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Best Turkish Screw Manufacturers | Comprehensive Guide

Turkish Screw manufacturers have robustly positioned themselves in the global market by producing a wide array of quality and reliable products, catering to various industries like automotive, construction, and machinery. Leveraging advanced technology and adherence to international standards, they ensure that their bolts, nuts, screws, and washers meet both local and international demands efficiently.

Their ability to meet high-volume demands and ensure timely deliveries has enabled them to establish a strong presence in the international screw market, significantly contributing to Turkey’s export sector.

Turkish Screw Manufacturers

Screw Price in Turkey

Average screw prices in Turkey are as follows:

  • (10PCS) 3.5 X 30 Size Screw – Pointed Phillips Chipboard Screw – $0.5
  • (420 PCS) Smart Countersunk Screw Set – 10 Types of Drill Bits – Screw Set with Tool Bag – $9
  • (1000 PCS) Drywall Screw 3.5×25 mm – $6.5
  • (400 PCS) 5.5×25 Trapezoidal Screw – $9.5

Turkish Screw Manufacturers

1. Norm Screws

Anchoring international standards with robust local expertise.x

Since its humble beginnings in 1973, Norm Screws has evolved, not just as Turkey’s premier screw manufacturer but as a global exemplar in the industry.

  • Global Reach: Operating in 9 countries, including the USA, UK, and Germany.
  • A Formidable Team: Boasting around 4000 employees and 12 manufacturing sites.
  • European Recognition: Classified within the top 5 screw manufacturers in Europe.

With its roots firmly embedded in bolt and nut production since the ’70s, Norm’s odyssey underscores a blend of relentless pursuit of quality and expansive vision.

2. Çetin Civata

Weaving quality, capacity, and international reach into every screw.

Çetin Civata, as a pivotal entity of the Tecde Group, has been synthesizing innovation and experience since its inception in 1976 by Nihat Tecdelioglu in Istanbul.

  • Export Prowess: Ships 45% of its 40,000 metric tons yearly production to notably developed EU countries.
  • Versatile Applications: Dominantly serves the automotive industry, amongst others like white goods and metal constructions.
  • Quality Assurance: Backed by numerous quality certifications, such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Its strides in standard and specialized screws showcase a narrative that is richly woven with dedication, technological prowess, and global appeal.

3. Berdan Civata

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From the Turkish soil to over 50 countries, one bolt at a time.

Berdan Civata was established in 1979, in Tarsus, by brothers Yunus and Hasan Şemsi to meet the versatile needs of both domestic and international entities.

  • Veteran Experience: Hasan Şemsi, with nearly 50 years in the bolt manufacturing industry, embodies a legacy of knowledge and expertise.
  • Global Resonance: Their products, ranging from high-strength bolts to nuts, are exported to more than 50 countries.
  • Diverse Applications: Catering to sectors such as machinery, construction, and the wind energy industry.

The narrative of Berdan Civata is not just about bolts and nuts but the sustained reliability it has threaded into every partnership and project.

4. Standart Civata

Steadfast in quality and innovation, from national grounds to international horizons.

With its origin tracing back to 1978, Standart Civata has meticulously threaded its expertise into every screw, culminating in a reputation that spans continents.

  • Prodigious Production: An annual capacity of 36,000 metric tons speaks volumes about its production muscle.
  • Innovative Approach: Pioneering in producing specialized screws that meet specific customer demands.
  • Safety First: A steadfast commitment to safety, validated by its OHSAS 18001 certification.

Meticulously crafting a tale of precision, innovation, and consistency, Standart Civata fastens itself as an irreplaceable fixture in the international fastening domain.

5. Sistem Civata

From local benchmarks to global standards, a journey woven with exactitude and innovation.

Birthed in 1992, Sistem Civata encapsulates a journey from a small workshop to becoming a renowned name in the global fastening industry.

  • Exponential Growth: Now harbors over 300 employees, reflecting a remarkable trajectory.
  • Customer-Centric: Steadfast in creating tailored solutions for each client’s unique needs.
  • Tech-Savvy: A paragon of blending traditional methods with technological advancements.

Sistem Civata illustrates a tapestry that doesn’t just manufacture screws but sews together futures with precision and adaptable ingenuity.

6. Omega Civata

Sculpting a world where every screw tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and global synergy.

Since 1991, Omega Civata has etched its mark in the niche of specialized screws, amalgamating traditional ethos with modern proficiency.

  • Remarkable Specialization: Renowned for its impeccable special screws utilized globally.
  • Pioneering Spirit: An initiator of employing cold forging in screw manufacturing.
  • Ecologically Attuned: An ISO 14001 certification underlines its environmental conscientiousness.

Omega Civata is not just a brand; it’s an emblem of exceptionalism in specialized screws, ensuring every piece narrates a saga of unmatched quality and global cooperation.

7. Civtas

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Harmonizing decades of proficiency with a melodious tune of innovation and global resonance.

Civtas, since its establishment, has orchestrated a harmonious blend of technical prowess and innovative spirit, anchoring its legacy in the fastening industry.

  • Quality-Focused: A symphony that’s flawlessly played with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications.
  • Technological Conductor: Guiding the industry’s rhythm with its cutting-edge technological implementations.
  • Expansive Catalog: A repertoire that sings versatility, offering a wide range of fastening solutions.

8. Birikim Screws

Where each rivet and bolt is a testament to decades of accumulated knowledge and trust-building.

Birikim Screws has meticulously built its reputation, crafting not just high-quality screws but trust, weaving it into the very fabric of their products.

  • Unwavering Quality: A tradition, ensuring each product embodies excellence and reliability.
  • Client Devotion: Anchored by a belief that customer satisfaction bolts the framework of sustainable success.
  • Experiential Wisdom: Harnessing decades of experience to solidify its prominent market position.

Birikim Screws locks in reliability and trust, establishing a firm connection with global partners in a universe of tightly knit collaborations.

9. Mitas Screws

Engraving an indomitable mark in the industry, ensuring each screw is a paragon of resilience and quality.

Mitas Screws bends steel and expectations alike, forging ahead with a relentless pursuit of engineering excellence and innovative spirit.

  • Strength Embodied: Steeling its product line with robustness that stands the test of time.
  • Innovative Forging: Continuously shaping the future with inventive solutions and adaptability.
  • Enduring Partnerships: Constructing bridges with global entities, ensuring a stronghold in international markets.

Mitas Screws doesn’t just manufacture; it manifests a future where every screw is a beacon of strength, reliability, and enduring partnerships.

10. Ezel Screw Manufacturer

Where the malleability of creativity meets the unbreakable spirit of traditional craftsmanship.

Ezel Screw Manufacturer bends steel and perceptions, crafting a reality where adaptability and steadiness exist in a symbiotic relationship.

  • Flexible Innovations: Moulding ideas into tangible, top-tier fastening solutions.
  • Tradition of Stability: Unshakeable, akin to the steadfastness of its high-calibre screws.
  • Client-Aligned: Tailoring solutions, ensuring every screw is a perfect fit for client needs and global standards.

Ezel breathes life into metals, ensuring each screw isn’t merely a product but a stable, tailor-fitted solution for global partners, navigating through the dynamic tides of the industry.