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Turkish Designer Clothing Brands: Your Full Guide

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For enthusiasts seeking to explore and invest in Turkish Designer Clothing Brands, the market offers a rich palette of unique and high-quality options. Each brand showcases a distinct style, promising a diverse range of products that cater to different tastes, from timeless elegance to modern sophistication. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new entrant, the Turkish fashion scene has something to captivate your interest.

The availability of these brands spans across various locations in Turkey and internationally, with a strong online presence ensuring accessibility for buyers worldwide. The commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials, and innovative designs make Turkish Designer Brands a worthwhile investment for those looking to acquire distinctive and fashionable pieces.

Turkish Designer Clothing Brands

Turkish Designer Clothing Brands

1. Tuba Ergin

Tuba Ergin is a luxury Turkish designer known for her timeless designs, high-quality materials, asymmetrical silhouettes, flawless fits, and environmentally consious approach. The company sells a variety of women’s clothing, including abaya dresses, tops, jumpsuits, jackets, shorts, and pants.

Tuba Ergin’s collections are distinguished by their one-of-a-kind designs that reflect women’s fashion and are made of high-quality, carefully selected fabrics. Tuba Ergin also offers a convenient online shopping experience, including free shipping, quick delivery, and no-hassle returns.

  • Founded In: Istanbul
  • Specialization: Harmonious blend of art, nature, and technology
  • Exhibitions & Features: Palazzo Capponi, Vogue Italia
  • Availability: Istanbul, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, and online at

2. Rivus

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Guided by founder Dicle İpek Öztaşkın, Rivus is synonymous with timeless elegance and simplicity. Advocating passionately against all forms of discrimination, the brand embraces diversity and inclusion in its versatile collections.

  • Founder: Dicle İpek Öztaşkın
  • Advocacy: Strong stance against all forms of discrimination
  • Style: Timeless, elegant, and simple
  • Availability: Showrooms in Istanbul and additional stores online

3. Nocturne

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With its original designs, high-quality fabrics, and elegant patterns, Nocturne has found a place in the wardrobes of urban women since 2012.

Nocturne produces luxury garments for women who follow the latest trends but want to see their unique style in the details, staying true to its European roots and drawing inspiration from Frédéric Chopin’s composition. Its collections appeal to both seasoned and inexperienced fashion enthusiasts.

  • Founded In: 2012
  • Inspiration: Frédéric Chopin’s composition
  • Style: Youthful, elegant, flamboyant
  • Availability: Across Turkey and abroad with extensive sales points online

4. Ipek Kıramer

pek Kramer is a well-known brand specializing in luxury lingerie and trousseau. The label is well-known for its exquisite silk-based innerwear and maternity clothing. With over 7,000 unique models, pek Kramer offers a diverse range of products.

The design philosophy of the brand revolves around four major themes: bright colors, romance, sportiness, and glamour. pek Kramer sources fabrics and accessories from France, Spain, and Italy to ensure the highest quality. Silk, satin silk, chiffon silk, cotton, and lace are among the materials used in the brand’s collection.

The attention to detail displayed by pek Kramer is evident in its partly handmade embroideries. The brand’s dedication to elegance and simplicity has earned it a following among discerning customers.

  • Base: Ankara and Istanbul
  • Collection: Over 7000 models focusing on bright colors, romance, sportive, and glamour
  • Materials: Premium imports from France, Spain, and Italy
  • Availability: Showrooms in Istanbul and New York, and online

5. Knitss

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Knitss is a modern knitwear brand that provides a stunning and comprehensive wardrobe inspired by art, life, and interactions. Duygu Boz, the brand’s Creative Director, has created a distinct identity that embodies her love of style and modern sophistication. Knitss is known for its effortless yet luxurious style, making it an ideal choice for those looking for versatile fashion that can be easily adapted to various styles.

Knitss has a diverse collection of loungewear, business attire, cashmere pieces, beachwear, and linen garments. Knitss creates collections each season that combine essential wardrobe pieces with contrasting and complementary items. Every product is made with the highest quality Italian yarns to ensure exceptional comfort and stunning aesthetics.

  • Specialization: Contemporary knitwear
  • Materials: Finest Italian yarns
  • Style: Modern, sophisticated, versatile
  • Availability: Across Turkey and online

6. Jaquette by Elvan Tıglıoglu

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Elvan Tıglıoglu’s Jaquette is a brand that specializes in designing chic, elegant, and eye-catching jackets. Elvan Tıglıoglu founded the brand after designing her first jacket in 2014. She has since been creating fashionable designs that combine dreams and reality. The brand has a wide selection of jackets, kimonos, and coats that are ideal for making a fashion statement.

  • Founded In: 2014
  • Specialization: Jackets, coats, and kimonos
  • Availability: Various locations in Turkey, including Beymen and Gizia Gate, LA, Egypt, and online at Trendyol


  • Tuba Ergin: Melds tradition and contemporary, available in select locations and online.
  • Rivus: Timeless, elegant, with a strong stance against discrimination, available in Istanbul and online.
  • Nocturne: Youthful and flamboyant style inspired by Chopin, available across Turkey and abroad.
  • Ipek Kıramer: Offers a diverse collection from Ankara and Istanbul, available in showrooms and online.
  • KNITSS: Contemporary knitwear from premium Italian yarns, available across Turkey and online.
  • Jaquette by Elvan Tıglıoglu: Specializes in unique jackets and kimonos, available in multiple locations and online.