PayPal In Turkey
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Paypal in Turkey

Is Paypal service available in Turkey? everyone who comes to Turkey wonders about the famous American payment company.

What happened to Paypal in Turkey and what is the replacements for it? we will discuss all this in the following article.

Paypal in Turkey

What happened to Paypal in Turkey?

Paypal has been operating in Turkey for many years with millions of dollars in transactions every year. But in 2016 everything changed.

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) in Turkey, which is the agency responsible for ensuring that institutions operate in accordance with banking law, has decided to cancel PayPal.

The failure of Paypal to follow Turkish regulations and pay taxes is the main reason for the cancellation of Paypal in Turkey by the BDDK.

Also, some transactions through Turkish servers were not carried out by the company.

 PayPal In Turkey

Paypal issued the following statement after the termination of the service in Turkey:

“We are sorry to announce that PayPal is suspending its business operations in Turkey,” the company noted in a written note. “Effective from June 6, 2016, our customers in Turkey will no longer be able to send or receive funds with PayPal. Customers will still be able to log in to their PayPal accounts and withdraw any balance on their accounts to a Turkish bank account.

How to withdraw balance from Paypal Turkey account?

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