Antalya Aquarium

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The Antalya Aquarium excites, entertains, and educates visitors. Following your exploration of the 40 themed aquariums, you will come upon the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, which is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide.

There are many amazing things to see in Antalya Aquarium since it is among the top Aquariums in the world. With hundreds of various fish species, the Aquarium is quite impressive.

antalya aquarium

About Antalya Aquarium

There are a lot of things to see in Antalya Aquarium as it’s one of the best Aquariums in the world, with thousands of different fishes.

Antalya Aquarium offers an entertainment and cultural experience at the same time through more than 40 displays of sea creatures within a tunnel that extends approximately 130 meters.

At Tropical Reptile House, you will see a wide variety of animals from throughout the world, such as lethal coral snakes, bright pit vipers, and eerie anacondas. You may also construct snowballs at Snow World and Ice Museum, where you may enjoy freezing tropical conditions all year.

Oceanride XD Cinema employs multi-dimensional movie technology, allowing you to explore the world’s waterways while viewing movies.

Although one of the two major gates and the rooftop terraces access to the entirety of the park’s major attraction, the best situation would be to start the day with a quick lunch at one of the various cafes and restaurants located within those entrances and terraces.

To guarantee that an aquarium visit is not just another ordinary experience, make sure it is adorned with a Hollywood green screen backgrounds, as well as visiting a store that specializes in souvenirs, because you may end up with memories that last a lifetime.

You will never be bored with the numerous varied alternatives the Aquarium have to offer, such as local McDonald’s, Mado, and GeLatte Italian Ice-Cream.

The aquarium is located in the city’s center, roughly 70 meters from Konyaalt Beach, the city’s most famous beach.

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The best activities in Antalya Aquarium

You can watch the sharks and swim with them in Antalya Aquarium.

The main aquarium contains a model of an aircraft and a submarine of their normal size.

You can make a tour in the fish aquarium and watch the large numbers of different sea creatures that moves constantly.

After completing your tour in the aquarium, you can visit the store and get souvenirs.

In addition to the aquariums and fish shows, the Antalya Aquarium contains the largest closed hall in the world covered by natural snow, called the Snow World, which includes snow houses and snow sculptures.

antalya aquarium

Antalya Aquarium price

The antalya aquarium ticket price ranges from $33 to $49, depending on the package chosen.

The Aquarium package comes as follows:

Aquarium ticket (33 USD)


A theme aquarium with more than 40 organisms
largest tunnel aquarium in the world
True scale aircraft and vessel wreckage
more than 200 great white sharks

Aquarium & Snow World Ice Museum (48.00 USD)


Several thousand marine species inhabit the oceans
the special allure of aquatic life
sliding on natural snow and ice
Ice sculptures built of nothing but ice

You can book the tickets online.

antalya aquarium snow world

Aquarium & WildPark (45.00 USD)


A total of 40 theme aquariums.
The world’s longest tunnel aquarium in Europe
Over a hundred theme terrariums
Exotic reptile populations

Aquarium & XD Cinema (45.00 USD)


Learn and experience the underwater
Face to face with sharks
Advanced rider cinema technology
Captain Barbossa’s footsteps adventure

Multipass Aquarium (49.00 USD)


Unlimited personal access card for Aquarium section for 365 days.

Antalya Aquarium visiting hours

Antalya Aquarium is available to visit all days of the week from 10:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening.

Best hotels to stay near Antalya Aquarium

The Corner Park Hotel

The hotel was developed in a contemporary manner and is ideal for all customers thanks to a minimalist style of decor. As a guest, you will find elegance and comfort flawlessly blended in the hotel’s 74 rooms.

Featuring wonderful views of the sea, the mountain, and the city, the Corner Park Hotel is located on the beautiful Konyaalti Beach, which is a blue flag beach.

The Corner Park Hotel, is right by the turquoise-colored Mediterranean Sea and the Konyaalti tunnel, within walking distance of the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, Antalya Aquarium.

The Corner Park Hotel

Sealife Lounge Hotel

Sealife Lounge Hotel is Just a 5-minute walk from Konyaaltı Beach and 4 kilometres from the Antalya Museum, this hotel is located on a major commercial thoroughfare.

he airport is 19 kilometers away from Sealife hotel that have, stylish rooms provide Wi-Fi, big-screen TVs, safes, and minifridges, with kettles and balconies as well.

Sealife Lounge Hotel 1

How can you go to Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium is located at the city center, 15 km distant from the airport, and near the Glass Pyramid (Cam Piramit). The property is around 22 kilometers from Kundu Tourism Center and 45 kilometers from Belek.

You can rent a car online and drive it from the airport to the Aquarium since it’s on the main highway.

Address : Dumlupınar Bulvarı Arapsuyu Mahallesi No: 502 Konyaaltı, Antalya.

With public transportation

You can go to Antalya Aquarium by using buses through the following routs.

Antalya Bus Station (Otogar) – Aquarium of Antalya

To reach the Antalya Aquarium, board one of the TK36 or VF02 buses from the bus terminal and get out at the stop labeled 5 M migros.

Aquarium – the airport

There are 600 and 800 numbered buses departing from the airport, which will transport you to Migros in 5 M, where you may see the Aquarium.

Antalya Aquarium: Lara

You may board the KL08, LF09, or LF10 buses which have the number KL08, LF09, or LF10, respectively, from Lara to the Antalya Aquarium, which is a short walk away.

Antalya Aquarium – Kundu

To get to the Antalya Aquarium, take the TK36 or VF02 bus to 5 M Migros, which is only across the corner from the Aquarium.


The bus station in Kemer may have any bus that goes to Antalya and which stops just across from the Antalya Aquarium.
Another option is to go on the sea bus that leaves at 10:30, 13:30, and 17:30 and makes a straight stop at the yacht harbor, and from there you can get the UC11-A bus that stops at Cumhuriyet Street and takes you to the Aquarium.

Belek – Aquarium in Antalya

There is a bus service that leaves from the Serik Bus Station and stops at the Antalya Bus Station, which will take you to the 5 M Migros, which is a short walk to the Antalya Aquarium.

Alanya – Antalya Aquarium

To travel to the Antalya Aquarium, you may either take the bus that stops at Alanya Bus Station and gets you to the 5 M Migros location, or take the TK36 or VF02 bus to the Antalya Bus Station and board the TK37 or VF03 which is just a short walk away.