Turkish Fox TV : Full Guide

As someone who loves Turkish media, I was curious to learn more about Turkish Fox TV, one of the country’s most famous private broadcasters. Fox TV has grown into a TV powerhouse since launching in 2007, entertaining Turkish audiences with its dynamic mix of shows and series.

In this in-depth look at Fox TV Turkey, I’ll cover topics including:

  • Fox TV’s background and history
  • Its programming across genres like drama, news, and game shows
  • How to watch Fox TV in Turkey on satellite, cable, and online
  • What the future may hold for this leading Turkish channel

Whether you’re visiting Turkey or an expat living here, read on for a helpful guide to discovering Fox TV.

Turkish Fox TV

A Brief History of Fox TV Turkey

Fox TV emerged back in 2007 after News Corporation acquired the media assets of Turkish conglomerate İhlas Holding, including the terrestrial channel TGRT.

After rebranding TGRT under the Fox name, an influx of investment from News Corporation helped Fox TV quickly build up its content library and production capabilities.

Fox TV received extensive promotion across Turkey in its early years with the slogan “Hayata Fox’lanın” (Get Fox’d in Life). This marketing push helped establish Fox as a shiny new private broadcaster in the Turkish TV landscape.

Over the years since, Fox TV has continued expanding its audience reach. The channel went high definition (HD) in 2012 to offer a sharper viewing experience.

In 2019, Fox TV became part of The Walt Disney Company after its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. But Fox TV retains its name and positioning as Turkey’s top private network.

Sampling Fox TV’s Programming Lineup

As Turkey’s leading general entertainment channel, Fox TV delivers a diverse mix of content across genres like drama, news, game shows, and reality competitions.

Here’s a sampling of some popular Fox TV shows:

Primetime Dramas

Fox TV boasts a strong slate of locally produced Turkish dramas, many of which also air internationally. Some current hit series include:

  • Yabanı – Drama about a businessman who disappears to start a new life. Airs Tuesday nights.
  • Hudutsuz Sevda – Romance series airing Thursday nights.
  • Ruhun Duymaz – Supernatural drama on Saturdays.

These shows attract high viewership with their cliffhangers and emotional storylines. The productions values are slick and modern.

News Programming

Fox TV was Turkey’s first private channel to establish a substantial news division. Popular news programs include:

  • Çalar Saat – Morning newscast airing daily.
  • Fox Ana Haber – Flagship evening news broadcast at 7 pm.
  • Orta Sayfa – Analysis and interviews on weekdays.

The channel also produces an array of talk shows and political programs.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

For lighter fare, Fox has game shows like Bu Tabak Kimin? testing cooking skills, as well as reality romance series İlk Buluşma.

Lifestyle programs also feature, such as morning staple Çağla ile Yeni Bir Gün covering food, fashion, and fun.

Movies & International Series

To supplement its local productions, Fox TV licenses numerous foreign films and series.

The Fox Sinema Kuşağı movie showcase presents theatrical blockbusters. Popular acquired series have included classics like The X-Files.

This diverse programming mix makes Fox TV a one-stop-shop for Turkish entertainment.

Watching Fox TV in Turkey

For locals and visitors in Turkey keen to check out Fox TV, the channel is widely available through:

Satellite – Fox TV can be found on Turksat 4A and Turksat 5B satellites. The HD feed is on 12329 H 6666 2/3.

Cable – Major cable providers like KabloTV and Digiturk carry Fox TV on channel 58 (HD) and 909 (SD).

IPTV – Fox TV is on IPTV services like Tivibu and Turkcell TV+.

Online – Live streaming available at fox.com.tr. Requires logging in through a Turkish TV provider.

Fox TV’s broad distribution makes the channel easy to access within Turkey through whatever service you use to watch television.

The Future of Turkey’s Leading Private Broadcaster

Looking ahead, Fox TV seems well-positioned to continue leading the way as Turkey’s top-rated private free-to-air broadcaster.

While state broadcaster TRT still garners higher total viewership, no other private Turkish channel can match Fox TV’s winning combination of highly rated local content and prestigious international imports.

As the Turkish TV industry grows more competitive, Fox TV boasts the resources and experience to maintain its leadership position for years to come.

The channel has survived ownership changes while preserving its contemporary branding and appeal to Turkish audiences seeking entertainment.

For locals and visitors alike keeping up with Turkish popular culture, Fox TV remains essential viewing – now and into the future.

Watching Fox TV in Turkey

Fox TV is widely available across Turkey through various platforms:


  • Türksat 4A
  • Türksat 5B

Cable Providers

  • KabloTV
  • Digiturk


  • Tivibu
  • Turkcell TV+


  • fox.com.tr (requires Turkish TV provider login)

Fox TV Satellite Frequencies

FeedFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateFEC
SD12336 VVertical55203/4
HD12329 HHorizontal66662/3

Steps to Configure Satellite Receiver:

  1. Access receiver system menu (usually via “Menu” or “Setup” button)
  2. Navigate to “Channel Search” > “Manual Search” > “Add Channel”
  3. Input Frequency: 12336 (SD), 12329 (HD)
  4. Input Symbol Rate: 5520 (SD), 6666 (HD)
  5. Select Polarization: Horizontal
  6. Choose FEC Code: 3/4 (SD), 2/3 (HD)
  7. Initiate channel scan to register Fox TV

Following these steps properly configures the satellite receiver to reliably receive Fox TV’s broadcasts in Turkey. Both residents and visitors can easily tune in to Fox’s highly-rated entertainment programs, prestigious Turkish dramas, and 24/7 news coverage.

Final Impressions on Exploring Fox TV

It’s clear Fox TV has honed an effective formula blending locally produced Turkish dramas, news and entertainment shows with the best international series and movies.

The channel feels dynamic and polished, reflective of Turkey’s rising status as a television powerhouse. From the reporting standards of Fox News to the slick production of its dramas, Fox TV delivers professionalism that Turkish viewers appreciate.

For foreigners like myself looking to understand this market beyond state TV, exploring Fox TV and sampling its diverse programming proves quite enlightening. The network provides a modern lens into contemporary Turkish culture.

So if you’re visiting or moving to Turkey soon, be sure to add Fox TV to your must-see viewing. Familiarizing yourself with this mainstream commercial channel will deepen your insights into the Turkish media landscape.

How to Watch Turkish FOX TV live

You can Turkish FOX TV live from here.

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