Aras Cargo a full report about the Turkish shipping company

Aras cargo

Aras Cargo Shipping Company is one of the most important shipping and logistics companies in Turkey, as the company has played a leading role in the express parcel industry in Turkey.

Aras Shipping Company serves 12 million individuals, institutions, and organizations per month, with 13 regional directorates, 29 shipping centers, about 900 branch offices and a huge fleet of cars, covering most of the Turkish Republic, in addition to international shipping outside Turkey.

History of Aras cargo

• The company was founded in 1970 AD by Jalal Aras, and the company started providing international shipping services in 1994.

• In 2001, Ephrem Aras, the current president and CEO of the company, took over the management of Aras Shipping Company, to start working, determined to develop the company over the following years.

• In 2011, the first 100% eco-friendly electric car joined the company’s fleet to deliver packages.

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Aras Shipping Company

Services provided by Aras cargo

Shipping within Turkey

Aras Günaydın service

The service is characterized by its speed, as the shipment is received from the sender and arrives at the addressee the next morning, no later than ten in the morning.

Aras Uçak service (Aras Airplane)

The service offers the possibility of shipping weights up to 50 kg in a delivery period that does not exceed 24 hours in most Turkish cities, and the delivery period can be extended to 48 hours in remote cities.

Aras Gün İçi service (Aras during the day)

The service provides the possibility of delivery on the same day, and the maximum shipment is 30 kg, and the shipment must be delivered before 11:00 in the morning for the same day delivery.

• Aras geri dönüş service (Aras, return).

Aras company delivers the shipment to the consignee, then sends you again a paper containing the consignee’s signature of receipt.

• Aras collections service

The service provides an advantage to the sellers as the company charges the consumer for the product being sold.

Aras cargo

Shipping outside Turkey

Aras cargo provides the ability to ship packages outside Turkey on 5 continents around the world to more than 265 countries, where there are the following shipping options:

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Standard service for shipping outside Turkey

You can ship documents outside Turkey or the goods you want, as the company provides economical prices for this service, but the delivery time may be longer under this service.

Express shipping service outside Turkey

In this service, Aras undertakes to deliver the shipment at a specific time in agreement with the sender.

Air freight service outside Turkey

The company provides the possibility of shipping out of Turkey by plane via “charter” flights, as shipments can reach all airports in the world, but this service has a maximum weight that must be adhered to.

Sea freight from Turkey

This service is useful for those who send shipments with high weights outside Turkey, as sea freight is more economical than air freight, but the shipping time may be long.

Additional services

The company provides a set of additional services for shipments inside and outside Turkey, namely:

• Delivery notification by phone.

• Shipment status updates via SMS.

Transport insurance policy.

• Receive the shipment from home.

Communication with Aras Shipping Company

The main address of the Aras headquarters:

Rüzgarlıbahçe Mahallesi Yavuz Sultan Selim Caddesi Aras Plaza No: 2, 34820 Kavacık / Beykoz / Istanbul

Aras phone number:

0 (216) 538 55 00

Aras Hotline:


You can directly reach Aras call center representatives during weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm, you can also leave a voicemail message outside business hours.

You can visit the official website of the company by clicking here.

Aras cargo tracking

You can track your shipment easily by clicking here, then entering the tracking code under the word KARGO TAKİP and clicking on the search tab.

What is the address of the Turkish company Aras

Rüzgarlıbahçe Mahallesi Yavuz Sultan Selim Caddesi Aras Plaza No: 2, 34820 Kavacık / Beykoz / Istanbul

Does Aras provide shipping service outside Turkey

Yes, the company provides shipping services outside the Turkish Republic by land, sea, and air.


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