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With the recent international PS Plus price increases, how does Turkey’s pricing compare?

As an avid PlayStation gamer on a budget, I was curious how the PlayStation Plus membership pricing compared between countries. I wanted to find the most affordable subscription option available globally in 2023. This prompted me to investigate and compare the PlayStation Plus plans and pricing around the world.

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International PS Plus Price Increases

On September 6, 2023, PS Plus subscription prices increased internationally:

  • PS Plus Essential (12 months):
    • Previously $59.99 / £49.99 / €59.99
    • Now $79.99 / £59.99 / €71.99
  • PS Plus Extra (12 months):
    • Previously $99.99 / £83.99 / €99.99
    • Now $134.99 / £99.99 / €125.99
  • PS Plus Premium (12 months):
    • Previously $119.99 / £99.99 / €119.99
    • Now $159.99 / £119.99 / €151.99

That equals a 25-30% price hike for most countries.

PS Plus Turkey Pricing

In Turkey, the 12-month PS Plus prices are:

  • PS Plus Essential: 1440 TL ($53.33)
  • PS Plus Extra: 2340 TL ($86.67)
  • PS Plus Premium: 2740 TL ($101.48)

How Turkey Compares

When compared to the new international pricing, Turkey emerges as dramatically cheaper:

  • PS Plus Essential is 32% less than the $79.99 USD price
  • PS Plus Extra is 36% less than the $134.99 USD price
  • PS Plus Premium is 36% less than the $159.99 USD price

So while the rest of the world saw PS Plus price hikes, Turkish pricing remains highly affordable in comparison.

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The Value of Turkish PS Plus

The low pricing in Turkey makes PS Plus an excellent value:

  • Access to hundreds of games
  • Online multiplayer gaming
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Early access to new games

At only $53.33 a year for PS Plus Essential, Turkish gamers get great entertainment per dollar spent.

Turkish Pricing Advantages

The affordability of PlayStation Plus pricing in Turkey makes it easy to get great value for your money as a gamer.

Some examples of the Turkish pricing advantages:

  • A full year of PS Plus Premium costs around $101.48 in Turkey. This is 36% cheaper than the $159.99 USD pricing.
  • PS Plus Premium provides access to hundreds of full games, online multiplayer, exclusive discounts and more.
  • At $101.48 annually, PS Plus Premium costs less than many other entertainment subscriptions.
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Maximizing Savings on Turkish PS Plus

Here are 5 tips to maximize savings on PS Plus if you have an account in Turkey:

  1. Purchase 1-year PS Plus membership cards to get the full annual discount.
  2. Watch for promotional sales that discount 1-year PS Plus cards even further.
  3. Enable auto-renewal on your account to avoid ever paying higher month-to-month pricing.
  4. Take advantage of limited-time PS Plus launch promotions that offer 1-3 months free or at a discount.
  5. Use PS Plus membership sharing to activate 2 consoles as primary and share one membership.

Changing Your PSN Region to Turkey

If you don’t reside in Turkey but want to benefit from the cheaper local pricing, it is possible to change your PlayStation Network (PSN) region to Turkey.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a new Turkish PSN account on your PlayStation console or the PSN website. You’ll need to provide a Turkish address.
  2. Link your new Turkish account to your existing main account.
  3. Set your Turkish account as the primary account on your PlayStation console.
  4. Purchase PS Plus membership on your new Turkish account.
  5. Enjoy cheaper PS Plus access on your main account when signed in on your console.

Just be aware that changing regions comes with some limitations, so do your research beforehand!

PlayStation Plus Plans in Turkey

Monthly Games
Online Multiplayer
Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Content
Cloud Storage
Game Sharing
PS Plus Collection*
Game Help*
Game Catalog
Ubisoft+ Classics
Classics Catalog
Game Trials

Monthly Pricing in Turkey

  • Essential: 175 TL ($6.48)
  • Extra: 260 TL ($9.63)
  • Deluxe: 305 TL ($11.30)

As you can see, the higher tiers build on the benefits of the lower tiers and provide access to additional game libraries and features. Deluxe is the most comprehensive plan while Essential covers the core PS Plus offerings. Pricing in Turkey starts quite low but increases for the Extra and Deluxe tiers.

How to buy PS Plus Turkey Gift Card

You can buy a PlayStation Store gift card from a Turkish online shopping website and they will email you a code to redeem via our digital store on your PlayStation console or via any web browser. You can also buy Playstation Plus CARD 90 Days TURKEY PSN from G2A.COM. However, if you want to buy games from Turkey PSN, you need to create a new PSN account and set the region to Turkey.

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