Audi Turkey Price List: Full Details on 2023 Models, and Pricing


A complete list of Audi Turkey car prices, including current prices for all models in 2023.

In the Turkish market, Audi offers a wide selection of combo vans and minivans for commercial and family use. The pricing and characteristics for the 2023 Audi sport and electric car portfolio are outlined below.

Audi A5 Coupe Price in Turkey

Audi’s A5 Coupe provides a perfect marriage of sporty aesthetics with luxury. The S line 45 Turbo FSI quattro model is powered by a 1984cc engine with an automatic transmission and a 265 hp output. Running on petrol, this car is priced at 3,317,892 TL, offering an ideal choice for those who desire a sporty yet elegant driving experience.

ModelS line 45 Turbo FSI quattro 265 hp S tronic PI
Engine Capacity1984cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Price3,317,892 TL
Audi A5 price in Turkey

Audi Q7 Price in Turkey

The Q7 lineup is Audi’s answer for those in search of a luxury SUV. Two different models offer different powertrains. The S line 50 TDI quattro, priced at 6,951,874 TL, comes with a 2967cc diesel engine and 286 hp. The S line 55 TFSI quattro is a petrol-powered variant with a 2995cc engine and 340 hp, priced at 7,100,482 TL. Both come with automatic transmissions, delivering a high level of driving comfort.

ModelS line 50 TDI quattro 286 hp Tiptronic PI
Engine Capacity2967cc
Fuel TypeDiesel
Price6,951,874 TL
ModelS line 55 TFSI quattro 340 hp Tiptronic PI
Engine Capacity2995cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Price7,100,482 TL
Audi Q7 car price in Turkey

A5 Sportback Price List

The A5 Sportback offers an intriguing middle-ground between a sporty coupe and a practical sedan. With diesel and petrol models available, prices range from 3,179,892 TL to 3,383,292 TL. Engine capacities and power outputs vary, but all models come with automatic transmissions, adding to the convenience and luxury that the Sportback range offers.

Advanced 40 TDI quattro 204 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel3,179,892 TL
S line 40 TDI quattro 204 hp S tronic P1968ccAutomaticDiesel3,334,392 TL
S line 45 Turbo FSI quattro 265 hp S tronic PI1984ccAutomaticPetrol3,383,292 TL

A3 Sedan Price List

The A3 Sedan series offers an entry-level luxury experience with Audi’s hallmark quality. Whether it’s the diesel-operated Prestige 35 TDI quattro at 2,219,892 TL or the petrol-based S line 35 Turbo FSI quattro at 2,315,992 TL, these compact sedans are designed for those looking for luxury without breaking the bank.

Prestige 35 TDI quattro 150 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel2,219,892 TL
S line 35 Turbo FSI quattro 150 hp S tronic PI1498ccAutomaticPetrol2,315,992 TL

Q3 Price List

Those looking for a compact SUV will find the Q3 range appealing. With both diesel and petrol engine options, these models are priced between 2,909,992 TL and 2,950,892 TL. Despite their smaller size, they offer a comfortable and luxurious driving experience, enhanced by their automatic transmissions.

Advanced 35 TDI quattro 150 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel2,909,992 TL
S line 35 TFSI quattro 150 hp S tronic PI1498ccAutomaticPetrol2,950,892 TL

S8 Price List

The S8 TFSI quattro is the epitome of luxury and performance. With a massive 571 hp coming from its 3996cc petrol engine, this model is priced at a premium 12,119,892 TL. It comes with an automatic transmission and offers unparalleled driving comfort and dynamic capabilities.

S8 TFSI quattro 571 hp Tiptronic PI3996ccAutomaticPetrol12,119,892 TL
Audi s8 Turkey

RS Q8 Price List

The RS Q8 takes performance SUVs to the next level. With its powerful 600 hp engine, this petrol-based vehicle is for those who want nothing short of the best in performance and luxury. Priced at 14,500,982 TL, it offers top-of-the-line features coupled with an automatic transmission for an incomparable driving experience.

RS Q8 TFSI quattro 600 hp Tiptronic PI3996ccAutomaticPetrol14,500,982 TL

Audi A8 L Price in Turkey

When it comes to blending opulence with power, Audi’s A8 L models are second to none. The two offerings in this range—S Line 50 TDI quattro and S Line 55 TFSI quattro—are both priced at a staggering 12,533,890 TL. With automatic transmissions and powerful engines ranging from 286 hp to 340 hp, these cars cater to those who demand nothing but the best.

S Line 50 TDI quattro 286 hp Tiptronic PI2967ccAutomaticDiesel12,533,890 TL
S Line 55 TFSI quattro 340 hp Tiptronic PI2995ccAutomaticPetrol12,533,890 TL
Audi A8 L Price in Turkey

Audi A4 Price in Turkey

The A4 range is another flagship series, offering a blend of luxury and performance but at a somewhat lower price point. Whether it’s the diesel-operated Advanced 40 TDI or the petrol-powered Advanced 45 Turbo FSI quattro, the A4 models are designed for those who want a luxurious experience without compromising on efficiency. Prices start from 2,731,152 TL and go up to 3,026,082 TL.

Advanced 40 TDI 204 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel2,731,152 TL
Advanced 40 TDI quattro 204 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel2,828,082 TL
Advanced 45 Turbo FSI quattro 265 hp S tronic PI1984ccAutomaticPetrol2,840,502 TL
S line 40 TDI quattro 204 hp S tronic PI1968ccAutomaticDiesel3,005,652 TL
S line 45 Turbo FSI quattro 265 hp S tronic PI1984ccAutomaticPetrol3,026,082 TL

E-tron Price in Turkey

For those committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, Audi’s E-tron lineup offers an electric option without sacrificing luxury. The S line 55 quattro with 95 kWh (408 hp) offers impressive power, and is priced at 4,893,623 TL. This is a great alternative for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint without compromising on luxury or performance.

S line 55 quattro 95 kWh (408 hp)0ccAutomaticElectricity4,893,623 TL

Audi E-tron GT Price in Turkey

If you’re keen on a high-performance electric vehicle, look no further than the E-tron GT model. With its 93.4 kWh battery offering 530 HP, the car is priced at 7,323,882 TL. This model is perfect for those who want to combine sporty performance with environmentally friendly features.

Quattro 93.4 kWh (530 HP)0ccAutomaticElectricity7,323,882 TL

E-tron Sportback Price List

The E-tron Sportback adds a touch of elegance to the eco-friendly lineup. Priced at 5,012,087 TL, the S Line 55 quattro model offers a great combination of aesthetic appeal and electric power.

S Line 55 quattro 95 kWh (408 hp)0ccAutomaticElectricity5,012,087 TL

Audi RS E-tron GT Price in Turkey

For the discerning buyer looking for the pinnacle of electric luxury and performance, the RS E-tron GT is the go-to option. Priced at a premium 9,534,301 TL, this car offers unparalleled speed and handling thanks to its 530 HP engine.

Quattro 93.4 kWh (530 HP)0ccAutomaticElectricity9,534,301 TL
Audi RS E-tron GT Price in Turkey

Q8 e-tron Price List

The Q8 E-tron is another compelling electric vehicle choice, offering both Advanced and S line models. These cars are priced between 5,522,672 TL and 5,612,912 TL. With a focus on luxury and space, the Q8 e-tron is perfect for families who want to transition to an electric vehicle.

Advanced 55 quattro0ccAutomaticElectricity5,522,672 TL
S line 55 quattro0ccAutomaticElectricity5,612,912 TL

Q8 e-tron Sportback Price List

Last, the Q8 E-tron Sportback series brings together Audi’s hallmark design and eco-friendly technology. With prices starting at 5,641,136 TL, the Advanced 55 quattro and S line 55 quattro models offer top-of-the-line features and electric performance.

Advanced 55 quattro0ccAutomaticElectricity5,641,136 TL
S line 55 quattro0ccAutomaticElectricity5,731,376 TL

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