Top 10 Places To Watch Sunset In Turkey 2023


We’re going on a virtual tour around the best places to watch the sunset. Today, we bid farewell to the sun in the most beautiful spots of our country.

Watching the sunset not only sets the backdrop for romantic moments spent with loved ones, but also provides ideas for individuals to reflect and find meaning in their own lives. Inspiring poets, writers, and artists alike, the sunset evokes different impressions in everyone through its intertwining colors and lights. ✨

Nemrut Mountain

Mount Nemrut is one of the historical places in Adiyaman that still preserves its mystery. Hosting many works built by King Antiochus I of Commagene, Mount Nemrut also offers breathtaking views of sunset.

The remains of Mount Nemrut and the colossal “head statues” surrounding it create one of the most mystical sunset sceneries in our country.


When it comes to sunset landscapes in Turkey, one of the first places that comes to mind is Cappadocia. The setting sun, accompanied by the Fairy Chimneys, creates mesmerizing views with its yellow, red, and brown light dances.

Those who watch the sunset in Cappadocia can also experience this joy from a hot air balloon. If you are looking for the most romantic spot to watch the sunset in Turkey, you have found it.


Kaş, one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country, is also a place where amazing sunset shots can be captured. The view, which is painted red by the sun reflecting on the blue waters, evokes a desire to freeze time.

Especially in Saklıkent Canyon and the ancient city of Simena, incredible sunset views can be encountered. Near the center of Kaş, you can take a break at the ancient theater or on the slopes leading up to Kaş Springs and witness the mesmerizing beauty of the sun setting into the sea.


While on a trip to Bozcaada, don’t forget to watch the sun sinking into the sea around Ayazma Beach and Habbele Cove.

If you want to watch the sunset from the hills, head towards the Wind Rose. This is the westernmost part of Bozcaada. The merging of the red rays with the blue sky here is truly enchanting!


Gümüşlük, one of the most enjoyable neighborhoods in the Bodrum district, is a place where you can safely swim in its Blue Flag beaches and enjoy a cold drink while admiring the inspiring sunset views in the evening. If you go towards Koyunbaba, you will find extraordinary places where you can watch the sunset over the sea.


Assos Ancient City, located within the borders of Çanakkale, is one of the perfect routes to watch the sunset with its historical structures from ancient times.

Try to catch the sunset from the Athena Temple in Assos, which is built on a volcanic hill. The view is incredible!


According to legends, after conquering Amasra, Fatih Sultan Mehmet looks at the city from the Bakacak hill and is greatly impressed by the scenery he sees. He turns to his attendant and says, “Lala, is this the fountain of the world “

Çeşm-i cihan means “the apple of the eye of the world.” If you want to be mesmerized by the sunset view that amazed Fatih Sultan Mehmet himself, the roads to Amasra await you. Follow in Fatih’s footsteps if you want to capture perfect sunset photos that will receive excellent engagement on social media!

Amasra sunset


One of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset is Ayvalık. Ayvalık also ranks high when it comes to sunrise! In Ayvalık, a district of Balıkesir, there are many places where you can choose to witness the most beautiful setting of the sun.

Şeytan Sofrası is one of the most popular among them. Located between Ayvalık and Sarımsaklı, Şeytan Sofrası has been listed among the most beautiful places to watch sunset in the world. If you happen to visit Ayvalık to enjoy your summer vacation, don’t leave without seeing one of the most beautiful views of the sunset.


One of the most impressive places of Datça is the Ancient City of Knidos, located on the Tekir Cape, which merges the Aegean and Mediterranean. In the vicinity of the ancient city, where Eudoxus studied the stars and you can reach by walking among almond trees, there is also a lighthouse.

If you are not afraid to climb its steep slopes, you can climb up the lighthouse to watch the sunset. However, the pleasure of watching the sunset from the Ancient City of Knidos is truly unique!

Princess Islands

Are you ready to take a distant look at Istanbul, wander around the clean air of the Princess Islands sidewalks, and of course, immerse yourself in the peaceful landscapes that will fill your heart with tranquility

Then we recommend you the beautiful Princess Islands of Istanbul. Whether you prefer to enjoy the sunset from a hillside behind pine trees or peacefully at the edge of the sea, you can experience the joy of watching the sunset on the islands.


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