Turks in America: Your Full Guide About Turkish Americans

Do you know that there are over two million Turks in America From coast to coast, Turkish Americans have made a lasting impact on our nation.

In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating stories of these immigrants and examine how they continue to shape American culture.

Turks in America


Welcome to our article about the Turkish people who live in the United States! In this article, we’ll explore the history of Turkish migration to the United States, the reasons behind it, and the cultural and economic impacts of this migration.

We’ll also look at estimates of the size of the Turks in America, and at Turkish enclaves and organizations in the US. Finally, we’ll discuss the future of Turkish migration to the US. So let’s get started!

History of Turks in America

You may not know it, but the history of Turkish migration to the United States dates back to the early 1900s. In 1924, an estimated 25,000-50,000 Muslim Turks arrived in the US from the Ottoman Empire. These early immigrants were predominantly from Turkey’s rural communities and settled in large industrial cities, finding employment in various industries.

Since then, the Turkish population in the United States has grown steadily, with estimates of up to 350,000 Americans of Turkish descent living across the United States today. All major US cities are home to thriving Turkish communities and organizations that help newcomers adjust into American culture.

Reasons for Turkish Migration to the USA

There were several positive reasons why Turkish people may choose to migrate to the United States. Here are some of them:

  1. Educational Opportunities: The United States is home to many of the world’s top-ranked universities and offers a wide range of educational opportunities for international students. Many Turkish people choose to migrate to the United States to pursue higher education and to gain valuable skills and experience that can help them in their future careers.
  2. Economic Opportunities: The United States is known for its strong economy and job market, which can provide Turkish migrants with a wealth of job opportunities and the potential for upward mobility. Many Turkish migrants have found success in industries such as technology, finance, and healthcare, among others.
  3. Diversity and Inclusivity: The United States is a diverse and inclusive country, which can provide Turkish migrants with a sense of belonging and community. Many Turkish people have found acceptance and support within American society, and have been able to maintain their cultural identity while also embracing new experiences and perspectives.
  4. Quality of Life: The United States is known for its high standard of living, which can provide Turkish migrants with access to quality healthcare, education, and other essential services. Many Turkish people have also found that the United States offers a wide range of leisure and recreational activities, which can contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Cultural Impact of Turks in America

The cultural impact of Turkish migration to the USA has been significant, and there are several aspects to this impact. Here are some examples:

  1. Promotion of Turkish Culture: Turkish migrants have brought their culture and traditions with them to the United States, introducing Americans to Turkish cuisine, music, dance, and other cultural practices. This has helped to raise awareness of Turkish culture and to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  2. Increased Diversity: Turkish migration has contributed to the diversity of the American population, helping to create a more vibrant and multicultural society. Turkish people have brought their unique perspectives, experiences, and traditions to the United States, enriching the cultural landscape and promoting a greater sense of tolerance and inclusivity.
  3. Business and Trade Opportunities: Turkish migrants have helped to strengthen economic ties between Turkey and the United States, promoting trade and investment opportunities for both countries. Turkish-owned businesses in the United States have created jobs and contributed to the local economy, while also helping to promote Turkish products and services.
  4. Educational Exchange: Turkish students and scholars who have migrated to the United States have contributed to the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the two countries, promoting academic and scientific advancement. This has helped to foster stronger ties between the academic communities of Turkey and the United States, and has contributed to the growth of global knowledge and innovation.
  5. Political and Social Engagement: Turkish migrants have become active participants in American politics and civil society, advocating for issues that are important to them and contributing to the development of American democracy. This has helped to create a stronger and more engaged Turkish-American community, promoting greater civic participation and social cohesion.

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Impact of Turkish Migration on American Economy

The impact of Turkish migration on the American economy has been substantial. Since the 1950s, Turkish immigrants have been integral in providing an influx of labor and expertise to the labor force. As a result, there has been an increase in employment opportunities and economic growth.

In addition, Turks in America have made their mark as entrepreneurs, contributing to the development of businesses and industries across the country. Moreover, their presence has helped to create a more diverse and vibrant society, bringing cultural richness and new perspectives to communities throughout the US.

Estimates of the Size of the Turks in America

Between 275,000 and 350,000 Turks are estimated to live in North America, with the majority residing in the United States. Turks in America came here in two waves: the first was in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the second started in the 1970s and is still going on today.

While official statistics from the 1990 census put the Turks in America at just under 100,000, many believe this figure to be significantly higher. With major cities across America playing host to large Turkish enclaves, it’s clear that Turkish migration has had a significant impact on both the economy and culture of the United States.

Turkish Enclaves in the United States

Turkish people are spread out across the United States, but there are certain areas where the Turkish community is more concentrated. Here are some of the cities and states where Turkish people live the most in the USA:

  1. New York City: New York City has one of the highest concentrations of Turks in America, with many Turkish immigrants residing in Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Astoria and Bay Ridge.
  2. Los Angeles: Los Angeles is another city with a large Turkish community, particularly in areas like Beverly Hills and Westwood.
  3. Chicago: Chicago is home to a significant number of Turkish immigrants, with many living in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Lakeview.
  4. Houston: Houston is another city with a significant Turkish population, with many immigrants working in the city’s energy industry.
  5. New Jersey: New Jersey is home to a large Turkish community, particularly in towns like Paterson, Fairview, and Clifton.
  6. Florida: Florida is another state with a significant Turkish community, particularly in the cities of Orlando, Miami, and Tampa.
  7. Texas: Texas is home to a growing number of Turkish immigrants, with many living in the cities of Houston and Dallas.
  8. Washington D.C.: Washington D.C. is home to a small but significant Turkish community, with many working in the city’s diplomatic corps and think tanks.

It’s worth noting that there are Turkish communities in many other cities and states throughout the United States, and the Turkish population is growing in many areas as more and more immigrants choose to make America their home.

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Turkish embassy in the USA

The Turkish embassy in the USA is an important diplomatic mission that serves as a vital link between Turkey and the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., the embassy is responsible for promoting and protecting the interests of Turkey in the United States, as well as providing assistance to Turkish citizens who are traveling or residing in the country.

The embassy plays a significant role in fostering strong relations between Turkey and the United States, which are rooted in shared values and common interests.

It also works to promote Turkish culture, language, and traditions in the United States, through various cultural events, educational programs, and other initiatives. With its dedicated staff and commitment to serving both the Turkish and American people, the Turkish embassy in the USA is an essential institution in promoting diplomacy and cooperation between these two nations.

The embassy of Turkey in Washington, D.C. is located at 2525 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 

It can also be contacted by telephone on 202 612 6700 and 202 612 6701 as well as by email [email protected]

The Turkish House in New York (Turkevi)


The Turkish House is an impressive 36-floor skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York. It stands tall at a height of 171 metres, and features traditional Turkish architectural motifs from the Seljuk Empire of a millennium ago.

The building was officially inaugurated on September 20, 2021 and is a home to the headquarters of the permanent representative of Ankara to the United Nations, as well as the Consulate General in New York.

It was recently topped out at 821 First Avenue in the Midtown East neighborhood of Turtle Bay and hosted an event to mark “Turkish Cuisine Week”.

You can experience traditional Turkish architecture, culture and cuisine all in one place here at The Turkish House.

Turkish Organizations in the USA

One of the most prominent Turkish organizations in the United States is the American Turkish Society (ATS), which was founded in 1949. Through business, economic, and cultural activities, ATS works to bring Turkey and the United States closer together.

The organization provides a variety of services for corporations and individuals with an interest in Turkey, including access to business networks, educational resources, and cultural events. ATS also advocates for the rights of Turks in America, providing legal and immigration assistance.

If you would like to get in touch with the American Turkish Society, here is their contact information:

The Future of Turkish Migration to the USA

It is clear that Turkish immigration to the US has been a part of the American story for the past century and continues to be so. As the trend of Turkish migration to the US increases, so does the potential for growth in the economy, culture, and diversity of America.

The future of Turkish migration to the US is sure to continue with more people seeking a better life in America and contributing to its cultural and economic tapestry.


In conclusion, Turkish migration to the United States has had a significant impact on both the American culture and economy. Turkish immigrants have brought with them a vibrant culture and unique perspectives, while also contributing to the country’s GDP and per capita income.

As of 2021, it is estimated that over 84 million people of Turkish origin currently live in the US, forming a vibrant part of the US population. As such, it is clear that Turkish migration to the US will continue to have a positive impact on both countries in the future.

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