Halk Bank

Halk Bank

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Halk bank is the third largest bank in Turkey, and is considered one of the most important government banks operating within the borders of the Turkish Republic, as it has financial assets of about 457 billion lira.

The bank is considered one of the main banks in Turkey, through which the salaries of some government employees are paid.

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Halk Bank of Turkey

History of Halk Bank

Halkbank was established in 1938 for the purpose of supplying merchants and artisans on favorable terms in order to promote economic development.

Between 1938-1950, Halk Bank provided loans through the Public Funds called the “People’s Fund,” the bank opened branches directly and granted loans to clients in 1950.

In 1964, Halkbank embarked on an ambitious program through which it was able to increase its capital and the bank became a more active player by establishing a national network of branches throughout the Turkish Republic, and the result of this was a strong increase in the volume of deposits and lending.

After that and until the 1990s, Halkbank’s assets grew rapidly, through absorption and merger with some of the smaller government banks.

In 2007, the Turkish government planned to privatize Halkbank , however the government abruptly canceled the initial plan and decided to privatize 25% of the shares through an IPO in early 2007 in the Turkish Stock Exchange, as of May 10, 2007, 24.98% of the bank’s shares were sold.

Through a very successful IPO and the shares were listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange .

In 2012, 24.98% of the bank’s shares were offered on the Istanbul Stock Exchange as well, bringing the total public offering to 48.90%.

Halk bank today

The bank owns 1,006 branches within the borders of the Turkey, where Halkbank owns the third largest network of branches in Turkey, surpassed by the Ziraat Bank in the first place and Iş Bank in the second place.

Halkbank’s branch network also covers the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with 5 branches, and there is one branch in Bahrain and the bank also operates in the Republic of North Macedonia

Halk Bank also has 3 representative offices outside the borders of the Turkey, in London , United Kingdom, and Tehran in the Iranian capital, in addition to Singapore.

 Turkey's Halkbank

Halk Bank Bahrain Branch

Halkbank Bahrain branch, has been operating in the Kingdom since April 1994 (it was formerly known as Pamuk Bank “Cotton Bank”, and in November 2004 it turned into a branch of Halkbank)

Halk Bank Bahrain Branch is located on the 33rd floor of Al Moayad Tower in the Seef District in Manama, Bahrain.

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Services provided by Halkbank

The bank offers a number of distinguished banking services, most notably:

Transfer money inside Turkey with a small fee

paying bills

Credit loans


Making swift code transfers outside Turkey

Issuance of credit cards

Issuance of debit and ATM cards

Insurance products

Investing in gold

Safe deposit boxes

Investing in mutual funds.

Paying taxes

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Hulk Bank

Halk Bank credit rating 2020

Fitch Ratings to Create a Turkish Bank on May 19, 2020:

Foreign exchange in the long termB
Short-term foreign exchangeB
Local currency in the long termBB-
The local currency in the short termB
Long-term patriotismAA (tur)
Supreme unsecured debt issuesB
the support4
Support word classificationB
Feasibility classificationB

JCR Eurasisa rating of Turkey’s Halkbank:

Long-term international foreign currenciesBBB-negative
International long-term domestic currencyBBB-negative
National Long Term National ClassificationAAA (Trk)stable
Short-term international foreign currenciesA-3negative
International short term domestic currencyA-3negative
Local short term classificationA-1 + (Trk)stable
Sponsored support1 

Download Halkbank mobile application

You can conduct all your banking transactions, by visiting the nearest branch of HalkBank , and you can also visit the bank’s website by clicking  here , and you can also download the application, which supports English and Turkish languages,  for the Android system and the İOS system.

What are the services provided by Turkish Halk Bank

Halkbank offers many useful services, the most important of which are savings accounts, debit and credit cards, in addition to gold investment, and transfers to and from the Turkish state.