Top 10 Malls in Azerbaijan .. Your Full Guide

Best malls in Azerbaijan embody a blend of tradition and modernity, offering both locals and visitors a wholesome shopping experience that goes beyond the mere transactional nature of retail. These shopping havens are not just about international or local retail stores; they are about the unique experiences they offer.

From high-end boutiques to quaint local shops, from luxurious eateries to modern cinemas, and from bustling marketplaces to serene spots by the Caspian Sea, the malls in Azerbaijan have something for everyone. Whether one is in search of the latest fashion trends, a taste of Azerbaijan’s culinary delights, or a dive into its traditional market culture, these malls offer a gateway to a rich and diverse retail landscape.

Malls in Azerbaijan

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Azerbaijan

Nizami Gəncəvi Küçəsi

Baku’s shopping tale begins at the iconic Nizami Street, a blend of elegance and retail heritage stretching 3.5 km across the city’s heart.

It’s a hub for both high-end boutiques and quaint local shops, making it a beloved spot for the locals.

The street’s pedestrian segment, still referred to as “Torgovaya,” is the epitome of Baku’s vibrant shopping culture.

Alış-veriş Küçələri

Venture beyond Nizami and you’ll find a network of shopping arteries in Baku, each promising a distinct retail adventure.

Neftchilar Avenue is where luxury seekers will find solace, with boutiques like Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, and Burberry awaiting.

Other notable streets include Zarifa Aliyeva, Aziza Aliyeva, and Rasul Rza, each offering a spread of luxury brands and local treasures.

Gənclik Mall

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Stepping into Gənclik Mall is a dive into modern retail splendor. It’s the largest mall in the region, a modern-day marketplace that’s a testament to Baku’s rapid modernization.

Housing international brands like Zara, Mango, and Tommy Hilfiger, it’s a place where global fashion trends meet local shoppers.

Beyond shopping, Ganjlik Mall is a realm of entertainment with Cinema Plus and a bowling alley ensuring a delightful break from retail indulgence.

Port Baku Mall

Port Baku Mall is where sophistication meets retail. It’s a three-story shopping haven that’s home to luxurious boutiques like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Giorgio Armani.

With a gastronomic journey awaiting at restaurants like Laduree and Armani Café, it’s not just a shopping destination, but a culinary escapade.

The mall is part of the larger Port Baku complex, illustrating the fusion of residential, business, and retail luxury.

Park Bulvar

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Nestled near the famous Primorsky Park, Park Bulvar is more than a mall; it’s a reflection of Baku’s love for leisurely shopping.

It boasts a mix of retail stores, a food court, and entertainment options like a cinema and planetarium, making it a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

Its prime location by the Caspian Sea makes it a perfect stop to unwind after a long day of shopping.

28 Mall

Named after the nearby metro station “28 May,” 28 Mall stands in one of Baku’s bustling regions, offering a haven for both shopping enthusiasts and leisure seekers since 2012.

The mall spreads over 25,000 sq m, housing over 70 international and local brands. It’s not just a shopping hub but a center for family fun with a vast entertainment area and 16 eateries.

The 28 Cinema within the mall is a popular and frequently visited theater in the city, making it a blend of retail and entertainment hub.


Situated opposite the “Nariman Narimanov” metro station, the six-story Metropark, established in 2012, has become a focal point in the area with its modern architectural style.

Housing over 60 stores ranging from clothing to electronics, it’s a mall that has sparked high interest among both local and foreign investors due to its economic potential.

The mall also offers a significant entertainment area, a cinema, and 15 cafes and restaurants, making it a wholesome destination for a variety of tastes and preferences.

Central Department Store

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What’s a visit to the East without indulging in some gold jewelry shopping? Locals would unanimously recommend a visit to the Central Department Store for this purpose.

Located on Tabriz Khalilbeyli Street, this four-story Soviet building, opened in 1961, now houses modern stores offering a wide array of jewelry for all budgets.

It’s a blend of Baku’s historic retail scene with the contemporary, offering a rich selection of precious jewels.

Sadarak Shopping Center

Known as a massive marketplace, Sadarak is the place to find clothing, cosmetics, appliances, and fabrics at reasonable prices, likened to Miami’s outlets by locals.

Primarily attracting mid to low-income shoppers, it’s a myth that quality is compromised here. One can find quality Turkish-made clothing and fur products at appreciably lower prices than in other parts of Baku.

The market culture here allows for hearty bargaining, adding a traditional shopping experience to your journey.

Teze Bazar

Bazaars are an integral part of the culture in Azerbaijan. Teze Bazar, translating to New Bazar, stands as one of the oldest and most renowned markets in Baku since 1949.

Known for fresh sturgeon, black caviar (limited to 125 grams for export), and local truffles, it’s a haven for food enthusiasts.

Tourists can shop for local produce, dried fruits, and spices, and enjoy a breakfast of fresh sheep cheese, homemade butter, honey, and hot tandoor-baked bread. It’s also a place for souvenir shopping, where one can find silk, ceramics, copper kitchenware, and other Azerbaijani handicrafts.

Although similar items can be found on Nizami Street in Old Baku, Teze Bazar offers a more budget-friendly shopping experience.


This article explores the top shopping malls and retail streets in Azerbaijan, showcasing a blend of modern retail outlets and traditional market culture. It navigates through the elegance of Nizami Street, the luxury boutiques in Neftchilar Avenue, and the modern retail splendor of Ganjlik Mall among others. Whether you are a high-end shopper, a bargain hunter, or someone keen on exploring the local market culture, Azerbaijan’s retail scene offers a diversified experience.

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