Sarot hotel (Sarot Thermal Park Resort Spa) .. A full review 2021

Are you considering staying in Sarot hotel? Maybe buying a timeshare room? then you must read this review before you make a decision.

We will cover everything about Sarot Thermal Park Resort Spa in tis article, the good, the bad and what awaits you if you decided to go.

Sarot hotel

About Sarot hotel

Sarot hotel is a hotel located in Bolu that offers night stays and time share rooms for customers.

The hotel is built on Sarot thermal pools which is claimed to have healing abilities.

The hotel claims to follow the Islamic law, hence no unmarried couples, alcohol or mixed pools are allowed.

Cleanliness in Sarot Termal Park Resort & Spa

The biggest and most obvious weak spot of Sarot Termal Park Resort & Spa is cleanliness.

According to a lot of reviews and to our own experience, the Sarot hotel was one of the filthiest and unsanitary hotels in the region.

The pillows in the room were smelly, the blankets and the sheets also were smelly which indicates that it was never washed.

You can see dust in the rooms that we stayed in, and it confirms our concerns that the rooms never got cleaned or probably sanitized.

The pools were not cleaned well, we visited the pools at cleaning time and saw the water outside the pools being dumbed back inside the pool with no care for cleaning or sanitizing the pool water.

Services in Sarot Thermal Park Resort & Spa 

Outside services such as market, butcher even a barber can be found in the hotel with A101 market.

If you are lookıng to buy groceries, clothes, souvenirs or even a bus ticket, you can do so from the mall inside the hotel.

Room service is non existent in Sarot hotel, according to a lot of reviews it took hours to get anyone to reply to the complains or get any kind of help.

The food service in Sarot Thermal Park Resort & Spa, the Bufe offers limited choices and portions of food.

İf you want to order food from outside you have very limited options, there is a café near the reception were you can get cold sandwiches and coffee.

There is also a restaurant outside the hotel that delivers Pide to the rooms fast and hot.


The good

  • The location
  • The view
  • Some of the staff were Friendly
  • A101 Market inside the hotel

The bad

  • The complete lack of cleanliness
  • No food for children
  • Lack of hot water on some days
  • Lack of water at all on some days
  • There is no heating in the rooms
  • No air conditioning
  • Very limited food choices
  • The lack of internet and Wifi

Customer reviews

Beautiful nature, beautiful hotel decoration, old rooms, old and neglected, also men and women benefit from the facility separately. I canceled the accommodation and left the hotel, I do not recommend it.

Yıldız deniz

Although the number of children is high in the hotel, the number of meals for children is 0, the children are hungry, we received toast for a fee, we constantly have breakfast in the morning, very bad, there is no choice, the dinner is a little better, but I could not eat hot food during the stay at the hotel, the staff is bad, the rooms are good, the pillows are very uncomfortable, only for 4 tea there are cakes and tiny hard pastries, frankly, if eating is important to you, don’t come

Irmak Yıldız

A place in nature where family can stay. Staff is generally friendly. The attitude of the blunt-haired lady at the reception was not pleasant at all. Pool services are of good quality. You can relax with the child. The restaurateur is cheap but not enough.

Niyazi Ketenci

We stayed at the sarot palace. This is the most luxurious. The pools were dirty, they call it a thermal hotel, but there is no hot water in the pools, neither the jacuzzi in the rooms nor the showers. We had to take a shower with cold water you know. It is very difficult to make a reservation for the family pool, we had it done, and the water there is ice cold, even the thermal tap does not run hot water. We didn’t even last 20 minutes. We came here, the palace’s pool was broken, they didn’t take it there for 3 days, in short, don’t be disgraced with your money, I say go and stay elsewhere. There is no heating in the rooms by the way.

Selva Parmaksız

We waited for the staff for half an hour and 1 hour at the first entrance. Rooms were not hygienic at all. Soap dispensers are either broken or empty. The menu was poor in terms of food varieties. They charged extra for cold drinks. In addition, there was a lot of noise at night in the hotel, we tried to reach the official to complain, but no one was picking up the phones. It was moderate with thermal pool. Neither good nor bad. In short, it is not a place that gives value for money. Will I go again? Never!

İlhan Yildiz

Final verdict

At a price range between 70-100 US dollars per night this Sarot hotel is a lot overpriced as it won’t offer good enough services that can justify such a price.

For the timeshare rooms the price we got is overpriced, the price can be different from a person to person.

Until these issues are fixed, we don’t recommend staying at Sarot Termal Park Resort & Spa at all, and it will be a waste of the holiday time and money.

Sarot hotel
Sarot Hotel 1

Are you considering staying in Sarot hotel? Maybe buying a timeshare room? then you must read this review before you make a decision.

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