An Overview of Steel Suppliers in Turkey 2023

Discover steel suppliers in Turkey in this comprehensive guide, exploring key manufacturers, suppliers, and the impact of international players on Turkey’s steel market. Learn about the country’s competitive edge and future prospects in the global steel landscape.

As a material scientist and engineer who studies and lives in Turkey, I am eager to share my knowledge of the country’s thriving steel industry. Turkey has established itself as an important player in the global steel market, with many manufacturers and suppliers contributing to the industry.

Steel Suppliers in Turkey

Rebar Manufacturers in Turkey

Overview of Rebar Manufacturing

Reinforcing bars, commonly known as rebars, are crucial components in the construction industry, providing tensile strength to concrete structures. Turkey houses several prominent rebar manufacturers that cater to both domestic and international markets.

Major Rebar Manufacturers in Turkey

Here are the top three rebar manufacturers in Turkey:

  1. Kaptan Demir Çelik: A leading rebar manufacturer with a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. İÇDAŞ: Known for its advanced production facilities and eco-friendly practices.
  3. Çolakoğlu Metalurji: A prominent player in the industry, offering high-quality rebars and other steel products.

Steel Manufacturing Companies in Turkey

Overview of Steel Manufacturing

Steel manufacturing is a vital industry for Turkey, employing thousands of people and contributing significantly to the economy. With various steel products, Turkey meets the demands of both local and international markets.

Key Players in the Industry

The major steel manufacturing companies in Turkey include:

  • Ege Çelik: Specializing in long steel products, Ege Çelik is a market leader with a strong presence in the industry.
  • Erdemir Group: One of the largest steel producers in Turkey, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability.
  • Habas: An experienced manufacturer of both flat and long steel products, catering to various sectors such as construction, automotive, and white goods.

Steel Billet Manufacturers in Turkey

Overview of Steel Billet Production

Steel billets are semi-finished steel products used as raw material for producing long products such as rebars, wire rods, and structural sections. Turkey’s steel billet manufacturers play an essential role in supporting the country’s steel industry.

Major Steel Billet Manufacturers in Turkey

The leading steel billet manufacturers in Turkey are:

  1. Kroman Çelik: A major player in the steel industry, producing high-quality billets for domestic and international markets.
  2. Gazi Metal: Renowned for its advanced production facilities and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  3. Baştuğ Metallurgy: A key producer of steel billets with a focus on sustainability and innovation.
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Wire Rod Manufacturers in Turkey

Overview of Wire Rod Manufacturing

Wire rods are versatile steel products used in various applications, including wire drawing, fasteners, and construction. Turkey’s wire rod manufacturers cater to diverse industries with their high-quality products.

Leading Wire Rod Manufacturers in Turkey

The top wire rod manufacturers in Turkey include:

  1. ÇEMTAŞ: A reputable wire rod producer with a strong emphasis on research and development.
  2. Özkan Steel: Known for its high-quality wire rods and commitment to sustainable practices.
  3. MMK Metalurji: A leading producer with advanced facilities, supplying wire rods to both domestic and international markets.

Turkey Steel Manufacturers

Turkey boasts a dynamic steel industry with numerous manufacturers offering a wide range of steel products. Some of the advantages of the Turkish steel industry include:

  • High-quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Proximity to significant markets
  • Strong government support

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Turkey Steel Price

Steel prices in Turkey are influenced by various factors, such as global steel demand, raw material costs, and currency fluctuations. Turkey’s steel prices generally remain competitive compared to global prices, making the country an attractive destination for steel importers.

Tata Steel Turkey

Overview of Tata Steel’s Operations in Turkey

Tata Steel, a global steel giant, has a significant presence in Turkey through its subsidiary, Tata Steel Europe. The company has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality steel products to the Turkish market.

Impact of Tata Steel on the Turkish Steel Industry

Tata Steel’s presence in Turkey has brought several benefits to the local steel industry, including:

  • Introduction of advanced technologies and best practices
  • Increased competition, leading to improved quality and efficiency
  • Creation of job opportunities
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Steel Companies in Turkey

Major Steel Producers and Their Market Shares

Turkey has a diverse range of steel companies, both large and small. Some of the major players in the market are:

  • Erdemir Group
  • Çolakoğlu Metalurji
  • Kardemir
  • Habaş

These companies have a significant market share and play a crucial role in shaping the Turkish steel industry.

Niche Players in the Turkish Steel Market

In addition to the major players, Turkey is also home to several niche steel companies that focus on specific segments or products. These companies cater to specialized markets and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

YC Inox Turkey

Overview of YC Inox’s Operations in Turkey

YC Inox, a leading stainless steel manufacturer from Taiwan, has expanded its operations to Turkey. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, YC Inox has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of stainless steel products in the Turkish market.

YC Inox’s Contribution to the Turkish Steel Industry

YC Inox’s presence in Turkey has led to:

  • Increased availability of high-quality stainless steel products
  • Enhanced competition, resulting in better quality and pricing
  • Introduction of new technologies and expertise in the stainless steel segment

Turkey Steel Association

Role of the Association in the Turkish Steel Industry

The Turkey Steel Association plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the Turkish steel industry. The association represents the interests of its members, provides a platform for collaboration, and advocates for policies that support the industry.

Key Initiatives by the Association

Some of the major initiatives undertaken by the Turkey Steel Association include:

  • Promoting sustainable practices and innovation
  • Organizing industry events and trade fairs
  • Facilitating collaborations between industry stakeholders

Biggest Steel Companies in Turkey

Top Three Largest Steel Producers in Turkey

The three largest steel producers in Turkey are:

  1. Erdemir Group
  2. İÇDAŞ
  3. Çolakoğlu Metalurji

These companies have a significant market share and are well-known for their high-quality products and strong global presence.

Market Share and Global Standing of These Companies

The market share and global standing of these companies are a testament to the strength of the Turkish steel industry. They have successfully established themselves as reliable suppliers in the global market and continue to expand their presence through strategic investments and partnerships.

Steel Traders in Turkey

Importance of Steel Traders in the Market

Steel traders play a vital role in the Turkish steel industry by facilitating the flow of steel products between producers and end-users. They help ensure that products reach customers efficiently and at competitive prices.

Major Steel Traders in Turkey

Some of the prominent steel traders in Turkey include:

  • Borusan Mannesmann
  • Atakaş
  • Diler Holding

These traders have a strong network and reputation, enabling them to connect steel producers with customers across various industries.

Baosteel Turkey

Overview of Baosteel’s Operations in Turkey

Baosteel, one of the world’s largest steel producers based in China, has expanded its operations to Turkey. The company has established a strong presence in the Turkish market, offering a range of high-quality steel products.

Baosteel’s Impact on the Turkish Steel Industry

Baosteel’s entry into the Turkish steel market has brought several benefits, including:

  • Introduction of advanced technologies and production methods
  • Increased competition, resulting in better product quality and pricing
  • Strengthening of Turkey’s position as a major steel supplier in the global market


Turkey’s position in the global steel market is undoubtedly impressive, thanks to its diverse range of manufacturers, suppliers, and traders. The presence of both local and international steel giants has contributed to the growth and development of the industry, making Turkey an attractive destination for steel importers. With continuous innovation, strategic investments, and a strong focus on sustainability, the future prospects for the Turkish steel industry appear bright.

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