malls in istanbul

Best 20 malls in Istanbul .. Your full guide 2023

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Malls and big shopping centers are always busy in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. This is especially true during busy shopping times like the holidays and the busy seasons.

As it gets ready to welcome customers and entices them with special deals and sales during different times of the year, crowds of people often rush to take advantage of these chances.

malls in istanbul

The most beautiful malls in Istanbul

In addition to performing its basic function for which it was found with competence and distinction, the malls of Istanbul attract their visitors and have prepared to give them a much richer experience than some might imagine.

Where the visitor to a tourist city the size of Istanbul needs stations that provide a spacious haven, with distinctive entertainment facilities that are unique to each commercial complex from others, and form a special imprint for him that he is famous for.

There, you will find yourself among the elegant halls, surrounded by luxurious designs with attractive colors that provide psychological comfort, and enter you into a dreamy atmosphere that you have not known before.

Below we review a number of the most important malls in Istanbul

Cevahir Mall in Istanbul

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is characterized by the presence of a large clock installed in the ceiling of the glass center, in addition to a theater equipped with a hydraulic system in the middle of the center, surrounded by a pool of water, and used for artistic performances.

Cevahir Mall contains 290 shops, in addition to three cinemas and an amusement park for children. Jawaher Mall is characterized by the spread of hotels near Cevahir Mall , which are characterized by luxury and sophistication.

Venice Mall in Istanbul

It is also known as the Venice Mall in Istanbul . It is located in the Osmangazi Pasha district on the European side of Istanbul. It includes more than 180 various shops among the Venice Mall Istanbul stores.

In Venezia Mall Istanbul, you will see the Italian city of Venice in front of you with its streets, squares and ancient landmarks. While you are roaming in Venezia Mall Istanbul, you will feel as if you are in the center of Venice.

Where you see water channels in the middle of the shops, and give the place magnificence and splendor, and bridges above it that help you move around the mall easily, and it is with its wonderful creative design that attracted many tourists to it until it became one of the most important malls in Istanbul, and the most famous tourist attraction in Istanbul.

You will be amazed as you stroll through a copy of the Italian city of Venice, where an ancient square was built, with a tower in the middle of which Italian and international restaurants and cafes are spread around.

The shops in Venice Mall Istanbul are distributed on the banks of exquisite water channels, in which elegant boats flow, reminding you of the ancient city of Venice.

Mall of Istanbul

The Mall of Istanbul is considered one of the most important malls in modern Istanbul, and it is distinguished by its extension over a wide area, and it may take more than a day to enjoy roaming in it and discover all its secrets, and it is the largest mall in Istanbul

The huge commercial complex was opened in 2014 and consists of six towers whose design was inspired by the city of Istanbul itself, as the complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower,

And a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units, and a huge shopping mall

It contains no less than 400 stores, and many distinguished and international brands. The store’s offerings vary between fashion, electronics, folklore foods, home furnishings and furnishings,

children’s toys, in addition to a huge hypermarket that provides all your needs; It is worth noting that the Grand Mall of Istanbul contains many international brands that display the latest fashions, women’s and men’s clothing, as well as distinctive fashion for beloved children.

The mall also regularly hosts many international exhibitions and festivals, which display jewelry, paintings, antiques, original artifacts, and seasonal decorations, coming to Istanbul from all parts of the world.

Exciting tunnels, a unique imaginary hotel in Turkey that spreads terror and explodes with games of fear and ghosts!

Forum Istanbul Mall

Forum Istanbul Mall was launched at the beginning of 2009 in the Bayrampasa area, where the mall includes residential buildings, accessories and services,

In addition to an area of ​​approximately 176,000 square meters dedicated to shopping, it contains approximately 300 shops, the most important and famous international and local brands.

The world-famous IKEA store is located in Forum Istanbul, and the IKEA store specializes in apartment furniture.

The Forum Istanbul Mall also contains the Snow Museum, which is one of the most important and beautiful museums in Istanbul , which attracts large numbers of visitors on holidays and events annually.

The Forum Istanbul Mall also includes the Turquoise Aquarium, which contains the largest shark family in Europe

In addition to many rare fish species and amazing marine life, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul .

Zorlu Mall Istanbul

Zorlu Mall Istanbul includes 1205 shops for many international brands, the shops are distributed on three floors,

Two closed floors containing dozens of shops for high-end brands of all fashion and clothing

With a floor dedicated to all restaurants and cafes, it contains many restaurants with international and Turkish brands.

In addition to an upper floor that resembles a field characterized by its amazing architectural design, which includes shops for international brands in the open air

The shops are distributed on both sides in a contemporary engineering manner and are connected by green spaces and water bodies, which gives it a stunning aesthetic view.

There is also a field area on the top floor of 10,000 square meters, in which activities and bazaars are held permanently to display Turkish products, antiques and handicrafts.

In addition to a section dedicated to restaurants and sessions within gardens, green spaces, and wonderful views of the complex.

Zorlu Mall also includes a garden of 12,000 square meters dedicated to children’s games and green spaces equipped to spend leisure times for families and tourists.

Zorlu Mall is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul’s malls by having the only branch within the European section of the international Apple Store,

Where the complex is located in the middle of a cube-shaped building similar to buildings in New York City, the building consists of three floors within the Zorlo Mall for the sale and maintenance of all devices belonging to the famous Apple agency.

Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall

This mall was built on a sea view, as tourists can walk in the mall among sharks and various types of exotic sea creatures,

And to observe the amazing ways of life and living, and the mall contains within it shops for major international and local Turkish brands, in addition to many restaurants,

It also includes huge cinemas.

Florya in Istanbul can be reached through many options, there are taxis and there are public transportation,

In general, access by bus or public transportation is by going to the nearest station from Istanbul Aquarium.

It is Florya Sosyal Tesisleri, and there are many ways to reach Istanbul Aquarium from Taksim.

Including taking bus No. 73F from the area to the front of the park, or taking bus D76, then walking for nine minutes. Or take the metro from Taksim Station to Aksaray Station, and then take the BN2 or BN1 bus.

The most famous malls in Istanbul

Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul

Istinye Park Mall is located in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul. Istinye Park Mall is one of the most luxurious and prestigious malls in Istanbul. It contains many of the most famous international brands and local Turkish brands.

Istinye Park contains many shops, numbering more than 300 shops and brands, including clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

In addition to cinemas and amusement parks for children , it also includes a lot of various restaurants and cafes of the most famous foreign and Turkish brands.

The Istinye Park complex is distinguished by its movable glass roof that opens and closes according to the weather in winter and summer, which makes it unique and worth a visit.

Safeer mall Istanbul

It is located in the commercial district of Levent, Istanbul’s Safeer Tower, which is the tallest building in Istanbul. The mall includes a distinguished selection of stores that market Turkish and international brands,

In addition to restaurants and cafes, when you visit the Safeer mall in Istanbul, you can take a helicopter tour to see the sights of Istanbul, as the show lasts for 5 minutes, but it is worth the experience.

Vialand Mall in Istanbul (Isfanbul)

Distinguished among the best malls in Istanbul with its open air atmosphere, Vialand Mall contains more than 250 shops,

It is located in the Eyup region, next to Via Land Istanbul, the largest amusement park in the Middle East, which many compare to the Disneyland amusement park in the United States of America.

It contains 50 distinct games for adults and children.

The most beautiful malls in Istanbul

Torium Mall Istanbul

Torium Mall was opened in 2010 at an approximate cost of $200 million. Torium Mall contains more than 180 stores of the most famous international and local brands,

Torium Mall is located in the European section of Istanbul and has Snowpark, the first amusement park in the snow in Turkey.

It contains a 55-meter ice corridor, in addition to Starpark, bowling alleys, a cinema hall, and many other entertainment centers.

The number of visitors to Torium Mall reaches more than one million visitors per month, despite its distance from the center of Istanbul and the tourist areas

Snowpark is part of the Torium Shopping Center. The mall offers you the pleasure of snow sports in the center of Istanbul, such as skiing and snowboarding.

You can also get instructions and lessons from professional teachers specialized in these sports.

Where is Torium Istanbul Mall located

This mall is located in Istanbul in the European section, Haramidere district, near İETT Ambarlı Kavşağı Durağı station.

Vadi Istanbul mall

It is located within the Istanbul Valley area and is one of the largest commercial centers in Turkey, and one of the best malls in Istanbul

As it extends over an area of ​​103 thousand square meters, the huge commercial complex includes more than 300 stores of clothing and fashion stores of leading international brands.

The Istanbul Valley Mall also contains a number of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers for games for adults and children.

Istanbul Valley Mall is distinguished by its embrace of one of the latest cinematic display technologies in the world.

Galleria Atakoy Mall in Istanbul

It is located in the Atakoy area, and contains more than 135 various stores of international and local Turkish brands,

In addition to restaurants of the most famous international and local brands, cinemas, games and entertainment centers for children, it features a bowling alley and a skating rink.

Trump Towers Mall

It is located in the Mecidiyekoy district, in the most vibrant area of ​​Istanbul, within the prestigious Sisli area.

And near Taksim, this large mall contains approximately 175 shops and stores of the most famous brands locally and internationally, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and cinemas.

The shopping center also contains a section dedicated to children’s amusement parks, and is distinguished by the fact that it includes the famous Disney Theatre, which is the first of its kind in Turkey with a capacity of about 600 people.

Historia Mall Istanbul

One of the lively modern malls in European Istanbul, and contains many high-end brand stores, in addition to a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Despite its small size compared to the rest of the malls in Turkey, it is one of the most important malls in Istanbul, as the Historia Mall is distinguished by  its location close to the tourist places in the Fatih district, the heart of Istanbul,

Kanyon Mall in Istanbul

The mall is located in the commercial district of Levent in the center of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most sophisticated and modern shopping centers in Istanbul. The Kanyon Istanbul complex is characterized by a unique architectural design that draws attention.

It was designed in a way that simulates the slope of the valley, which is what the word Kanyon means in Turkish. The Kanyon Mall building consists of three floors, and more than 160 stores of the most important and famous international luxury brands are spread in it.

Malls in Istanbul Asia

Akasya mall

One of the largest malls in Turkey, Istanbul , and it is located on the Asian side of the city in the Uskudar region . The Acacia Mall Istanbul includes many international and Turkish brands distributed over about 255 shops.

It sells all necessary furniture, watches, jewelry, shoes and bags.

All this is in addition to world-famous restaurants, and Acacia Mall is distinguished for its game city, Kidzania for children.

Nisantasi shopping complex in Istanbul

It is located in Nisantasi , one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Istanbul. This distinctive mall contains more than 150 stores of the finest and most expensive local, Turkish and international brands.

It also includes many cafes and restaurants that serve all kinds of food, including Chinese, Mexican, French and Japanese!

It has a number of cinemas, bookstores, electronics stores, and many others. It is truly one of the most important malls in Istanbul. An integrated complex in which you will find everything you are looking for in the city of the Asian and European continents

212 Outlet Mall in Istanbul

Mall 212 is located in the Mahmoud Bey district of Bagcilar. The mall includes more than 175 various shops, and it has a covered playroom for children.

3D cinemas, a ski and bowling alley, and a group of restaurants and cafes.

Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul

If you are looking for malls in Bakirkoy, the Olivium Mall is located within the lively Zeytinburnu area, and it contains more than 140 shops of various Turkish and international brands at discounted prices and continuous discounts throughout the year.It also contains a group of restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and climbing walls for climbing enthusiasts.

If you are looking for the cheapest mall in Istanbul , there is also the Airport Outlet Mall, which is located on the El-Bish Road between the former Ataturk Airport and the Yenibosna area.