Buying iPhone from Turkey : An Expat’s Guide

As an undergraduate from studying in Turkey, I gained valuable first-hand experience purchasing an iPhone from Turkey.

Navigating this major tech buy abroad taught me helpful lessons for my international peers. This comprehensive guide will detail my iPhone purchasing journey and top recommendations.

Buying iPhone from Turkey

Some Information to Know Before Reading

  • This guide covers my experience as an undergraduate student from Egypt buying an iPhone locally while attending university in Turkey.
  • It provides details and recommendations for other foreign students, expats, or visitors seeking to purchase tech products like smartphones within Turkey.
  • The focus is on buying iPhones, but many lessons apply to other high-end electronics purchases in Turkey as well.
  • I learned valuable insights about researching retailers, comparing prices, avoiding counterfeits, and more when buying my iPhone that I want to pass on.
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Choosing Where I Will Buy My iPhone in Turkey

While making such a significant purchase, I naturally compared options:

  • Apple Store: Apple has couple of stores in Istanbul that sells every Apple product you can think of.
  • Vatan Bilgisayar: A local favorite with a wide range of electronic products.
  • Teknosa: Another famous name in the Turkish electronics market.

Despite considering the above, I settled on Media Markt for several reasons:

  • Competitive Pricing: Compared to others, their offering was more financially appealing.
  • Trustworthiness: Their reputation preceded them. As a foreign student, trust is paramount.
  • Local Store: I had Media Markt store 15 minutes away from home which is something great as i can get my iPhone immediately.
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Why I Didn’t Buy From An Online Store?

I love online shopping, Amazon Turkey, Trendyol and Hepsiburada, but i still prefer to buy from a Media Markt.

As a foreign student making a big purchase in an unfamiliar market, buying online made me uneasy. I preferred the security of an in-person transaction at a physical store.

Seeing the actual iPhone, interacting with store staff, getting my questions answered face-to-face, and avoiding shipping wait times gave me greater peace of mind.

Why Didn’t I Buy Online From Apple Turkey Online Store?

Apple has an online store in Turkey, it sells all apple products and i find it great but there is a problem, the delivery of the IPhone is after a 4 days, which is so long for me to wait.

For an expensive, brand-new IPhone, I valued the immediacy and certainty of buying at a local retailer I could visit before and after the purchase.

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The Prices Of iPhones in Turkey

I bought IPhone 13 Pro, it’s price was significantly higher than Egypt or any other countries because of the taxes.

  • The same iPhone would have cost around $1000 in the USA, and 1100 in Egypt.
  • But after Turkey’s hefty tech taxes, I paid approximately $1500 – making it 50% pricier.

Despite the difference, buying in Turkey let me avoid overseas shipping fees or import costs.

IPhones in Turkey are 35-65% more expensive than the rest of the world

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How Did I Pay?

I had no problems using my Turkish bank credit card at Media Markt.

Major cards are widely accepted in Turkey’s large retailers. The transparent checkout process gave me assurance that I was being charged fairly as a foreigner.

Buying Additional Warranty Coverage

Along with my iPhone, I bought an insurance coverage through Media Markt for extra peace of mind.

I didn’t buy AppleCare because it doesn’t really exist in Turkey.

The insurance i bought covers the phone for any damage that can occur for one year.

Apple store in Turkey

Considering Accessories at Media Markt

In addition to purchasing the iPhone itself, I also considered getting some accessories at Media Markt. They offer a wide selection of Apple-branded accessories like cases, headphones, and more.

One accessory I did end up buying was a screen protector. I wanted to keep the iPhone’s screen safe from scratches and cracks. Media Markt had tempered glass screen protectors specifically designed for the iPhone 13 Pro model.

My experience in buying iPhone in Turkey

Regional Differences

The iPhone I purchased in Turkey was identical to global models, except for the Turkish power adapter. The iOS came preloaded in Turkish, an easy settings fix. Otherwise, it matched iPhones sold worldwide.

Am I Satisfied?

Months later, I remain satisfied purchasing locally at a certified seller, despite the higher costs. Having easy store access for questions and warranty support brings peace of mind during my abroad education.

One downside is that iPhones in Turkey do not have access to Apple TV Plus, but this is because of the region of Apple TV app being Turkey, not because the iPhone was brought from Turkey.

Apple in istanbul

Key Takeaways for Foreign Buyers

For students or foreigners seeking Turkish iPhones, I recommend:

  • Buying in-person from authorized retailers, even at higher prices
  • Researching options online through local consumer forums
  • Using a Turkish bank card if possible for smoother transactions
  • Purchasing extra warranty coverage for added protections
  • Confirming language assistance availability if needed

While demanding more effort, my local iPhone purchase provided the perfect phone for my studies and lasting memories. The invaluable experience makes the extra costs worthwhile for tech buys abroad.

Abdullah Habib
Abdullah Habib

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