Hepsiglobal: International Shopping Guide

Hepsiglobal is the online platform for the famous Turkish shopping website Hepsiburada that specifies in selling Turkish products for customers outside of Turkey.

Hepsiglobal started to operate as of 2018, and it ships it’s products to around 18 countries and offers a lot of different categories.

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About Hepsiglobal

Hepsiglobal sells wworldwide,just like Amazon and Aliexpress. Approximately 250 thousand product are sent all over the world.

The website offers a lot of different options and 30 categories ranging from fashion and cosmetics to electronics.

Hepsi global claims having a high customer satisfaction with a customer support team ready to answer your questions in under 24 hours.

All Hepsiglobal goods are 100% original, including all items on promotion and discount.

Sales of illicit, imported, copied goods are strictly prohibited on Hepsiglobal.

The official dealers, importers or fabricators provide invoices and warranties for the product on the website.

How to Buy from Hepsiglobal

You can buy from Hepsiglobal by clicking here then choose the country, the language and the currency you want.

Hepsiglobal currently offers shipping to the following countries:

  1. Algeria
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bahrain
  4. Egypt
  5. Jordan
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Morocco
  8. Oman
  9. Palestine
  10. Qatar
  11. Russia
  12. Tunisia
  13. Turkey (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
  14. Turkmenistan
  15. Ukraine
  16. United Arab Emirates
  17. Uzbekistan
  18. Yemen

The website also offers shopping prices in US dollar, Euro and Turkish lira.

After choosing the language, you can browse the categories or search for a product that you want to buy.

You can add all the products you want to your shopping basket, after that add the address that you want to receive the product at, then continue to the payment.

The package should arrive after ordering in 5 to 7 days.

Opening a store on Hepsiglobal website

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There is no direct way to sell on Hepsi global platform, but you can sell on Hepsiburada the famous online Turkish website.

Download Hepsiglobal Application

You can download the Hepsiglobal application on your mobile phone by clicking here for the Android system and here for the iOS system, and after downloading you will be able to enter the application and start shopping immediately.

Buying from Turkey Online

Besides Hepsiburada global, there are many famous Turkish sites that you can buy products from, most notably the Amazon site.

Trendyol is also one  of the most important Turkish websites for online shopping, besides N11 and GittiGidiyor.

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