly card used throughout Istanbul within the Marmaray metro.
  • There is no replay when exiting the same terminals.
  • The Marmaray one-time card is only valid in Marmara and is not valid for the use of other transportation vehicles.
  • It is not permitted to speak loudly or to be heard loudly by marketers in metro trolleys.

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Bicycle Transfer in the Istanbul Marmaray Metro

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  • Foldable bicycles are accepted on trains all day and at any time, provided they are not more than “medium bag size” and are folded.
  • Large bicycles that do not fold up are accepted on trains except during peak hours (07.00–08.30 / 16.00–19.30).
  • Bicycles are accepted on trains on all days and hours, in addition to Sundays and public holidays.
  • Do not use bicycles inside the station and vehicle areas.
  • A rider can travel on a bike, and the bike owner is responsible for any damage or loss (including third parties) that may occur on stations and trains.
  • There is no fee to transport the bicycles.

Transporting Pets on the Marmaray Metro Line

  • Small pets are allowed to enter the trains without restrictions, provided that they are in a cage not exceeding the size of a medium-sized suitcase and that they do not emit unpleasant odors.
  • Guide dogs accompanying the blind are accepted on trains, provided they are tied down and have their documentation.
  • Animals must not be removed from their cages in stations and trains, and health certificates for animals must be with the passenger.
  • Wild animals that could harm other passengers upon release in any way are not accepted onto trains, even if they are in a cage.
  • The companion is responsible for any damage or loss (including to third parties) that may occur due to small pets carried with the passenger.

When was the Istanbul Marmaray metro line established?

The idea of ​​constructing the Marmaray railway tunnel began in the era of the Ottoman Empire, and its implementation began in 2004, and it entered service in 2013.

Can bicycles be transported on the Marmaray metro?

Yes, you can transport your bike on the Marmaray metro line, provided that you adhere to the conditions mentioned in the following article.

Can pets be transported on the Marmaray metro line?

Yes, you can take pets on the Marmaray metro line, provided that the conditions mentioned in the following article are adhered to.