How to Watch TRT Sport Live: A Comprehensive Guide

Engaging in the world of sports offers an adrenaline rush like no other, and TRT Sport is one of Turkey’s most watched sports channels, serving a diverse palette of sporting content.

This article delves into the depth of this platform, providing insights on how to access TRT Sport live, especially for enthusiasts residing outside Turkey. Strap in, as we explore the dynamics, program line-up, and the nitty-gritty of tuning in from abroad.

How to Watch TRT Sport Live

History of TRT Sport

TRT Sport, founded on 9th August 2010, initially aimed to replace TRT 3 but ended up co-broadcasting with it. In 2014, the channel upgraded to HD broadcasting, enhancing the viewer experience.

Ownership & Reach

Owned by TRT and headquartered in Ankara, TRT Sport boasts a vast array of leagues and various sports organizations, enabling viewers globally to catch significant competitions live. The channel is accessible via satellite, terrestrial broadcast, cable, and the internet, making it impossible to miss your favorite programs.

Comprehensive Sports Coverage

TRT Sport is renowned for its up-to-the-minute sports news, both nationally and internationally. The channel offers a diverse program lineup, ensuring that fans can access news related to their preferred sports effortlessly across devices.

TRT Sport Programs (2023-2024)

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From “Spor Stüdyosu” keeping the pulse of the sports world to “Avrupa Stüdyosu” bringing European football to Turkey, TRT Sport showcases an array of programs, catering to a variety of sports enthusiasts.

  • Spor Stüdyosu
  • Spor Manşet
    • The hottest developments in the football world, transfer news, injuries and much more are in the “Spor Manşet” program… Cem Dizdar and Serkan Yetkin, one of Turkey’s most popular sports commentators and presenters, meet in this program. Spor Manşet, which is broadcast live every weekday, is broadcast on TRT Spor channel at 11.00.
  • İlk Baskı
    • “First Edition” (İlk Baskı) is an ideal program for those who want to be among the first to learn all the sports news. You can stay tuned to hear the hottest developments firsthand every weekday. You can be informed about the most important developments in the sports world in the first hours of the day. The program, hosted by Murat Kargı and Dila Özerdem, is broadcast on TRT Spor screens at 07.00.
  • Gündem Futbol
  • Avrupa Stüdyosu
    • The heart of European football beats in Turkey with the “European Studio” (Avrupa Stüdyosu) program. The most important developments from European leagues, derby matches, flash transfers… You can find everything about European football in this program. The program is hosted by the successful duo Erbatur Ergenekon and Veli Yiğit. Avrupa Studio brings the latest news to TRT Spor screens every Sunday at 11.00.
  • Hedef Süper Lig
    • Matches played in the Turkish Football Federation 1st League are evaluated in the “Target Super League” (Hedef Süper Lig) program. Teams that are about to step into the Super League and the most important 1st League matches are included in this program. Hayri Ülgen accompanies the program hosted by Cüneyt Ersan with his comments. “Target Super League” awaits the fans of the 1st League teams on TRT Spor screens.
  • Başlama Vuruşu
  • Stadyum
  • Gün Ortası
  • İleri 3’lü
  • Teknik Analiz
  • Spor Merkezi
  • Dakika Skor

How to Watch TRT Sport Live Abroad?

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It may seem difficult to watch the live broadcast on the TRT Sport website from foreign countries due to regional restrictions imposed by the content creators. These restrictions are in place to protect the interests of creators who want to sell their content separately in different regions.

However, every internet user has a unique IP address associated with their geographical location, determining the content they can access. To watch TRT Sport live from outside Turkey, obtaining a Turkish IP address is the key.

Utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help overcome this geographical barrier. A VPN allows users to connect to a server in Turkey, providing them with a Turkish IP address and enabling access to TRT Sport live from anywhere in the world.

Frequency Information

To access TRT Sport via satellite, accurate and up-to-date frequency information is crucial. Here are the details for Türksat 3A and Türksat 4A:

SatelliteFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateFEC
Türksat 3A11054 VVertical (V)300003/4
Türksat 3A11096 HHorizontal (H)300005/6
Türksat 4A11794 VVertical (V)300003/4

TRT Sport Youtube Channel

In addition, TRT Spor shares important sports competitions live on its Youtube channel. Through this channel, you can easily follow important events broadcast on TRT Spor wherever you are in the world.


TRT Sport, a famous Turkish sports channel, offers diverse and up-to-date sports content.
The channel has a variety of programs, covering a wide spectrum of sports.
Regional restrictions can be bypassed using a VPN to obtain a Turkish IP address.
Accurate frequency information is essential for satellite viewing.
With the right tools and information, watching TRT Sport live from anywhere is possible.

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