Turkish Ministry of Defence

Turkish Ministry of Defence

The Turkish Ministry of Defense is a government agency responsible for the defense of the Republic of Turkey. It is responsible for the management and oversight of the Turkish Armed Forces, which consists of the Turkish Army, Navy, and Air Force. The ministry is headquartered in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, and is led by the Minister of Defense, who is appointed by the President of Turkey.

The Ministry of Defense plays a crucial role in the security and defense of Turkey, a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Turkish Ministry of Defence

About the Turkish Ministry of Defence

The Turkish Ministry of Defence works to ensure the security and defence of Turkey and the Turkish nation with the inspiration from our history and the strength from the national and spiritual values, in line with the goal of a strong Turkey that is a leader in its region and has global influence.

The main goal of the ministry is to establish a deterrent Armed Forces equipped with national and Turkish made weapon systems, with global reach, capable of conducting operations in land, sea, air, cyber and space fields, and to provide and train qualified personnel to use this power with modern techniques and strategies, To contribute to the formulation of defence and security policies, to protect Turkey’s survival, rights, interests and interests in the homeland, blue homeland and beyond our skies, to make the Turkish Armed Forces effective, deterrent and respected against all existing and potential threats and dangers, and to use them when necessary.

The logo of the Ministry of National Defence features 16 stars representing the Turkic states established in history, which are included in the Presidential logo.

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