Burak resturant Istanbul
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Burak resturant Istanbul

When you arrive in Istanbul, having a meal in the Burak restaurant should be a top priority, as it is one of the best-known restaurants in Istanbul, which symbolizes Turkey’s yummy food.

There are three branches of Burak resturant Istanbul, which are the al madina restaurant Taksim, the Aksaray branch, and Etiler.

Burak resturant Istanbul

About Burak resturant Istanbul

Since its establishment in 2004, the restaurants have experienced an exceptional reputation in serving Turkish food.

Al Madina restaurant is owned by the family of one of the most renowned Chef in Turkey and in the world, Chef Burak, who gives a fascinating presentation while preparing the meals.

Chef Burak is famed for the trendiest and most unique oriental and Turkish dishes that are cooked in tandoor and pottery.

Chef Burak restaurant in Istanbul is well-known for its exciting and innovative presentations while serving food.

The restaurant serves Turkish food that is mainly originated from the Turkish city of Hatay which is famous for a lot of Turkish dishes and sweets.

al madina restaurant istanbul

Menu of Al Madina restaurant İstanbul

There are over 90 items on Burak restaurant’s menu varies between appetizers of all types, salads and excellent soups to begin with.

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