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Sefine Shipyard Turkey

Sefine Shipyard in Turkey provides top-notch new shipbuilding, conversion, repair, and steel fabrication services with state-of-the-art facilities. Discover their capabilities and major projects.

In this article, we will explore the extensive capabilities and major projects of Sefine Shipyard, the leading shipyard in Turkey. We will look at their state-of-the-art facilities for new shipbuilding, repair, conversion, and steel fabrication. Highlights will include the shipyard’s massive dry docks, recent new build deliveries like ferries and cargo vessels, conversion projects, notable ship repairs, and environmental solutions. Additionally, we will provide key details and contact information for Sefine Shipyard to assist readers interested in their services.

Sefine Shipyard Turkey

About Sefine Shipyard Turkey

Have you ever wondered where the vessels that navigate our oceans are born? The answer lies within the heart of Turkey, where the Sefine Shipyard stands tall. Founded in 2005, this large establishment sprawls over a whopping 140,000 m2 of land in the Yalova region, employing a skilled workforce of over 4000 employees, including subcontractor personnel.

One might wonder what makes Sefine Shipyard such a formidable player in the marine industry. Their capabilities extend far beyond the ordinary, with the capacity to undertake ship repair services for vessels up to 90,000 DWT on their Post-Panamax size graving dock and an impressive 120,000 DWT on their Aframax size floating dock.

Sefine Shipyard Turkey

Master Craftsmanship in New Builds

Yet, Sefine Shipyard’s prowess isn’t limited to repairs alone. The shipyard also exhibits a commendable proficiency in the new building of a wide array of ship types. These include:

  • General Cargo Vessels
  • Double Ended Car & Passenger Ferries
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Search & Rescue Boats
  • AHTs
  • Tug Boats
  • Live Fish Carriers

This diversification demonstrates Sefine’s commitment to catering to the varied needs of the marine sector.

Sefine Shipyard’s growth trajectory is nothing short of impressive. With a remarkable 300% increase in revenue between 2012 and 2015, the shipyard has solidified its standing as a major industry player. The crowning moment came in 2016 when the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey recognised Sefine as the 40th fastest growing company in their top 100 listing.

Activities Of Sefine Shipyard Turkey


The saga of Sefine Shipyard’s success is a tale that is as riveting as it is inspiring. It all began with a series of deliveries for their Dutch client – General Cargo Vessels of varying DWTs – from 2010 to 2012. During this period, Sefine also accomplished:

  • Deliveries of four 80-car capacity Double Ended Ferries to a Turkish ferry operator
  • Two 22 m self-righting aluminium SAR boats to Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety
  • A 49.6m shallow water, icebreaking AHT “Arctic” to a Russian-English joint venture

In 2013, the shipyard added another feather to its cap by successfully delivering a 60 tons bollard pull ATD Tug Boat to its Turkish owner.

Sailing Into Uncharted Waters

The year 2014 marked a significant milestone for Sefine Shipyard, with the first-ever turn-key ferry deliveries from Turkey to Norway. This included a 70-car capacity Double Ended Ferry “M/F Ibestad” and a 25-car capacity Ferry “M/F Kvernsund”. In 2015, Sefine made two more turn-key ferry deliveries to Norway – the “M/F Ytterøy” and “M/F Utne”. The same year saw the completion of the “M/V Gasø Viking”, a 3000 m3 capacity Live Fish Carrier, and the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel “M/V Nene Hatun”.

Sefine Shipyard Turkey

Venturing into the Baltic

2016 and 2017 brought Sefine into the Baltic region, with their first turn-key deliveries there. This included the 150-car capacity double-enders “M/F Leiger” and “M/F Tiiu” to the Estonian Port Authority, and the 200-car capacity double-enders “M/F Bastø IV” and “M/F Bastø V” to Norway.

As of 2018, Sefine Shipyard has several projects under construction, including four 3500 m3 capacity Live Fish Carriers for Norway, a 290-car capacity LNG/Diesel Electric Hybrid double-ender for Italy, and three 83-car capacity Battery/Diesel-Electric plug-in Hybrid double-enders for Norway. This ongoing work underscores Sefine’s unwavering commitment to their craft and their continued growth trajectory in the marine industry.

Recent Project Built by Sefine Shipyard

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Request a project from Sefine Shipyard

Looking to request on a new ship building project? Reach out to Sefine Shipyard.

Ship Repair

Turkey’s flagship shipyard, Sefine, continues to chart a course of relentless development and expansion, constantly enhancing its ship repair services to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. A testament to this commitment is the recent acquisition of an Aframax capacity floating dock, a titan of a structure that measures 282 meters in length and 47 meters in width.

This colossal dock has a lifting capacity of a staggering 40,000 tonnes, earning it the title of one of the largest docks in Turkey. This new addition will significantly bolster Sefine Shipyard’s capacity and capabilities, enabling it to accommodate a wide array of vessels for repair and maintenance. These include:

  • Aframax size Tankers
  • Mini cape size bulker
  • 10,000 TEU Container
  • Aframax size Gas Carrier
  • Aframax size Ro-Ro
  • Cruisers
  • Passenger carriers

The dock can comfortably accommodate vessels up to 120,000 DWT.

Sefine Shipyard Turkey Yalova

Full-Spectrum Ship Repair Services

With the existing 90,000 DWT capacity of the Graving Dock, Sefine Shipyard now boasts the ability to undertake a comprehensive range of ship repair services up to an astounding 210,000 DWT. This places Sefine in an exclusive league of shipyards that offer such expansive services.

Sefine Shipyard remains steadfast in its commitment to serving its clients with utmost dedication. It promises the highest quality of service, maximum safety, and timely delivery, all at competitive costs.

Sefine Shipyard Environmental Solutions

The damous Yalova Shipyard is leading the way in environmental conservation with innovative installations aimed at preserving marine and air quality.

Ballast Water Treatment System: Blue Ocean

  • First BWT Retrofit System Installation in Turkey
  • Capacity: 500 cbm/hr
  • Role: Prevents the spread of invasive aquatic species, protecting marine ecosystems

Scrubber Installation: Blue Sky

  • Offering comprehensive scrubber solutions
  • Role: Reduces emissions from ships, contributing to cleaner air

With top-notch facilities and high-quality services, Sefine Shipyard is a trusted partner for both BWT and scrubber installations. Their commitment to timely and cost-effective delivery ensures customer satisfaction, while their environmental initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability in the marine industry.

You can ceck out the latest ship repairs made by Sefine Shipyard Turkey from here.

For comprehensive and reliable ship repair services, look no further than Sefine Shipyard. With their extensive experience and commitment to quality, they are ready to handle any repair needs your vessel may have. To discuss your requirements or schedule a repair, contact the team at [email protected].

Dry dock and other services

Sefine Shipyard offers an extensive range of services in the Ship Repair and Conversion Business. With top-tier facilities, a dry dock, and a team of experienced project leaders and skilled design engineers, they deliver high-quality results for all types of conversion projects.

From Bulk Carrier to Cement Carrier

  • 800 tons steel renewal
  • Equipped with a special pneumatic loading/discharging system

From Container Vessel to Livestock Carrier

  • Fabricated 9 cargo decks with 1800 tons new steel

Side Crane Installation

  • Conversion from 4 pcs cargo crane to 2 pcs SIDE CRANE
  • 2 pcs 30 tons SWL Liebher Side Crane Installation
  • 2 pcs 915 kW Diesel Generator Installation

For competitive pricing, in-house design engineering, and high-quality workmanship, reach out to Sefine Shipyard for your ship conversion needs.

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Sefine Turkish Shipyard

Steel Work


Structural steel works amount of 15.000 tons were carried out by Sefine Shipyard.


Steel construction works of İstanbul-İzmir Motorway South Approach Viaduct were carried out by Sefine Shipyard. Project started in 2013 and 17.000 tons of steel processed in 16 months.

Clict to view recent deliveries mega Steel Construction

Other Services


Sefine Shipyard

Sefine Shipyard is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to serve a diverse range of maritime needs:


  • Slope / Sludge Discharging Facility
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Block Construction Halls
  • CNC Workshop
  • Outfitting Workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Pipe Workshop
  • Shipyard Area
  • Conversion Steel Construction Hall
  • Guest Rooms
  • Steel Prefabrication Workshop

Investments & Capabilities

  • 3000 Employees with subcontractors
  • Total Area: 140,000 SQM
  • Lifting Slipway Crane: 2×200 Tons Gantry Crane h:64 M
  • Dry Dock Jib Crane: 40 tons at 35 meters
  • Block Transporter: 1×320
  • Dock: Aframax and Post Panamax
  • Slipway: 160M X 60M up to 40,000 DWT

Docking Service

Dock NameTypeLengthInner WidthCapacitySize
SFN Dock 1Graving240m42m90,000 DWTPost Panamax
SFN Dock 2Floating282m47m120,000 DWTAframax

Sefine Shipyard Layout

Sefine Shipyard layout

Projects Made by Sefine Shipyard Turkey

ERV Nene Hatun

  • General Information
    • Name: ERV Nene Hatun
    • Type: Rescue and salvage ship
    • Country: Turkey
    • Owner: Directorate General of Coastal Safety
    • Launch Date: October 24, 2014
    • Commission Date: May 27, 2015
    • Cost: €31.14 million
  • Historical Background
    • Built at: Sefine Shipyard, Altınova, Yalova Province, Turkey
    • Namesake: Nene Hatun, a Turkish folk heroine known for her role in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878
    • Significance: Turkey’s first emergency response vessel (ERV)
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Dimensions
      • Length: 87.80 m (288.1 ft)
      • Beam: 19.50 m (64.0 ft)
      • Height: 8.70 m (28.5 ft)
      • Draft: 7.40 m (24.3 ft)
    • Engine
      • Type: Four Hyundai 9H 32/40 engines
      • Power: 18,000 kW (24,000 hp)
      • Emergency Generator: MAN D2842LE201 with 528 kW (708 hp)
    • Performance
      • Max Speed: 18 kn (33 km/h; 21 mph)
      • Cruise Speed: 16 kn (30 km/h; 18 mph)
      • Range: 5,375 nmi (9,954 km; 6,185 mi)
    • Accommodation
      • Crew: 45
    • Hospital
      • Beds: 20
  • Functional Features and Services
    • Towing: Up to 205.4 t (tons)
    • Fire Fighting
      • Class: FiFi III
      • Water Throwing Capacity: Up to 150 m distance and 70 m height
      • Water Flow Rate: 10,000 m3/h
    • Diving and Positioning Services
      • Service: Dynamic positioning (Kongsberg DP2)
    • Marine Pollution
      • Detection: Yes
      • Analysis: Yes
      • Combat: Yes
    • Helicopter Service
      • Features: Offshore control, command, and stand-by services
      • Helipad: Supports helicopters up to 11 tons
    • Emergency Care Hospital
      • Capacity: 20 beds
    • Deck Crane
      • Safe Working Load (SWL): 12.5 t
    • Oil Spill Containment
      • Capacity: Up to 1,000 m3 boom containment


  • Length Overall: 133.6 meters
  • Beam Moulded: 21.5 meters
  • Draught Maximum: 4.6 meters
  • Personal Cars, Class D/B: 290/226 PCU
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity, Summer/Winter: 1500/900
  • Class: RINA
  • Flag: Italia
  • Main Propulsion Gensets: 3 x Wärtsilä 6L34DF 3000 kW
  • Main Thrusters: 2 x Kongsberg AZIPULL100 L CP 2700 kW
  • LNG Tank Capacity: 150 m3

NB16 | 16500 DWT Multi-Purpose Cargo Vessel

  • Lenght Overall:152.5 meters
  • Beam Moulded:22.5 meters
  • Draught Design:7.0 meters
  • Class:RINA
  • Flag:Malta
  • Main Propulsion Gensets:STX-MAN B&W 4400 kW @173 rpm
  • Main Thrusters:BERG Controllable Pitch Propeller
NB16 | 16500 DWT Multi-Purpose Cargo Vessel

Contact Sefine Shipyard

Whether you’re looking for new building services, conversion, or ship repair, Sefine Shipyard is ready to serve your needs.

Hersek Mah. İpekyolu Cad. No:7
77700 Altinova Yalova / Turkey
40° 43’ 56.65 N
29° 30’ 08.24 E

+90 226 815 36 36


+90 226 815 36 37


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