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Ministry of Interior Turkey

The Ministry of Interior Turkey is the ministry entrusted with maintaining public order, security, social peace and civil status in Turkey.

The Ministry of Interior in Turkey seeks to achieve the vision of “Safe Turkey” and uses all institutions affiliated to it from the gendarmerie, the General Directorate of Security, Coast Guard and other bodies to achieve that vision.

ministry of interior turkey

An overview of the Ministry of Interior Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Interior is one of the most important ministries and bodies in Turkey, as the ministry works to maintain security and public peace, law enforcement and implementation.

The Ministry was established in its current form in the year 1920 and has continued in its duties from that date until today.

The emblem of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs consists of 16 stars, arranged around the map of Turkey and the Turkish flag, and a horizontal image of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The 16 stars surrounding the Republic of Turkey represent the number of Turkish empires throughout history.

The Turkish Ministry of Interior is divided into the General Directorate of Security, in which about 300 thousand people work, and the gendarmerie forces about 200 thousand people, the coast guard forces about 6000 people, and the village protection forces about 50 thousand people.

History of the Turkish Ministry of Interior

The roots of the Turkish Ministry of Interior go back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, when the Grand Vizier in the 17th century established the Internal Affairs Office.

At the beginning of its history, the ministry was called the “Mülkiye Nezaret”, and then it changed to the interior department. In 1859 the ministry was reorganized on new grounds.

The Ministry’s system was reformed on a new basis in 1913, in order for the Ministry to acquire the current administrative structure in effect since that date.

In the Republican era, when required, some changes and modifications were made to the central and regional branches of the ministry to ensure that the ministry would have the capacity to comply with the requirements and needs of the day. The Ministry of the Interior finally reached the organizational structure today through the regulations that were implemented at the end of 1983.

The Ministry of the Interior of Turkey

The administrative structure of the Ministry of Interior in Turkey

The Ministry of Interior in Turkey is headed by a minister who is appointed by the President of the Republic.

The minister is assisted in administrative tasks by 4 deputies, each of whom handles some issues related to security, public peace, and the ministry’s tasks.

The Turkish Minister of Interior is directly affiliated with the local administrations of each Turkish state, and the Minister is directly related to the Chief of the Court, the Secretary-General, the Civil Inspection Council, the Press and Information Office, the minister’s advisors, and his assistants.

The tasks of the Ministry of the Interior in Turkey

The tasks of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, according to the Turkish constitution and law, are summarized in the following tasks:

  • Protection of internal security and public order
  • Preserving the unity of the state and nation, as well as on borders, coasts, and territorial waters
  • Protecting the rights and freedoms stipulated in the constitution
  • Preserving public morals
  • Fighting terrorism within the borders of the country
  • Regulating civil registry affairs, nationality affairs and civil societies
  • Administration of the National Gendarmerie
  • Interference with relief efforts and natural disasters

Communication with the Turkish Ministry of Interior

You can contact the Ministry of Interior Turkey at the following address:

TC İçişleri Bakanlığı, Bakanlıklar / ANKARA

Or at the following phone number:

+90 (312) 422 40 00

Or on the call center at the following number:

0 312 422 46 33-38 

You can also visit the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Interior in English by clicking here.

You can submit a report directly to the Turkish Security Directorate by clicking here.

How can I submit a report to the Ministry of Interior Turkey?

You can do this, by visiting the official website of wishes, clicking on the word İhbar, and then adding all the information related to the report that you want to submit.

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