Best 5 Hospitals in Istanbul: Your Comprehensive Guide

Hospitals in Istanbul are not only treat people who live there, but they also bring in patients from all over the world who want to use the most up-to-date medical facilities.

This article dives into the top five hospitals that offering a blend of modern medical innovation and deep-rooted expertise.

Hospitals in Istanbul

Advantages of the Healthcare System in Turkey

Turkey’s healthcare services have developed significantly in recent years and this field offers several advantages compared to some other countries.


Turkey has taken serious steps regarding access to health services. There are many modern hospitals and clinics throughout the country, and healthcare services are provided in major cities and rural areas.

Affordable Prices

Turkey offers healthcare services at affordable prices. This makes Turkey an attractive destination, especially in terms of medical tourism.

Technological Infrastructure

Turkey’s healthcare sector is equipped with modern medical equipment and technologies. This ensures that patients receive a wide range of high-quality medical services.

Trained Health Personnel

Turkey has trained and experienced healthcare personnel. Doctors and healthcare professionals serve their patients effectively and empathetically.

Fast and Effective Service

Quick response and effective treatment in emergency health services are another positive aspect of Turkey’s health sector.

Medical Tourism

Turkey is a very popular medical tourism destination for plastic surgery, dentistry and other medical services. Patients can receive quality service at affordable prices.

Best 5 Hospitals in Istanbul

1. Acıbadem Healthcare Group

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Established in 1991, the Acıbadem Healthcare Group has long been a beacon of quality healthcare, serving patients throughout Turkey. Their services are not just limited to the domestic population. For years, international patients have been relying on Acıbadem’s superior healthcare services.

Unique Features: The Group offers translation and travel planning support for foreign patients, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience. With a rich history of catering to international patients, the hospital boasts immense expertise in this domain. Furthermore, Acıbadem’s presence isn’t limited to Turkey; they have made a mark internationally with branches in various countries.

Branches in Istanbul: The Acıbadem facilities in Istanbul include prominent hospitals and medical centers such as Altunizade Hospital, Atakent Hospital, and Bakırköy Hospital, among others.

Special Mention: The Acıbadem Sports Health Center, located within the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital, spans a vast 4500 square meters and has the prestigious honor of holding the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence certification since 2012. This solidifies its reputation as Turkey’s leading institution for athlete health.

For a deeper dive: Acibadem International Hospital

2. Memorial Şişli Hastanesi

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Memorial Health Group, with multiple facilities in Istanbul, is known for its world-class private hospitals. Founded in 2000, the group has consistently delivered top-notch medical services, earning them a reputation for quality and successful surgical operations.

Key Highlights: Memorial Hospital Istanbul, the flagship of the group, was established with consultation from ECRI, a renowned US-based health consultancy. This hospital, constructed to international standards, became the first in Turkey to receive the JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation, making it the 21st hospital worldwide to achieve this feat.

Facilities: The hospital, spread over 53,000 square meters, boasts 252 beds, 13 operating rooms, 4 intensive care units, and 3 labs. Their global outreach is commendable, accepting patients from over 92 countries.

For more insights: Memorial Sisli Hospital

3. Amerikan Hastanesi

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Operating under the auspices of one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates, Koç Holding, and the Vehbi Koç Foundation, American Hospital Istanbul serves its patients backed by almost a century of expertise.

Commitment to Excellence: With its state-of-the-art equipment and an esteemed team of medical professionals, the hospital stands out. They are the first private hospital in Turkey to own four major certifications, including JCI and ISO 9001, which speaks volumes about their commitment to providing world-class healthcare.

International Focus: Catering to both residents and medical tourists, their specialized services for international patients set them apart.

Delve deeper here: American Hospital

4. İstanbul Florence Nightingale

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Named after the legendary nurse, Florence Nightingale Hospital is one of Istanbul’s most established medical institutions. With its 209 bed capacity, specialized intensive care units, and advanced operating rooms, it stands as a testament to healthcare excellence.

Pioneering Features: It’s not just a hospital; it’s a landmark. From its rooftop helipad catering to air ambulance services to its award as Turkey’s first “Green Hospital Building,” it leads in innovation.

Global Outreach: Known not just in Turkey but in the international healthcare community, the hospital is equipped to serve the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and neighboring countries.

Discover more: Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

5. Liv Hospital Istanbul

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Established in 2013, Liv Hospital, accredited by JCI and Din En ISO 9001, is a hub of super-specialty services.

Medical Specializations: From Aesthetic Surgery to Neurology, their wide range of specializations ensures holistic care for all patients. They have advanced medical technologies, including the Truebeam STx and DaVinci Robotic “TrueBeam” radiotherapy device, setting them at the forefront of medical innovation.

Robotic Surgery: They rank 4th in robotic surgery, following three American centers, making them a premier institution for advanced surgical procedures.

Find out more: LIV Hospital Istanbul


Istanbul is home to several world-class hospitals, such as Acıbadem, known for its sports health center; Memorial, renowned for its international accreditations; Amerikan Hospital with its long-standing tradition of excellence; Florence Nightingale, a hospital that stands as an eco-friendly giant in healthcare; and Liv Hospital, a newer addition but a pioneer in robotic surgeries. Together, they offer Istanbul’s residents and visitors an assurance of healthcare at its finest.

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