Marmaris beaches … Top 7 beaches for the best holiday 2023


During the summer, the blood of all travelers boils differently, and the desire to explore is at its peak. Visiting the natural wonders and historical atmospheres of the geography we live in provides a particular type of enjoyment, especially when the sun is shining brightly.

Naturally, when the summer spirit is discussed, the Marmaris bays, beaches, and natural treasures of the area begin to shine with all their splendor. As a result, in this post, we will look at the most stunning beaches in Marmaris and provide some recommendations. If you’re ready, let’s get started and watch the blue and green dance.

Marmaris Bays: Heavens on Earth

It is difficult to make a decision when it comes to one of our country’s most significant tourist hubs. And all of the coves and beaches here are gorgeous. As a result, we’ve highlighted some of the coves, beaches, and locations popular among nature lovers. You may be certain that these routes are for you if you like gazing at a bright blue sky and sunbathing on the coast of a clean sea.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that several of the areas we propose are also suitable for camping.

So you may want to bring your camping gear.

You may also check our luggage restrictions page to learn about the camping equipment, sleeping bags, and sleeping equipment you will bring, as well as food or camping equipment, and the limitations based on your ticket.

Since we’ve brought this up, let’s have a look at the bays and beaches of Marmaris, which is a little piece of paradise, and be filled with delight.

1. Selimiye: Address of Peace 

Selimiye, which is linked to Marmaris, is a path where blue and green combine brilliantly and captivate visitors. The location, which is one of Turkey’s most distinctive corners and suggestive of a one-of-a-kind paradise on earth, is nestled in one of Hisarönü Bay’s most lovely coves.

The region’s population, which was historically a community that was populated all year, also displays a significant growth during the summer months.

In Selimiye, where roughly a thousand people remain throughout the winter, this number grows three to four times as the sun appears.

The location, which features a clean sea and a safe bay, was once known as Losta.

Selimiye, with its back to beautiful green hills, is a tranquil retreat.

The majority of the individuals who reside here on a daily basis work in fishing, animal husbandry, and horticulture.

Selimiye, a famous path in recent years, is a summer wonder of Marmaris that attracts visitors.

You should come here if you want to be alone with nature and experience blue and green to the utmost.

It should also be emphasized that you may easily camp here.

The quickest method to get to the area is to travel to Dalaman and then transfer.

2. Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach: A Glamorous Corner

Sedir Island is a spectacular stop in Gökova Bay. The island, which can be accessible through boat trips, is one of the busiest in the Marmaris area. The Cleopatra Beach and the Ancient City of Kedrai, both of which are situated here, are popular sites for all types of visitors.

Cleopatra Beach, with its gleaming golden sands and sea-like sheets, is a natural wonder protected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The beach, which captivates visitors, is a must-see.

The location, which has a long history, is a sight that has inspired stories.

The location, named after the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, deserves to be observed for its cultural, historical, and natural qualities.

On Sedir Island, which is almost like an open-air museum, you may fully immerse yourself in blue and green.

The location, which was once known as Cedrea, also features old city walls and theater remains.

The location is accessible from both Dalaman and Bodrum.

3. Icmeler Beach: The Most Beautiful Shades of Blue

When you think of Marmaris, one of the first locations that springs to mind is Icmeler Beach. The beach, which is near to the city of Marmaris, is a must-see for people who want a brief vacation.

The beach, which has long drawn the interest of both local and international visitors, boasts a stunning sea and scenery.

Icmeler Beach, where you may enjoy the sea, sun, and beach, is also a good place to spend a long time.

Because there are several shops and eateries located near the shore.

When you come here, you may also perform parasailing, boat trips, canoeing, and other extreme activities.

You see, there are various possibilities here, and you choose based on your preferences.

A canyon may also be found here.

If you wish to perform a different kind of activity, such as hiking, you may head to Içmeler Canyon.

Bird calls, tree rustling, and water splashing await you!

The quickest method to get to the area is to travel to Dalaman and then transfer.

4. Turunc Bay: An Ancient Fishing Town

Turunç Bay, situated just close to Marmaris, is a popular tourist destination. Turunç, one of the most popular bays in the area after çmeler Beach, is a site where you can enjoy both the forest and the sea. The bay was formerly a fishing village called after the “citrus” trees that grew in the area.

The bay, which is also a favorite stop for blue cruise ships and yachts, is designated as a blue flag beach.

The beach, which is around 300 meters long, allows visitors to fully appreciate the sea, sun, and beach trio.

A hike into the woodlands is also feasible here.

The section known as Palamut Hill, in particular, is ideal for nature hikes or hiking.

It is also worth noting that the scenery that will accompany you during your trek is breathtaking.

In addition, vehicle safari trips are available in the area. Let us add mention that this is a significant diving facility. If you like diving, Turunç Bay’s sea is ideal. The area has various underwater caverns and rocky regions. The visibility underwater is very excellent.

The quickest method to get to the area is to travel to Dalaman and then transfer.

5. Kumlubuk Beach: An Untouched Stop

The quiet beach in Kumlubuk Bay, just behind Turunc, is completely in the lap of nature. This is exactly the place where you can take your own food and drinks and have a picnic, while enjoying the sea and the sun. There are no businesses around, you can enter the sea from anywhere you want. There is no parking either, but you can park your car wherever you want. 

One of the untouched stops where you can enjoy the clear sea. Of course, there are no showers and toilets as there is no business. If you are looking for a quiet and free beach, you can stop by Kumlubuk Beach. 

6. Uzunyalı Beach: Peaceful Point in the City

Uzunyalı is a long beach between Marmaris Public Beach and Icmeler. It is very easy to reach as it is located 10 km from Marmaris town centre. You can swim in the sea and sunbathe, as well as take pleasant walks on this long beach or cycle in the warm breezes. It is one of the places where you can find peace in summer and winter. 

If you like sea sports or want to try something new, you can also do parasailing in Uzunyalı, where you can easily reach restaurants and cafes.

7. Incekum Beach: A Turquoise Beauty

A clear turquoise sea, a beach of soft sands… Bring your chair or rent a sun lounger… There is also a restaurant where you can eat, but you can bring food if you wish. If this is the kind of beauty you are looking for, İncekum Beach, located in Çamlı Village, is waiting for you 20 km from Marmaris. If you have a private vehicle, you can reach the beach with a half-hour journey from Marmaris.

You can take a break from the sparkling warm water and spend time under the breezy pine trees. The only disadvantage of this place is that it is a stopping point for boats departing from Marmaris. It can turn into a somewhat noisy area at that time. However, it is bearable as it does not last long. 

The easiest way to reach the region is by flying to Dalaman and transferring. 


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