Puma Turkey: How to buy and get the best offers 2023

Ready to get a new pair of sneakers Well, if you’re looking for the best offers then Puma Turkey is the place for you. They have all sorts of deals and discounts on their products so that you can find your next favorite pair at an affordable price. 

Puma Turkey has a wide range of clothes, accessories and shoes for both women and men as it’s considered as onw of the best sport clothes companies in Turkey.

Puma Turkey

About Puma Turkey

Puma was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, with a name coming from the Pumas he used to hunt. Puma Turkey is one of their many companies around the world and it has had an important role in Turkish sport.

Puma’s products are now available for sale at Puma Turkey website where you can find all lines of sports clothes as well as nice shoes that will suit any type of outfit! There are also special discounts on offer so don’t miss out on your chance to buy some new Pumas!

Puma stores

Puma stores can be found in Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, the three major Turkish cities.

The store locator is found on the Store Search page, allowing you to find the nearest Puma store in Turkey.

Puma Turkey Shoe ​Size Table

UKlength from heel to toe “cm”EuropeU.S. “Men”U.S. “Women”
48.9″36 2/34.55.5
4.59.0″37 1/356
5.59.4″38 2/367
69.5″39 1/36.57.5
79.9″40 2/37.58.5
7.510.0″41 1/389
8.510.4″42 2/3910
910.5″43 1/39.510.5
1010.9″44 2/310.511.5
10.511.0″45 1/31112
11.511.4″46 2/31213
1211.5″47 1/312.513.5
1311.9″48 2/313.514.5
13.512.0″49 1/31415
14.512.4″50 2/315
1512.7″51 1/316
1613.0″52 2/317
1713.4″53 1/318
1813.7″54 2/319

How to Buy from Puma Turkey

You can place an order for Puma’s well-known sports brand on the Puma Turkey website.

  1. At the Turkish Puma Online store, You can search for what you need, then select size and quantity.
  2. The next step is to choose the clothing and shoes you want to buy, and then the size that is most appropriate for you.
  3. When you’re finished with your clothing selection, go to the shopping cart and click the cart icon at the top-right. Then, click “Go to the basket.”
  4. Make sure all the products you have selected are correct, then click the “Continue” button.
  5. To finish your order, please log in or sign up as a guest.
  6. Enter your Turkish address to have it delivered.
  7. You will receive your shipment as soon as you finish paying for your order.

Buying in Turkey with international shipping

Still can’t buy from Turkey? There is no international shipping We have your back here!

Did you know that it is now possible to shop online on Turkish websites without actually being in Turkey The article we have created will guide you, step by step, through the process of purchasing any product from Turkey. You will be able to order items directly from a Turkish store and have them shipped directly to your door!

Check out this article for tips on buying Turkish products abroad with worldwide delivery.

puma Turkey indirim

Puma Turkey Discounts

To see the most recent Puma Turkey sale, Visit the sale page

You can get Puma Turkey discounts for a limited time, so don’t miss out on your chance to buy Pumas at a discounted price!

Discounted items from various sporting shoes are regularly posted on the sale page.

Contacting Puma Turkey

You can contact Puma on the following number 9.00 – 18.00 Monday – Friday

0850 755 19 48

Or on the following Email:

[email protected]

Websites to buy clothes from Turkey

Besides Puma, Turkey has many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are LC Waikiki, Defacto, Koton and Ipekyol.

In addition, You can buy directly from online shopping sites in Turkey,which feature many diverse Turkish clothing brands.

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