اختبار رخصة القيادة في تركيا

Driving license test in Turkey

The driving license test in Turkey is the test that qualifies you to acquire the drıvıng license, the test consisting of two parts a theoretical and a practical one.

You can study and learn to drive easily in Turkey, as the school provides you with the possibility to book an appointment for the test.

Driving license test in Turkey

About the driving license test in Turkey

The driving license exam in Turkey is an essential step for obtaining a Turkish driver’s license, enabling you to travel with your car in all cities and states.

The driving exam in Turkey is divided into a theoretical driving test and a practical driving test, in which you must pass the two tests to be eligible for the license.

Theoretical driving exam in Turkey

The theory driving exam is divided into a number of sections, the most important of which are:

  • General traffic etiquette and laws
  • Traffic Laws
  • Vehicle mechanics and important parts
  • first aid

The Turkish driving theory test consists of 50 optional questions, and the exam duration is up to 45 minutes.

The driving school you attended will give you a book that contains all the information you need to take the driving theory test in Turkey.

You can access the theoretical Turkish driving license exam questions to download the theory test book.

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