Nvidia Graphics Cards Prices in Turkey $ € ₺ | RTX 4070 | RTX 3060 | Full Guide

In this article, I will be sharing with you the prices of most popular Nvidia Graphics Cards prices in Turkey

I will share the prices in Turkish lira, US Dollar and Euro, keep in mind that prices are volatile and may change according to the exchange rate fluctuations.

Nvidia Graphics card

Nvidia Graphics Cards Prices $ € ₺

In the following tables, I have listed the prices of the most sold Nvidia Graphics cards in Turkey as of December 2023. I have also added the prices in USD and EUR as of today’s exchange rate: USD = 29.15 TRY, EUR = 32.18 TRY

Higher-End Graphics Cards

ModelManufacturerSpecificationsPrice in TRYPrice in USDPrice in EUR
ZT-D40710D-10PZotacGeForce RTX 4070 Ti TRINITY, 12GB GDDR6X, 192Bit38.263 TL$1312.62€1189.03
GV-N407TWF3OC-12GDGigabyteGeForce RTX 4070 Ti WINDFORCE OC, 12GB GDDR6X29.464 TL$1010.77€915.60
RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X E 12G OCMSIGeForce RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X E, 12G OC GDDR6X25.197 TL$864.39€783.00
GV-N4070WF3OC-12GDGigabyteGeForce RTX 4070 WINDFORCE OC, 12GB GDDR6X, 192Bit23.239 TL$797.22€722.16
ZT-A30710Q-10PZotacGeForce RTX 3070 Ti GAMING, 8GB GDDR6X, 256Bit23.733 TL$814.17€737.51
ZT-D40620F-10MZotacGeForce RTX 4060 TI GAMING 16GB AMP, GDDR618.407 TL$631.46€572.00
RTX 4060 TI VENTUS 2X BLACK 8G OCMSIGeForce RTX 4060 Ti VENTUS 2X BLACK OC 8GB17.387 TL$596.47€540.30
ZT-D40610E-10MZotacGeForce RTX 4060 Ti, 8GB GDDR6, 128Bit, DLSS 316.339 TL$560.51€507.74
Nvidia graphics cards prices in Turkey

Mid-Range Graphics Cards

ModelManufacturerSpecificationsPrice in TRYPrice in USDPrice in EUR
TUF-RTX3060TI-O8GD6X-GAMINGASUSGeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC, 8GB GDDR6X16.852 TL$578.11€523.68
DUAL-RTX3060TI-O8GD6X-WHITEASUSGeForce RTX 3060 Ti WHITE OC, 8GB GDDR6X, 256Bit15.057 TL$516.54€467.90
DUAL-RTX3060TI-O8GD6XASUSGeForce RTX 3060 Ti OC, 8GB GDDR6X, 256Bit15.063 TL$516.74€468.09
GV-N3070GAMING OC-8GD R2.0GigabyteGeForce RTX 3070 GAMING R2.0 OC, 8GB GDDR614.999 TL$514.55€466.10
RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G OCMSIGeForce RTX 3060, 12GB GDDR6, 192Bit14.198 TL$487.07€441.21
DUAL-RTX4060-O8GASUSGeForce RTX 4060 OC, 8GB GDDR6, 128Bit, DLSS 314.669 TL$503.22€455.84
ZT-A30700H-10PLHRZotacGeForce RTX 3070 TWIN EDGE GAMINGOC, 8GB GDDR614.898 TL$511.08€462.96
RTX 4060 VENTUS 2X BLACK 8G OCMSIGeForce RTX 4060 VENTUS 2X BLACK 8GB OC GDDR614.380 TL$493.31€446.86

Entry-Level Graphics Cards

ModelManufacturerSpecificationsPrice in TRYPrice in USDPrice in EUR
DUAL-RTX3060-O12G-V2ASUSGeForce RTX 3060 OC V2, 12GB GDDR6, 192Bit12.552 TL$430.60€390.06
ZT-D40600E-10MZotacGeForce RTX 4060 GAMING TWIN EDGE, 8GB GDDR613.290 TL$455.92€412.99
RTX 3050 VENTUS 2X XS 8G OCMSIGeForce RTX 3050 VENTUS 2X XS 8G OC, 8GB GDDR610.203 TL$350.02€317.06
DUAL-RTX3050-O8G-V2ASUSGeForce RTX 3050 V2 OC, 8GB GDDR6, 128Bit9.937 TL$340.89€308.79
GTX 1650 D6 VENTUS XS OCV1MSIGeForce GTX 1650 D6 VENTUS XS OCV1, 4GB GDDR66.415 TL$220.07€199.35
N730K-2GD3H/LPV1MSIGeForce GT 730, 2GB DDR3, 64bit2.101 TL$72.08€65.29
GT 710 2GD3H LPMSIGeForce GT 710, 2GB DDR3, 64Bit1.626 TL$55.78€50.53
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