Artvin is a border state located in the far northeast of Turkey on the border with Georgia, ‘t’s famous for the beauty of it’s charming nature and the purity of it’s air.

Artvin has been classified as the city with the purist air in Turkey, as the state’s small population in addition to the economy’s dependence on agricultural activity contributed to the preservation of nature significantly.

Artvin State

History of Artvin

Artvin is an area of ​​deep rooted and rich civilizations, as some traces of the Stone Age give the impression that people lived in Artvin from about 10 thousand to 8 thousand aan BC.

In the era of Caliph Othman bin Affan, may God be pleased with him, the state of Artwin was opened after the Muslim commander Habib bin Muslimah defeated the Byzantine army.

The Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid linked the state of Artvin directly to Baghdad, and the city then transferred to the Byzantine and then to the king of Georgia.

The migration of the Turkic peoples to Erfin began around the year 1081 AD, during the Seljuk advance to Anatolia, led by Alp Arslan and King Shah.

Artvin in the Ottoman era

Artvin entered the borders of the Ottoman Empire during the move of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror to the state of Trabzon, Rum, and the city witnessed some revolutions and riots during the life of the Ottoman Empire, the most famous of which was the rebellion and rebellion of Kivakos, which was ended by the Minister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Artvin and its surroundings remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for a long period during which it witnessed some architectural developments.

Artwin was the coveted state of the Russian Empire as it was claimed by Russia during the Ottoman-Russian War in the nineteenth century.

Artvin in the Era of the Republic

After Georgia’s occupation of Artvin State in the wake of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, and after negotiations, the occupation forces withdrew from Artuin on March 7, 1921, to enter the state in the era of the Turkish Republic.

History of Artvin
An image from the history of Artvin during the Turkish War of Independence

Artvin State Geography

Artvin is located in the far east of Turkey, on the border with Georgia, and is bordered by Erzurum, Bayport, Ardhan and Ardanç on one side, and Batumi and Huba on the other.

Artvin’s Economy

Economic activity in Artvin State varies between agriculture, livestock, and tourism, with the agricultural sector largely dominating the state’s economy.

Artvin County has an area of ​​712 268 hectares. Of these, 399,271 hectares are forests, 100,533 hectares of pastures and 64,200 hectares of farmland.

Agriculture in Artvin depends on small family companies, as 13 thousand 272 producers work in the agricultural sector in the state, about half of whom work on lands under an area of ​​20 dunams. “One dunam equals a thousand square meters.”

The Turkish state is building a huge project in Artvin, which is the Yusefeli Dam, which is the longest dam in Turkey and the fifth longest dam in the world for generating electricity and storing water.

Yusefli Dam at Artvin

Most of the farmers in Artvin grow hazelnuts, which grow well in the state’s climate.

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As for livestock, about 65,000 cattle are raised in the state of Artvin, and beekeeping for honey production is widespread in the state as well.

The population of Artvin state is about 170,000, and the state is witnessing a migration from it to Istanbul and major cities to search for better job opportunities.

In 2018, Artvin’s tops were $ 52.69 million and imports $ 23.33 million. 35.2% of Artvin’s general exports are “basic metals industry”, 14% “agriculture and livestock” and 13% “other non-metallic mineral products.”

There are 10 banks with 34 branches in Artvin. In 2018, the total value of deposits was 1.64 billion TL, while the total amount of loans granted was 2.09 billion TL.

Artvin's Economy

Education in Artvin

Artvin State contains only one university, Artvin Coruh University, which contains about 10 thousand students, and more than 500 university doctors.

The number of foreign students at Artvin University is about 270 students, and the departments at the university vary from the departments of engineering, literature, theology and health sciences, in addition to the economic, industrial and technical departments.

Artwin University also includes technical schools, and graduate and research institutes.

The total number of pre-school education, primary education, general secondary education, and technical vocational secondary education in Artvin is 232, and the number of students studying in these schools is 25.996. In addition, there are 9 general education centers in the governorate that contribute to increasing the qualified workforce.

Artvin Coruh University

Transportation in Artvin

Artvin State has transportation within the county, which varies between buses, minibuses, and taxis.

There is a port in the Hopa region on the Black Sea coast in Artvin, and goods are transported at this port.

The nearest airport to Artvin is Batumi Airport in Georgia, which is 88 km from the center of Artvin, while inside Turkey, the closest airports to Artvin are in Erzurum (226 km), Kars (215 km) and Trabzon (233 km).

Artvin Hospitals

Artvin contains only one hospital, which is Artvin State Hospital. In addition, the state contains some small state medical clinics and a rehabilitation center.

Considering that there are no private and university hospitals throughout Artvin County, it is noted that investment in this area can be made in the county.

According to the latest data of the Turkish Statistics Authority, the total number of beds in Artvin is 346. While the number of doctors per 1000 people in Artvin was 1.42, in addition, there are 102 specialized doctors, 152 general practitioners, 35 dentists, and 44 nurses. , And 195 health workers.

Artwin University

Housing and real estate in Artvin

The city of Artvin contains not a lot of properties for sale, the price of which ranges from 100 thousand Turkish liras to 300 thousand.

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The rental prices of apartments in Artvin range between 750 to 1750 TL per month according to the latest prices for 2021.

For international students, Artvin contains many student housing places, which vary between government housing, association housing and private housing.

Food at Artvin

Artvin is famous for many famous traditional dishes, the most important of which are:

Caljo, a breakfast meal made with yogurt and cornmeal, and eaten with pear molasses or honey. As you can understand, it's a kind of "porridge" in the Black Sea style.
Food in Artvin

Kajana: is a black sea kelp crepe. It consists of a mixture of eggs, flour, milk, parsley, dill and green onions and is served on the breakfast or dinner tables.

Artvin Food

Yogurt dough: it is a unique dough dish in Artvin. The dough is kneaded and rolled, then rolled into a thin wrapper and chopped at intervals of 1.5 to 2 cm. Boiling water and lots of yogurt and large butter are poured over these doughs after they have been cooked on a plate or in the oven.

Artvin Restaurants

Weather in Artvin

The climate of Artvin is the climate of the Black Sea. The warm and rainy climate prevails in the coastal regions. Artvin Center also has a warm and rainy climate.

The temperature drops significantly in winter in the state of Artvin in general, with an average temperature of 3.4 degrees Celsius, and the state experiences rainfalls.

Weather in Artwin

Tourism in Artvin

Artvin is considered one of the most beautiful states on the Black Sea with charming nature and clean air, as it was classified as the most clean air city in Turkey.

The Choruh Valley, one of the most spectacular valleys in Turkey formed by the Coruh River, is located in Artvin, specifically in Yusufeli. It is characterized by its picturesque views and fresh air.

Choruh Valley Tourism in Artvin

Purka Maral Waterfall is like a part of Heaven on Earth The main aspect of the waterfall is that the water falls from a steep point with a maximum of 63 meters.

Burka Maral waterfall tourism in Artwin

The Black Lake “Karajol” is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Artvin that can be visited, as it is a safe natural haven where deep green forests, mountains, wild flowers and a quiet lake meet.

Black Lake Karajol Artvin

Administrative divisions of the state of Artvin

Artvin is administratively divided into 9 regions, and the largest population in Ervin is the Central District.

  • Artvin (il merkezi)
  • Ardanuç
  • Arhavi
  • Borçka
  • Hopa
  • Kemalpaşa
  • Murgul
  • Şavşat
  • Yusufeli

Where is Artvin located?

The state of Artvin is located on the Turkish border with Georgia in the far east of Anatolia on the Black Sea.

What is Artvin?

It is a Turkish state located in eastern Anatolia on the border with Georgia and is famous for agriculture, tourism and purity of nature.