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Wedding venues in Turkey .. Your full guide 2023

Your full guide to the best wedding venues in Turkey, Tired of planning your perfect wedding from abroad? you can find the best wedding halls in Turkey and make your dreams come true.

Every girl considers her wedding day to be the night of her life that she has dreamed of, and she is eager to be a special night in her life. The newlyweds spend a lot of money to be as they dream of, so they look for wedding venues in Turkey, as well as companies to organise parties and weddings, to organise them. The night of life, and there are many wedding halls in Turkey, whether within huge or distinct hotels, or in tourist spots we will discover together.

Wedding halls in Turkey

Marriage customs in Turkey

Turkey is notable for its commitment to certain marital norms and traditions, which are not to be broken for any reason. You must observe Turkish marriage customs. There are several sorts and forms of marriage in Turkey, which we describe in detail below:

The customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey differ from other countries. There you find weddings lasting for a period of no less than 40 days, and preparations for joy are made long before them. .

Weddings differ from one region to another in Turkey, for example, in Anatolia, weddings last for only three days, and in the past they used to extend for forty days.

Marriage in Turkey goes through several stages, and these stages are one of the most important customs and traditions of marriage in Turkey and cannot be violated, so the beginning must come from the “groom”.

Where he goes with his family to ask for the bride from her family, and he must bring the elders and the oldest person in his family, and he often attends the bride’s sermon on Thursday and Sunday, and they express good luck as the Turkish people believe.

In Turkey, the groom only costs a “set of gold”, and he is not charged with paying any additional expenses, like the rest of the Arab countries, because Turkey does not know the so-called “dowry”, and they are satisfied with providing the “net” to the bride, and it is worn on the wedding day.

“Coffee with salt” is the most famous marriage customs and traditions in Turkey

It is common in Turkish marital customs and traditions for the bride to add additional salt to the groom’s coffee, and he must tolerate the taste and drink it fully as a symbol of his love and gratitude for his wife.

After sipping coffee with salt, which represents the groom’s readiness to accept all that comes from his future wife, the groom gives the bride a basic “gift” such as flowers, and a simple ring is provided for the purpose of engagement. Women, on the other hand, like to wear gold.

Henna for the Turks : It is the day preceding the wedding, and the period of celebrations may last for forty days, but the day of henna occupies a special importance and place for the Turkish people, and through it the bride is celebrated, and the songs that she deposits when leaving her father’s house are distributed, and large quantities of ” Henna” is to attend, especially family and friends, and they are interested in decorating the bride with red henna, and the bride is k

On the night of henna, the groom celebrates with his wife and removes the “red scarf,” and the official colour for the night of henna is red, and the party lasts until late at night, and the groom arrives at the end of the day to enjoy his bride’s delight.

The groom goes to pick the bride from her father’s home, and the bride’s clothing is not without red laces, and the groom adorns and takes his Turkish bath, and the bride does the same.

Customs and traditions of the “wedding night” in Turkey

Among the most renowned marriage rituals and traditions in Turkey, the bride looks in the mirror before leaving her father’s home, indicating that the path is paved for her and that her married life will endure a long time, and of course, sweets are provided to the guests.

Marriage costs in Turkey

On the wedding day, the groom and bride, accompanied by their families, go to the market to buy the wedding requirements of clothes, and the cost is divided equally between the two parties, provided that the groom himself chooses the bride’s requirements for the wedding, after preparing the house during the engagement period equally between them as well, because in Turkey, the groom must provide the house, and the bride must prepare it.

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Then the wedding ceremony is held, either in wedding venues in turkey , or in homes, as happens in villages.

 It is a party attended by all relatives, friends and neighbors, amid the celebrations with singing, music and dancing.

Marriage fees vary during weekdays and on weekends, as the cost of saying yes in Istanbul reaches 1000 Dollar.

Decorating halls in Turkey

For every new bride, who dreams of a special wedding day like never before, groom is about to get married, and desires a legendary wedding, are you tired of thinking about the wedding preparations?

If hiring a party planning company in Istanbul will save you a lot of time and effort in all these preparations, it will handle the agreement with all those responsible for the various wedding equipment, from the photographer, the invitation to joy, the organisation of the places for the invitees, the accommodation for the newlyweds, and all the arrangements on your behalf.

The one that comes to mind, or even if you didn’t think about it, is that with a little meeting with the newlyweds, the party organiser starts to form a vision for the newlyweds’ ambitions, and begins to produce them suitably according to their capabilities.

The wedding ceremony is that ceremony in which the marriage ceremony is officially announced, as it is a link between the man and the woman, it is organised according to the laws, rules, and customs of the different regions in Turkey, and the celebrations that follow it, including eating and others, of the wedding ceremony The newlyweds’ ceremonies, which include:

The wedding procession and the entrance of the newlyweds, romantic music, the drafting of the marriage contract and the presence of the writer and witnesses, the exchange of rings, gold, and presents, the newlyweds’ first dance, and the opening of the dining table Many people choose wedding rooms in Istanbul’s tourism areas.

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations for most people, as the completion of a happy and romantic wedding is a strong indication that the married life will be happy, and for this reason many people spend time planning and preparing for this ceremony, with the bride having the largest share of these preparations, as she begins to prepare the requirements for marriage, and her various needs, after the groom has paid the dowry, and after the place of marriage is full.

Then the search for a wedding dress begins, as many girls spend a long time, sometimes about 4-6 months, to choose a wedding dress to get a beautiful and complete look on this day. A little money and renting it for one day. The bride also needs to choose the hairstyle that suits her and is comfortable, in addition to choosing the appropriate makeup.

Following that, a certain budget for wedding expenditures is decided upon, and wedding venues in turkey suited for the newlyweds are picked. The selection of the wedding invitation begins, and it is distributed to the relatives and invitees, as well as the selection of the appropriate shape for the wedding cake, training on the wedding night’s dance moves, choosing the photographer, agreeing with him, and coordinating songs, and confirmation of the wedding hall reservation.

Prices of wedding venues in Turkey

The prices of wedding halls differ from one place to another, whether in villages or cities, and wedding halls in Mersin differ from Istanbul, from Ankara and from other cities.

The groom goes to fetch the bride from her father’s house, and takes her to the wedding hall that has been prepared in advance, and the prices of wedding halls in Istanbul and Turkey vary from place to place. The celebration begins in the early morning, and the groom goes to fetch the bride from her father’s house, and takes her to the wedding hall that has been prepared in advance, and the prices of wedding venues in Istanbul and Turkey vary from place to place, and For another, we offer you a set of wedding hall prices in Turkey according to each region, based on the level of service, the equipment that the newlyweds desire, beginning with the wedding cake, all the pre-marriage arrangements from the invitees’ tables, the part for the newlyweds, the full wedding photography, and the photos of the newlyweds:

 Wedding halls in Ankara

  • 2,250 euros in February and March.
  • 2,700 euros in the month of April until October.
  • €2,150 from November to February.

Wedding venues in Istanbul

  • 2,700 euros in February and March.
  • 2,950 euros in the month of April until the month of October.
  • 2,700 euros from November to February.

 Wedding halls in Antalya

  • 2350 euros in February and March.
  • 2,750 euros in the month of April until the month of October.
  • 2,350 euros from November to February.

Wedding halls in Cappadocia

  • 2000 euros in February and March.
  • 2,450 euros in the month of April through October.
  • 1950 euros from November to February.

 Wedding halls in Bodrum

  • 2,750 euros in February and March.
  • 3150 euros in the month of April until October.
  • 2,750 euros from November to February.

Wedding halls in Marmaris

  • 2,650 euros in February and March.
  • 2,850 euros in the month of April until the month of October.

  Wedding halls in Fethiye

  • 2500 euros in February and March.
  • 2,850 euros in the month of April until the month of October.

Istanbul Wedding Hall

One of the best wedding halls in Turkey, it has a team of the best wedding designers, and you will find suitable prices for everyone.

Names of wedding halls in Turkey

  • We will make the dream a reality beyond imagination and create a proverbial party for you.
  •  The events bubble provides a great atmosphere, and the ballrooms create a sense of friendliness and privacy, and give the place a personal character.
  •  Our wedding planners will give you all the help you need with attention to every detail.
  • On your wedding day, the creative team of chefs, the hotel’s permanent florist and all the kind and friendly staff will all join forces to make your wedding day the perfect occasion.

Golden Horn Ballrooms

The Golden Horn Ballroom, with its modern and contemporary design, hosts guests to major events, and the hall can be divided into smaller spaces if necessary.

The capacity of the banquet halls

  • Banquet hall (cocktail style – 440 guests, banquet style – 240 guests), 380 sq.m.
  • Sky Dome (cocktail style – 90 guests, banquet style – 50 guests), 90 sq.m.

Wedding services

Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Golden Horn features a wide range of wedding services that guarantee a wonderful and perfect day for the newlyweds as they have been dreaming of.

 AKRA Hotel

  • Accra has the perfect setting for the evening closest to your heart, with a wide range of sizes and ideas.
  •  While your guests relax and enjoy the magical night, our professional Accra team ensures that the wedding is flawless and flawless.
  • In the banquet hall of Elite World Istanbul, which has a high ceiling, elegant design and without columns, a banquet can be held for 250 guests.
  • The banquet halls are suitable for occasions such as Henna Nights, Engagement, Resurrection, Christening, Graduation, Bar Mitzvah, and Iftar.

Marriage in Turkey

Marriage in Turkey is a very important part of the culture. It is so important that the government has made it illegal to marry someone who is not of Turkish descent.

In order to be married in Turkey, you have to register your marriage with the state. You have to go through a process that can take up to six months and involves getting a certificate from your local governor’s office.