Gittigidiyor English (ebay Turkey)

Gittigidiyor is one of the oldest and most Trusted Turkish e-commerce sites, it’s considered to be ebay turkey website as the company is a subsidiary of the famous American multinational company.

With millions of products in it’s inventory and 85 million visits monthly , Gittigidiyor is a huge online shopping market in Turkey that sells approximately one product every one second.

Gittigidiyor English (ebay Turkey)

How to buy from Gittigidiyor?

You can buy from the website online by clicking here and then search for any product you want to buy, or browse through the category.

You have to search for the products you wish to buy in Turkish language

After you get the product you want to buy, click on the shopping cart, Register and add your address then and after making sure about the price, Pay with your favorite payment method.

The products will be shipped to you soon.

About Gittigidiyor

Gittigidiyor İs subsidiary company for the famous ebay shopping website, The online store started in 2001 which make it one of the oldest Online shopping websites in Turkey.

it has nearly 100 thousand of vendors and 31 million registered users, and its considered to be one of Turkey’s most preferred e-commerce sites.

There are Millions of products sold on Gittigidiyor ebay Turkey in a total of 50 categories, from electronics to decoration, from cosmetics to mother-baby products, from fashion to supermarkets.

The e-commerce website hosts the stores of hundreds of major domestic and foreign brands, as well as SME and individual vendors. in addition to this as an eBay company, Gittigidiyor bring Turkish brands and products to 183 million active users in 190 countries.

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Sales and offers on Gittigidiyor ebay Turkey

The website offers a wide range of offers Yıldız Fırsatlar which means “Star offers” where you can see a wide range of products of fashion, Cosmetics, Electronics and much more.

Selling on Gittigidiyor website

If you want to easily join the growing e-commerce world, you can sell it on Gittigidiyor website.

It is absolutely free to open a Gittigidiyor shop, is not needed  to pay any fees and it allows you immediate access to millions of users.

You will need to open an online store to click here, register in Gittigidiyor and then follow the steps after that.

Prepare official and commercial business records, bank account information, address and contact information, information of your Turkish tax office to complete the store opening process quickly and easily.

Your application will be evaluated after the completion of the application. And when there is a positive result, you will be notified of the status of your store through the communication channels shared in the order form.

Download Gittigidiyor application

You can download the Gittigidiyor application by clicking here to enter the official website

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If you need any further help about any of your products, you can contact Gittigidiyor ebay Turkey at this phone number 0850 252 32 29

You can also send a message to the website customer support by clicking here and writing your email and message.

What is ebay Turkey?

The American corporation e-commerce, which facilitates consumer-to-use and business-to-use purchases through its website, is based in San Jose, California. Pierre Omidyar founded EBay in 1995.

GittiGidiyor is ebay turkey website as the website identify itself as a company of ebay.

Türkiye’den uluslararası kargo ile beyaz eşya veya elektronik cihaz satın almak

Türkiye’den almak istediğiniz ürün için kargo hizmeti bulamıyor musunuz? Bu ürünü size getirecek uluslararası bir kargo imkanı yok mu? O zaman şimdi söyleyeceklerimize iyi kulak verin!

Artık Türkiye’de bulunmaya dahi gerek kalmadan online alışveriş sitelerinden sipariş verebilirsiniz. Aşağıdaki linkten erişebileceğiniz yazımızda Türkiye dışından, Türkiye’de satılan ürünleri online olarak nasıl sipariş edebileceğinizi adım adım sizler için anlattık. Bu yazımızdan sonra Türkiye’deki bir dükkandan ürün sipariş edebilecek, bu ürünleri kendi adınıza kargolatabileceksiniz.

Türkiye’den online alışveriş yapmak ve uluslararası kargo hizmetlerinden yararlanmak için yapmanız gerekenleri bu yazımızda bulabilirsiniz.

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Is it safe to buy online from Gittigidiyor?

Yes, the website offers zero risk system which guarantees for you to receive your product in the safest way.

is there ebay in Turkey?

Yes! ebay in Turkey under the brand name Gittigidiyor