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Kamil Koc .. Your full guide 2023

Are you looking for a reliable bus service in Istanbul? If so, then look no further than Kamil Koc! Whether you’re commuting to work or planning a holiday trip, Kamil Koc has the buses and services you need to get there quickly and safely. 

In this blog post, we’ll share with you all the details about what makes Kamil Koc the right choice for your transportation needs.

Kamil Koc

Kamil Koc: A Pioneering Company in the Bus Transportation Industry

As the oldest road passenger transportation company in Turkey, Kamil Koc has been a pioneering force in the bus transportation industry since its founding in 1926. 

Over the years, The commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled the company to become one of the largest inter-city bus operator, transporting more than 25 million passengers per annum.

With 94 years of experience and customer-oriented principles, the company strive to make every journey with Kamil Koc an enjoyable one.

Kamil Koc and Flixbus

In 2019 Europe’s fastest growing travel startup FlixBus and private equity firm Actera announced in August that they agreed to join Turkey’s well-established bus company, Kamil Koç, to FlixBus, which has Europe’s largest intercity bus network.

A Brief History of Kamil Koc

Kamil Koc is a pioneering company in the bus transportation industry. Founded in 1926, Kamil Koc started out as a small family business in Pazarcık (Pazararyeri) district of Bilecik in Turkey. 

Kamil Koç’s father had passed away during the Battles of İnönü and Sakarya and so, Kamil Koç bought a Fiat car in 1926 to start the intercity passenger transportation business between Bursa – Bilecik / Karaköy.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially and has been providing reliable and comfortable travel to its passengers for over 94 years.

 It has served as a pioneer for the sector by setting the standards for service and customer satisfaction. In 2013, Kamil Koc was sold to Actera Group for $34.4 million, further cementing its position in the market. Today, Kamil Koc is not only available across four corners of Turkey but also provides its customers with affordable prices and hostel and catering services on its comfortable chairs.

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