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Best 10 Malls in Kazakhstan

  • Post last modified:October 12, 2023
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In this article, we have compiled the best shopping malls in Kazakhstan. This Central Asian nation, while deeply rooted in its ancient Silk Road heritage, has swiftly integrated the latest trends of global commerce and leisure.

In recent decades, shopping malls have risen prominently in its urban landscapes, offering a confluence of international and local brands, gourmet dining, and diverse entertainment. These establishments now play a pivotal role in the urban lifestyle, acting as retail hubs and flourishing social and cultural centers in the heart of Kazakhstan.

Malls in Kazakhstan

Best 10 Malls in Kazakhstan

1. Есентай Молл (Esentai Mall)

Esentai Mall is a special haven designed to foster a unique shopping and entertainment atmosphere. Located conveniently for both vehicles and pedestrians, it ensures your experience remains hassle-free. A snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Ambiance & Accessibility: This mall has been thoughtfully designed to provide an exclusive atmosphere conducive for shopping and leisure activities.
  • Variety: Spread across six floors, it houses over 100 luxury shops and 14 eateries.
  • Accommodation: For those wishing to indulge, the mall boasts the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel and Esentai apartments, with the city’s greenest park in close vicinity.
  • Eateries: Indulge your taste buds at places like Korean House Restaurant, EAST, Esentai Gourmet Bar, Fellini Grill Pasta Bar, OZYURT, PAUL Café, and SUSHINROLL.
  • Entertainment for All Ages: Esentai is perfect for both kids and adults. From the Esentai Gallery that promotes the art market in Kazakhstan by organizing exhibitions of contemporary European and Kazakh artists, to Next Esentai – the largest entertainment center ideal for family outings.

2. Достык Плаза (Dostyk Plaza)

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Dostyk Plaza is among the most favored destinations in the city. For those who have an affinity for top-notch service coupled with a pleasing interior, this shopping center is a welcoming haven. A glimpse into its offerings:

  • Service & Aesthetics: Acclaimed for its high standard of service and exquisite interior design.
  • Activities & Entertainment: From shopping sprees to movie marathons and engaging kids’ playgrounds, the center caters to a broad spectrum of leisure pursuits.
  • Location: Its central positioning in the city amplifies its appeal, making it easily accessible.
  • Infrastructure: Encompassing four floors of brand outlets, it also features a cinema and a delightful dining courtyard.

3. Мега Алма-Ата (Mega Almaty)

Despite the city housing numerous malls, Mega Almaty stands tall as one of the oldest yet most frequented and admired shopping centers. Delve deeper:

  • Brands: It played host to the inaugural stores of globally renowned brands like ZARA, New Yorker, Armani Jeans, Marc O’Polo, Monsoon Accessorize, Baldinini, along with food chains like Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, and Hardee’s.
  • Art Installations: Besides shopping, Mega Almaty attracts crowds with its varied art pieces such as the “Sun” lamp, a 12-meter “Wish Tree” by British company Scott Lighting, and artwork by the renowned artist Marat Bekeyev.
  • Dining: The third floor boasts a lavish array of restaurants including Crudo, SADU, ASSORTI Kazan, Dining Courtyard, Korean House, and Viet Café.
  • Attraction: Its observation wheel, one of the tallest in the city, constructed by Technical Park (Italy), a global leader in amusement production, is a significant draw for visitors.

4. Мега Парк (Mega Park)

The name Mega Park is a testament to its lush green ambiance, characterized by trees and verdant expanses. A closer look:

  • Green Ambiance: Around 700 trees and shrubs have been planted within its precincts, enhancing its appeal.
  • History & Popularity: Inaugurated in 2014, this center has consistently charmed both locals and tourists.
  • Unique Infrastructure: Setting it apart is its massive playground designed for both kids and adults. Facilities include:
    • Mini-football fields (which convert to an ice rink in winter) and basketball courts.
    • Play areas segregated for kids aged 2-6 and 6-12.
    • The French Carousel Rope Park, a climbing wall, and a jogging track.

5. Colibri

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Colibri set its foundation with the ambition of being an extraordinary and unique urban establishment. Peeling back its layers reveals:

  • Exclusive Stores: Many shops in Colibri pride themselves on their exclusivity.
  • European Excellence: Craftsmen from across Europe were summoned to shape its interior. Notable mentions include French decorator Ann-Charlotte Arnold, who designed the boutique displays, while the grocery store décor was the brainchild of Mohammed Adib and Maria Escale from Spain. The charm of Cream Brule Gelato is attributed to Italian Giovanni Gasta.
  • Diverse Offerings: The shopping center houses over 100 chic and trendy shops, the Cream Brule patisserie, Barmaglot bar, Goodwine wine store, and multiple children’s playgrounds.

6. ТРЦ Москва (TRC Moscow)

Acknowledging the myriad of shopping centers located in the city’s heart might not always resonate with the suburban populace, TRC Moscow emerges as an answer. A snapshot of its offerings:

  • Suburban Bliss: Ideally suited for suburban residents, its infrastructural design meshes seamlessly with the town’s fabric.
  • Facilities: It boasts around 100 boutiques, a large cinema, three children’s play areas, and a food court replete with delectable dining options.
  • Winter Wonderland: A recent addition, the central square now hosts a skating rink, enhancing the ambiance during the chilly months.

7. Атакент Молл (Atakent Mall)

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Location is pivotal for many, and Atakent Mall is architected with this principle at its core. Diving into its highlights:

  • Prime Location: Positioned in a district renowned for its high-quality shops and eateries. The vicinity also houses the largest university in Almaty – Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, the greenest and most frequented park – Atakent Park, and several other essential buildings.
  • Student-Centric: Given its proximity to the university, it caters abundantly to student needs, with features like gyms, budget-friendly cafes, the “Student” mobile phone boutique, and more.

8. Глобус (Globws)

Set in the backdrop of Almaty, often referred to as the “City of Knowledge”, Глобус stands as a testament to the city’s rich academic heritage. Unveiling its highlights:

  • Student’s Hub: Given its vicinity to over three universities and two dormitories, it’s undeniably a student’s paradise.
  • Quality Over Quantity: While the variety might not be expansive, the quality of offerings is top-tier. A special mention goes to the “Тюбетейка” restaurant, a premier dining establishment in Almaty, which has an outpost here.
  • Business-Friendly: Numerous business centers are located in the area, making “Глобус” a go-to spot for professionals during lunch breaks.
  • Amenities: With an array of trendy shops, beauty salons, ATMs, dance studios, and more, it’s perfect for a leisurely day out.

9. Форум (Forwm)

Introducing Форум, a colossal next-generation shopping and entertainment center, sprawling over 155,000 sq.m. Peeping into its world:

  • A Rising Star: Despite its recent inception, Форум is on the fast track to becoming a favorite meet-up and shopping destination for Almaty residents and visitors alike.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned at the crossroads of the city’s central streets, it’s a stone’s throw away from major business centers (Nurly-Tau, AFD), hotels, leading universities KazNU and KazNTU, and residential complexes Keremet and AFD Plaza.
  • All-Rounder: This hub offers not just shopping from top brands but also caters to business meetings, gatherings with friends at bars or restaurants, family weekends, and laid-back leisure.

10. ADK

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ADK marries shopping with leisure, providing a wholesome experience. A sneak peek into its offerings:

  • Entertainment Galore: It houses the Chaplin Cinema with 6 halls, the Kinderville Amusement Park, and the Savanka Kid’s City.
  • Dining Options: From the A-Store grocery shop to dining outlets like Pinta, KFC, and Burger King, it caters to all tastes.
  • Neighborhood Friendly: Nestled in a residential area and surrounded by numerous apartment complexes, ADK stands as a convenient hotspot for the local residents.