Statistics of Menstrual Pad Usage in Turkey

Turkey, a country with a population of over 84 million people, is home to a significant number of women who rely on menstrual pads during their monthly periods. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the number of women in Turkey as of 2021 is 42,638,306. This figure is essential in understanding the scale of menstrual pad usage in the country.

Population Overview

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the population of women in Turkey stands at approximately 42 million 638 thousand 306 individuals as of 2023. However, for the purpose of this analysis, we focus on the segment of the population within the menstrual age, which we define as individuals up to 54 years old based on the provided age groups.

Population Data (2023) – Age Groups of Interest: (Source: TÜİK)

  • 5-9 years: 3,197,661 girls
  • 10-14 years: 3,113,329 girls
  • 15-19 years: 3,113,008 women
  • 20-24 years: 3,158,513 women
  • 25-29 years: 3,212,210 women
  • 30-34 years: 3,094,683 women
  • 35-39 years: 3,138,484 women
  • 40-44 years: 3,265,956 women
  • 45-49 years: 2,894,024 women
  • 50-54 years: 2,634,986 women

To calculate the total number of women within the menstrual age, we sum up the population figures of these age groups.

Menstrual Pad Usage

Average menstrual pad usage varies from individual to individual, but for this analysis, we consider an average of 4-5 pads per day during the menstrual cycle. Additionally, the average length of a menstrual cycle is considered to be 6 days.

Key Assumptions:

  • Average Pads per Day: 4-5
  • Average Period Length: 6 days

These assumptions allow us to calculate the average monthly and yearly pad usage for a single individual and, by extension, for the entire demographic of interest.

Calculation Methodology

To provide a comprehensive analysis, we calculate:

  1. Total number of women within menstrual age.
  2. Average monthly pad usage per individual.
  3. Total monthly and yearly pad usage for the demographic.

Step-by-Step Calculations:

  1. Total Women in Menstrual Age: We sum the populations of the relevant age groups.
  2. Monthly Pad Usage (Per Individual): Average pads per day * Average period length.
  3. Total Monthly Pad Usage: Total women in menstrual age * Monthly pad usage per individual.
  4. Total Yearly Pad Usage: Total monthly pad usage * 12.

Insights and Conclusions

This analysis not only sheds light on the significant consumption patterns of menstrual pads in Turkey but also underscores the importance of considering demographic trends when planning for product supply, healthcare provisions, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Turkish Terminology

  • Kadınlar: Women
  • Adet Dönemi: Menstrual period
  • Ped Kullanımı: Pad usage
  • Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TÜİK): Turkish Statistical Institute

By integrating these insights with broader health and environmental policies, stakeholders can better address the needs of the population and promote more sustainable consumption practices.

Let’s now move forward with the detailed calculations to provide the specific insights as outlined in our methodology.

Detailed Findings

Upon analyzing the provided data and under the assumptions made, our findings are as follows:

  • Total Women in Menstrual Age: The sum of women up to 54 years old in Turkey is approximately 30,822,854.
  • Monthly Pad Usage (Per Individual): With an average of 4.5 pads used per day over an average period length of 6 days, a single woman uses about 27 pads per month.
  • Total Monthly Pad Usage: For the entire demographic of interest, approximately 832,217,058 pads are used per month.
  • Total Yearly Pad Usage: This amounts to a total of approximately 9,986,604,696 pads used per year across the demographic.
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