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Bosch Turkey .. Your Full Guide 2023

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Are you looking for high-quality appliances from a trusted brand Look no further than Bosch Turkey! With a wide selection of top-tier products, They offer customers the best in quality and value. 

Read through this blog post to learn more about why buying from Bosch Turkey is the right choice for your home.

Bosch Turkey

Introduction to Bosch Turkey

Bosch is a leading name in home appliances, renowned for their high quality and energy efficient products. From dishwashers and washing machines to ovens, cooktops, and refrigerators, Bosch has a selection of products to make life easier and more enjoyable. 

Bosch Turkey is sure to have the right solution for your needs. Whether you’re looking for the best in automotive technology or want to explore their consumer goods range.

Bosch is a world-renowned brand of home appliances that has been providing reliable, high-end kitchen appliances for generations. 

With select models boasting three internal racks instead of the usual two, Bosch dishwashers are able to get more dishes clean per cycle than most other brands. 

Additionally, Bosch appliances regularly receive industry and consumer awards. Not only that, but Bosch is also popular in spec houses and developments because people know the brand for its top-rated dishwashers and for raising the standards in appliance quietness, efficiency and integrated design.

History of Bosch Turkey

Bosch Group, which started its activities with a representative office established for the first time in Turkey in 1910, established its first factory in Bursa in 1972. Bosch Turkey, which has 17.900 employees, 38.2 billion TL turnover and 23.7 billion TL exports according to its 2021 financial results, has four R&D Centers in Bursa, Manisa and Tekirdağ and 2 Design Centers in Istanbul and Bursa. 

Within Bosch Turkey, one of the country’s leading technology and service suppliers;Bosch Industry and Trade Inc.Bosch Thermotechnic Heating and Air Conditioning Industry Trade Inc.

 70 percent of its production, mainly European Union countries and England, It consists of more than 750 different types of devices exported to a total of 41 countries in the Caucasus, Middle East, Gulf Region, Latin America and Far East. 

Bosch Manisa Factory is Turkey’s 43rd biggest exporter, the best Product Development Center, and the air conditioning industry’s export leader, with sales all over the globe. With cutting-edge technology and unrivaled industry experience, Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering work all around the globe.

Customers in a broad range of industries, from factory automation to industrial hydraulics and mobile applications, benefit from a single source for hydraulic, electric drive and control, gear technologies, linear motion, and assembly technologies.

The most important of these 38 factories is at Erkezköy, Tekirda. The erkezköy complex, which covers an area of 550,000 m2, has a capacity of 6.2 million units. BSH Turkey, Turkey’s largest white goods company with foreign investment, has invested over 1 billion euros since 2005; with its brands Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, and Profilo, it develops and manufactures energy efficient and world champion products in Turkey and exports them to the rest of the world, particularly European countries.

Bosch Turkey’s most famous products

Bosch Turkey offers a wide selection of popular and well-known items across the nation. Bosch Turkey is well-known for its safe, efficient, intelligent, and powerful solutions ranging from dishwashers to industrial automation.

Their dishwashers, and washing machines among the most dependable on the market.

They also manufacture a variety of other goods, including mobile applications and mechanical applications.

Whatever product you want, Bosch Turkey will have something to meet your requirements.

Bosch Turkey’s Customer Service

Bosch Turkey offers a comprehensive customer service for its products. Their customer service can be reached via telephone, email, or their website. 

For general questions, customers can call the Bosch Service Center at +90 444 51 57 or visit the company website for more detailed information.

How to buy from Bosch Turkey

If you want to purchase Bosch products in Turkey, there are a few different options available.

You can also purchase Bosch products from other online retailers, such as Koçtaş and Trendyol. Both of these stores offer competitive prices on Bosch products, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal.

Another great option for buying Bosch products in Turkey is Amazon Turkey. Amazon has a wide range of Bosch products at prices that are competitive, and eligible items can be shipped for free with Amazon Prime.

Lastly, before you buy anything, you should always read customer reviews to make sure you’re getting a good product that will meet your needs. With these tips in mind, you can easily find the perfect Bosch product for your needs while shopping online in Turkey!

Online Shopping from Turkey

There are famous websites in Turkey where you can shop other then Skechers. For example the Amazon website.

Hepsiburda, N11 and Trendyol are also Turkey’s largest shopping websites.