The 10 most famous malls in Istanbul

We bring to you the ten most famous malls in Istanbul in our post today, where we discuss the most famous malls in Istanbul, which are constantly competing with one another to supply the greatest items and the best world recognised brands.

Many travellers come to Turkey, particularly Istanbul, to shop at the international malls. It is well-known globally, not only at the international level, since it competes with malls in Europe and developed countries. This article will discuss the 10 most well-known malls in Istanbul.

most famous malls in Istanbul

Top 10 most famous malls in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul encompasses a wide region of Turkey, and these areas are utilised to develop magnificent historical and ancient structures. The most notable feature of this area is the presence of commercial malls. It is well-known for the presence of several huge shopping complexes. We will briefly discuss the most prominent malls in it:

  1. Historia Mall in Istanbul is located precisely in the middle of the historical Fatih district.
  2. Acacia Mall Istanbul, which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.
  3. Forum Mall, which is located in the Bayrampasa district on the European side of Istanbul.
  4. Istanbul Valley Mall, which is distinguished by its great location, located within the Ayazaga district on the European side.
  5. Carousel Mall in Bakirkoy area which contains huge buildings.
  6. The Galleria Mall, which is located in Istanbul, is adapted from the global model located in the US state of Texas.
  7. Kanyon Mall is one of the cheapest malls in Istanbul.
  8. Venice Mall, which is sometimes called Via Port Istanbul Mall.
  9. Cevehir Mall, which contains all the needs of the individual.
  10. Torium Istanbul Mall, which is located in the middle of the city and occupies its center.

The most famous international malls in Istanbul 

Istanbul is home to a significant number of malls, whether they are world-renowned or merely internationally famous. In this section, we shall discuss the world’s most well-known shopping malls:

  1. Historia Mall Istanbul is a well-known mall in Istanbul and around Europe. This commercial centre is located in the historic Al-Fateh neighbourhood. This mall is home to a large number of companies that sell the most well-known global brands. The mall is notable for its gorgeous outside and enormous size, which allows guests to stroll freely inside.
  2. Forum Mall: It is not only one of the biggest and most well-known malls in Turkey, but also one of the most well-known malls on the whole European continent. Its renown stems from its vast size, which is densely packed with enormous stores selling all of the well-known worldwide brands as well as high-quality local products.
  3. Istanbul Valley Mall is one of the world’s oldest malls, and it is located in Istanbul. This mall is situated in one of the world’s most prominent fashion capitals and is characterised by being one of the major historical structures, as well as its remarkable position, since it is located in the Ayaz Aga neighbourhood on the European side. This mall has many shops that sell accessories, high-end clothing, home furnishings, and other items for the individual’s needs.
  4. Galleria Mall: It is one of the most costly malls in Turkey since it is a Turkish model modified from the Galleria International Mall in the US state of Texas. This mall has numerous stores with a variety of items, and one of its most notable aspects is that it is a well-known spot for walking. There are several restaurants and cafés, as well as cinemas, bowling alleys, and ice skating rinks, for amusement.
  5. Cevahir Mall: It is one of the biggest shopping places in Europe, not only Turkey, since it has a significant number of shops that fulfil all of the individual’s demands, as well as a hypermarket that secures all of the individual’s food needs.
Cevahir mall istanbul

The most famous shopping malls in Istanbul

Although there are international malls in Istanbul, the city also has a huge number of malls that are only renowned on a worldwide level, but they are distinctive and can compete with all other international malls, and the most well-known of these malls are:

  1. Acacia Mall Istanbul: It is one of the major malls in Istanbul, and it attracts a huge number of the city’s original citizens as well as many visitors. It is distinguished by meeting the demands of all family members, from children to adults, and by offering a diverse choice of cafés, restaurants, and amusement parks for children. This mall is situated on Istanbul’s Asian side, notably in the Uskudar district.
  2. Carousel Mall Istanbul: This mall is situated in the Bakirkoy area, which is known for its massive and tall structures, as well as its innovation in contemporary architecture. The amusement section, which includes bowling alleys, restaurants, cafés, billiard rooms, and movie theatres.
  3. Kanyon Mall Istanbul: is one of the most affordable malls not only in Istanbul, but in Turkey as a whole. It was given the name Kanyol, which means “valley,” to reflect its exquisite appearance. It comprises four storeys and a significant number of stores. The most recognised item that differentiates it is the presence of stores that include the most famous cosmetics and luxury goods at rates that fit everyone, as well as amusement areas such as restaurants with famous names.
  4. Venice Mall Istanbul: It is one of the most distinguished and distinct malls among all malls, as this mall was distinguished and distinct among all malls in many ways, such as the shape of its design, which was based on the famous Italian city by creating distinct waterways that contain boats that allow visitors to move around. The mall also offers all items of world quality at low costs to everyone through a peaceful water trip.
  5. Torium Istanbul Mall: One of the most stunning tourist attractions, it is more than simply a mall because of its winter amusement park, which is a major tourist draw for the mall. It also has exciting entertainment areas, renowned restaurants, and movie halls, and on the commercial side, it has high-end garments for those who appreciate high-end taste, as well as accessories and cosmetics.


At the end of this post, we discussed the ten most renowned malls in Istanbul. We also went through the most well-known worldwide shopping centres in great detail. We included a quick analysis of each mall, including its location and the most essential feature that differentiates it. Then we discussed the world’s most renowned malls in Turkey, which also has a distinct collection of magnificent malls inside it that compete fiercely with foreign malls.

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