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Hiking in Turkey.. Complete Guide 2022

Hiking in Turkey gives you a chance to leave the city to get outside and breathe, replace car horns with songbirds, and replace the roof of your apartment with the sky.

Planning a normal weekend trip might be a good idea to take a short-term break. As a result, in this post, we will look at the hiking trails in Turkey that were used in the past, and give you some ideas.

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About Hiking in Turkey

Turkey’s natural masterpieces are waiting to be discovered. Smaller groups may enjoy social activities in the mountains, plateaus, lakes, and woodlands of the country because they are away from crowds and in the company of nature.

Almost the same materials are used for hiking and trekking

Now that we’ve reminded you, we can move on to the hiking trails in Turkey.

Dilek Peninsula National Park

In Turkey there is a park called Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park. The national park, almost like paradise, covers an area of ​​27,675 hectares and has a clear blue sea. It is located within the city limits of Kusadasi Aydin, in addition, there are 804 plants and 250 species of birds.

One of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey is also significant because of the rare and endangered species that live there, which makes it even more important.

The National Park Administration runs 2 km of botanical Hiking trails daily between Kavakleburun and Karasu bays, which feature native species.

Visitors can view the birds, waterfalls, pools, and streams of the national park on the 18-kilometer trek. We suggest that you breathe fresh air while Hiking in Turkey in nature and look at the beautiful landscape.

The Cave of Zeus, near the entrance to the national park, is also worth a visit. In many myths, this cave is used as a hiding place.

People who visit Dilek Peninsula National Park, a cultural and natural park, can spend a day in heaven on earth due to its beautiful landscapes and mythical stories.

National parks are great places for hiking in Turkey if you want to see nature and hear stories.

The fastest way to reach Dilek Peninsula is to go to Mula-Milas Bodrum and then go from there to reach Dilek Peninsula.

Denizli Kizilcaboluk

When it comes to Hiking through history, Denizli Kizilcaboluk is a must!

You can walk for hours on one of the world’s longest hiking trails in Turkey in Denizli Kızılcabölük. Since it is part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, the 22-kilometer route from Herakleia Hieronu to Pamukkale Hierapolis, also on the list, is very noteworthy.

It is worth noting that the municipality of the region, in cooperation with the Village Foundation, conducts a large march on this natural path in the month of May each year.

Connecting with the people who live there is a great way to get to know the place. This tour lets you enjoy the wonders of green, oxygen, and history. Of course, calling the city and making a reservation before the event is a good thing.

Karia Trail Yazıköy-Knidos

Five stages and an 820 km historical track make up the Adventure Route. It connects Bozburun, Datça Peninsula, Gökova Bay, Inner Caria and Mula in Turkey.

The trail starts at Datça in Yazköy and ends in the old town of Knidos. You can also see olive and almond trees along the way, connecting you to the beauty of nature. After you pass through the forests, the Aegean sea welcomes you. After that, you can take a short break while Hiking in nature to go for a swim in the water. You can then go back to the ancient times where you left off.

We think you should end your trip when the sun goes down. It is a nice place to enjoy the sun. You can do this at the Deveboynu Lighthouse. Take the bus or train from Dalaman and get off at the next stop.

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Sultan National Park

Sultan National Park, which Sultan Murad found on a trip, became a national park in 2006. Each hectare of the national park has an area of ​​24,357 acres. There are rare plant species and 301 bird species living in the reeds under the shadow of Mount Erciyes.

Early in the morning, you might see a lot of green, blue, and yellow birds. Whenever you go to this place, which we might call the “Peace Road”, bring your camera or phone. Because you have a great opportunity to see and photograph rare animals here.

To go to Sultan Marches National Park, you first have to go to Kayseri, near Cappadocia.

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