Steel Prices in Turkey

Steel Prices in Turkey Today 2024

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Steel Prices in Turkey have seen remarkable changes recently. Stay updated with the latest market shifts and insights in our comprehensive analysis.

Turkey is a notable player in the steel industry, ranking among the top producers globally with a strong emphasis on construction and automotive steel.

Steel Prices in Turkey

Overview of Steel in Turkey

The steel industry in Turkey ranks among the world’s top ten producers, serving as a significant sector for the country’s economy. It is especially known for its export-oriented approach, with a wide range of products from long to flat steel. Turkish steelmakers have invested in modernizing plants and increasing efficiency, contributing to their competitive position in international markets.

Steel Prices in Turkey

CityDiameterPrice (TRY)Price (USD)
AnkaraØ12MM – Ø32MM22300726.38
IstanbulØ12MM – Ø32MM12750415.31
GebzeØ12MM – Ø32MM22000716.61
KarabükØ12MM – Ø32MM22300726.38
IzmirØ12MM – Ø32MM21700706.84
IskenderunØ12MM – Ø32MM22700739.41
TekirdagØ12MM – Ø32MM21900713.36
SamsunØ12MM – Ø32MM22800742.67

Turkish Reserves and Resources of Iron

Turkish iron reserves are concentrated in Sivas, Malatya, Bingöl, Adana and Kayseri regions.

In addition to these ores, there are iron ore reserves of different sizes in Ankara, Balıkesir and Adapazarı regions and the ore produced is used in cement plants. Our reserves are not in a position to meet the requirements of integrated iron and steel factories with today’s consumption level for a long time.

How Did Turkey Start Iron Production?

With the “Law No. 26 on the Establishment of Iron Industry” published in the Official Gazette dated March 1926, 786 in Turkey, the structural foundation of the iron and steel industry was laid. While the iron and steel production in these years is approximately 24% produced in integrated facilities, the rest is produced in semi-integrated facilities. With years of experience, Turkey managed to produce 37.3 million tons of crude steel in 2019.