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Best 6 Hospitals in Antalya: Your Ultimate Guide

The hospitals in Antalya are an indication of how developed the health sector in Turkey is in every aspect.

Let’s take a closer look at health tourism and the best hospitals in Antalya.

Hospitals in Antalya

Health Tourism in Antalya

While Antalya is known as a touristic city in Turkey, it has become an important centre for health tourism in recent years. Health tourism refers to individuals travelling to different cities or countries to receive health-related services such as medical treatment, aesthetic surgery, dental services, wellness and spa services. Health tourism in Antalya offers various advantages for both local and international patients and there are a number of high quality healthcare providers in this field.

Technological Infrastructure and Qualified Personnel

Healthcare organisations in Antalya offer modern medical technologies and high standards of medical services. In addition, patients are welcomed by qualified and experienced medical staff.

International Accreditation

Many healthcare organisations have international accreditations, which means that they provide services at global standards.

Price Advantage

Antalya offers healthcare services at affordable prices, making it an attractive option for international patients.

Natural and Cultural Riches

In addition to the treatment process, patients and their families can also experience Antalya’s natural beauty, historical sites and warm climate.

Language Support

Many healthcare facilities in Antalya offer services in different languages, eliminating the language barrier for international patients.

Health Tourism Support Services

Medical tourism service providers offer comprehensive services that coordinate patients’ travel, accommodation and treatment processes.

The medical tourism sector in Antalya continues to grow and develop thanks to the combination of the city’s tourism infrastructure and expertise in medical services. This makes Antalya a destination visited for both holiday and health purposes. This rise of Antalya in medical tourism will further strengthen Turkey’s medical tourism industry and allow it to take a more competitive position in the international arena.

Best Hospitals in Antalya

Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex

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The pulse of the Mediterranean’s medical world: In the vast arena of medical excellence, the Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex operates with a noble mission: “Health for All.” With its wide array of facilities and commitment to quality care, it stands out as one of the best in the region.

Features & Specialities:

  • Houses 228 beds, distributed across 84 outpatient rooms.
  • Equipped with 73 intensive care units, including specific facilities for coronary, cardiovascular, and neonatal care.
  • It boasts 10 state-of-the-art operating theaters.
  • Renowned internationally, especially in Europe, as a preferred center for organ transplantation.
  • Offers a wide spectrum of services, from organ transplantation to dermatological treatments and psychological counseling.

Not only is Medical Park Antalya a prominent transplantation center in Turkey, but it also takes pride in performing the highest number of organ transplants with minimal side effects in the country.

Advanced Technologies & Services:

  • Adorned with cutting-edge devices like nuclear medicine, LINAC (Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Unit), and PET/CT.
  • Has been internationally recognized for its collaborations with over 200 domestic and international insurance companies.
  • Strives to make Antalya a global center for health tourism.


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Where modern medicine meets age-old compassion: As a member of the pioneering Memorial Health Group, MEDSTAR stands tall in Antalya with two hospitals.

Features & Specialities:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services in all branches of medicine.
  • Medstar Antalya’s “Cancer Center” is recognized both in Turkey and globally.
  • Offers social activities for in-patients, such as painting, music, theater, and yoga, enhancing treatment motivation and quality of life.
  • Medstar Topçular Hospital specializes in women’s health and childbirth among other fields, offering services in a space of 4600 m^2.

Memorial Antalya

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The symphony of quality healthcare: The Memorial Health Group graces the Mediterranean region with the Memorial Antalya Hospital, setting gold standards in healthcare.

Features & Specialities:

  • An array of 114 patient beds and 28 intensive care units.
  • Five operating theaters and state-of-the-art Radiology Department.
  • Boasts a Kemotherapy and Art Center, which blends medical expertise with therapeutic arts.
  • A synergy exists among all Memorial Hospitals in Turkey, ensuring a shared wealth of knowledge and resources.

Contribution to Health Tourism:
Memorial Antalya welcomes patients from 92 countries, significantly bolstering health tourism in Turkey.

Antalya Yaşam Hospital

A sanctuary of health and hope since 2006: The Antalya Yaşam Hospital, with its 108-bed capacity, has been a beacon of contemporary healthcare for the people of Antalya and its vicinity.

Legacy and Services:

  • Serves diverse global clientele, banking on its 25+ years of service experience.
  • Caters to various governmental bodies and private organizations, maintaining its commitment to ethical and advanced healthcare.

From Antalya Airport:
Route 800, covering regions like Lara, Doğu Garajı, 100. Yıl, and Konyaaltı. Travel times vary depending on traffic conditions.

Dünyagöz Antalya (Dünyagöz Kepez)

Part of the Dünyagöz Hospital Group which provides solutions for eye and periocular health 24/7.

Features & Specialities:

  • Located in Antalya since April 2010.
  • Features modern architecture resembling a 5-star hotel with well-equipped rooms.
  • Offers comprehensive eye care services with an experienced medical team and friendly staff.
  • Hospital infrastructure includes laser and general operation theaters and diagnostic equipment.
  • Contains dedicated floors for different specializations, including a spacious children’s play area for families.
  • Caters to thousands of foreign patients annually with multilingual staff.
  • A notable contributor to health tourism and accepts social security and private health insurance.

Antalya Anadolu Hospital

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One of the most renowned private hospitals in Antalya.

Features & Specialities:

  • Operates in 7 locations: Central Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Aspendos, Kemer, Lara, and Side.
  • Known for high patient satisfaction.
  • Capacity: 115 beds (including 4 suites) and a 17-bed neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Offers fertility treatments.
  • Focus on complementary medical treatments like ozone and neural therapy.
  • Features a fully-equipped algology unit, nutrition and dietetics department, EEG and EMG labs, and a pathology lab, distinguishing its diverse services.


Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex is a leading Mediterranean healthcare hub known for organ transplantation. MEDSTAR, under the Memorial Health Group, has two facilities in Antalya focusing on comprehensive care, cancer treatment, and women’s health, alongside offering therapeutic patient activities.

Memorial Antalya, another flagship hospital of the Memorial Group, offers 114 beds and uniquely combines Kemotherapy with the arts. Antalya Yaşam Hospital has been serving the region since 2006 with a rich history. Dünyagöz Antalya specializes in eye care with modern amenities, while Antalya Anadolu Hospital is a multi-location private hospital recognized for diverse treatments including fertility.