Mobile Operators In Kazakhstan .. A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Kazakhstan, one of the largest countries in Central Asia, has emerged as an attractive destination for the telecom industry. With a population of over 18 million people, the country has a well-established mobile communications market that offers vast opportunities to network operators.

Mobile operators in Kazakhstan have been building up their infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for reliable and high-speed mobile services. In this blog post, we will explore the current state of mobile operators in Kazakhstan, their market share, and their growth potential in the coming years.

Mobile Operators In Kazakhstan


The use of mobile phones has become an integral part of everyday life in Kazakhstan, and the country boasts one of the most developed mobile communication infrastructures in Central Asia. With three mobile operators providing full coverage throughout the cities and almost all of the villages in Kazakhstan, the market is dominated by Kcell, the largest and oldest mobile operator in the country.

Alongside Kcell, Beeline and Tele2, which merged with Altel, are the other network operators. With 2G up to EDGE and 3G up to DC-HSPA, the country is set to implement 5G technology, which is predicted to account for 11 percent of mobile connections.

The largest telecommunications company in Kazakhstan is Kazakhtelecom, and they have already presented a proposal for the implementation of 5G technology in the country. For those looking to buy a sim card in Kazakhstan, it is a straightforward and hassle-free process, and each of the major operators has a range of packages to meet individual needs.

Overview Of Mobile Operators in Kazakhstan

The Asia Pacific Region has a wide range of mobile phone carriers, and Kazakhstan is no exception. Kazakhstan has three main network operators: Kcell, Beeline, and Tele2 (merged with Altel). Kcell is the largest mobile provider in the country with 41% of subscribers.

Beeline is another major provider and is one of three network operators in Kazakhstan. Tele2 recently merged with Altel to become the third network operator.

Mobile network coverage spans the entire country, including cities and almost all villages. Kazakhstan has 2G coverage overall territory, with 3G up to DC-HSPA. Additionally, the country also has 4G and 5G coverage, mapped out across the nation. Understanding the overview of mobile operators in Kazakhstan can help travelers plan ahead when needing to purchase a local SIM card for their trip.

Kcell: The Largest Mobile Provider in Kazakhstan

Kcell, founded in 1998, is the largest mobile provider in Kazakhstan and operates as a subsidiary of Kazakhtelecom. With a market share of over 70%, Kcell is a leading digital ecosystem provider in Kazakhstan.

The company offers cellular services, including the popular “smartphone tariff” service. Kcell has been tested for the quality of its mobile networks in Kazakhstan, and consistently performs well. Along with SES, a global content connectivity provider via satellite, Kcell demonstrated successful 5G coverage across the country. For those looking to buy a SIM card in Kazakhstan, Kcell is an excellent option.

Beeline: One of Three Network Operators in Kazakhstan

Beeline is one of Kazakhstan’s three major mobile network operators. The company provides mobile and fixed telephony services, as well as options for international and long-distance communication.

Beeline is a well-known brand in Kazakhstan, with a strong market presence. Their network covers cities and villages throughout the country, making connectivity available to users. Beeline’s network is constantly being updated and improved, with 4G and 5G coverage available in many locations. Purchasing a Beeline sim card is a popular way for travelers or residents of Kazakhstan to stay connected.


Tele2, one of the major mobile operators in Kazakhstan, has recently announced a merger with Altel, which is fully owned by Kazakhtelecom. This deal comes after Tele2 sold its entire stake in Kazakh mobile joint venture Tele2-Altel to Kazakhtelecom. As a result of the merger, the new joint venture with Altel will strengthen the position of both companies in the mobile market of Kazakhstan.

This move will also enable Tele2 customers to gain access to Altel’s 4G network and its accelerated rollout across the country. With this merger, Kazakhtelecom will now control three of the four mobile operators in the country, which will likely have a significant impact on the mobile market of Kazakhstan going forward.

4G and 5G Coverage: Mapped Out Across the Country

The expansion of 4G and 5G coverage in Kazakhstan has been notable in recent years. According to the coverage map, 4G mobile network coverage has reached around 84% of the country, a statistic that is close to that of 3G coverage.

Additionally, 5G mobile networks are steadily expanding across Kazakhstan. This progress is great news for locals and travelers alike who rely heavily on mobile services for communication and internet browsing. With this level of coverage, Kazakhstan’s mobile network makes communication within the country more efficient, allowing people to be better connected to their loved ones, businesses to engage with their customers, and tourists to explore the country with ease.

How to buy a sim card in Kazakhstan

When it comes to buying a SIM card in Kazakhstan, there are plenty of options available. You can purchase one from big sales points at the airport or even small shops on the side of the road. The three main providers in the country are Kcell (or Activ), Beeline Qazaqstan, and Tele2.

These providers offer various plans and packages to suit any budget and communication needs. You will need to bring your passport to register the SIM card, which is required by law.

Once registered, you can easily top up your balance and use your phone to stay in touch with loved ones back home while enjoying the beautiful sights of Kazakhstan.

  • Buying a SIM card in Kazakhstan is a simple and affordable way to stay connected to the internet while traveling.
  • Find a service point locator to purchase a SIM card.
  • The SIM card costs 1500 tenge and comes with 1300 tenge preloaded credit.
  • As a foreigner, you can easily chat with friends and family back home at reasonable rates.
  • You can buy a SIM card at the Astana airport phone shop or in other phone shops in the country.
  • If you use the international SIM card Drimsim, you can get affordable mobile data in Kazakhstan.
  • It’s easy to find a SIM card at busy border crossings and airports.
  • Top up your SIM card with additional credit as needed.
  • Register your SIM card promptly after purchasing it to receive calls and texts at a cheap rate and use your data package costing as low as $0.02 per MB.
  • Check the coverage in remote areas.
  • Getting a prepaid SIM card in Kazakhstan is simple, affordable, and convenient for those who want to stay connected while exploring the country.
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