Turkey online shopping offers millions of products at different prices to all buyers with many discounts and special offers, which allow users to buy online from Turkey.

There are a variety of online shopping methods from Turkey, where you can visit one of the famous sites that sell their products in Turkey, buy online and then receive the shipment.

In the following report, we illustrate the best Turkish store online for shopping

Advantages of shopping from Turkey online

Shopping sites in Turkey offers many advantages for buying online, most notably:

  • Access to millions of different products.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Safely delivery to all parts of Turkey.
  • Shopping without crowding at any time.
  • The ability to compare prices.
  • Return the product in case it is not suitable for the buyer or does not match the description.
  • The ability to easily send and buy gifts and ship them to the address of the recipient.

Disadvantages of Turkey online shopping

Despite the advantages of Turkey online shopping, there are some disadvantages that some face while shopping on the Internet in Turkey, most notably

  • Some websites only ship within Turkey
  • The user interface is in Turkish language on most of the sites
  • Shipping can be delayed in some rare circumstances, during holidays seasson.
Online shopping from Turkey. Online shopping sites Turkey
Turkey online shopping stores

shopping from Turkey online

The most prominent Turkish online shopping websites

Trendyol website

Trendyol is one of the most famous Turkish shopping sites for buying clothes and products from the Internet, as it is characterized by the diversity of its products, prices and special offers.

Trendyol offers fast shipping and also offers various coupons on products in your account automatically.

Trendyol ships some shipments via Trendyol Express, which is affiliated with the website

Trendyol products range from apparel and electronics, to cosmetics and personal care, to electrical appliances. The site is famous for selling clothes.

Trendyol offers its own brand of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing alike, and it is famous for its low price and high quality within the online shopping sites from Turkey.

Trendyol online shopping from Turkey


It is the oldest online shopping site from Turkey, where it has been working since 1998 continuously to make for itself an important name and a distinctive brand in Turkish e-commerce.

Every month, Hepsiburada website ships one million and 200 thousand shipments to all parts of Turkey, and about 100 million people visit the site every month, which makes it one of the largest shopping sites in Turkey online.

Hepsiburada also provides shipping and shopping services for supermarket products, in cooperation with Carrefour via Hepsi Market.

The site’s subsidiary Hepsi jet Company ships many shipments quickly and smoothly to all parts of Turkey.

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Hepsiburada is famous for being one of the best Turkey online shopping electronics sites for mobile phones and electronics, in addition to that, the site sells many other products, such as clothes, dresses, cosmetics, personal care products, books, camping tools and stationery.



Hepsiglobal is a subisadry the website Hepsiburada, the renowned Turkish shopping website, which sells Turkish goods to clients outside Turkey.

Hepsiglobal began operating in 2018 and ships goods to approximately eighteen countries and offers a wide range of categories.

The website sells many items ranging from apparel and cosmetics to electronics, covering about 30 categories.

GittiGidiyor website

GittiGidiyor is also one of the best online shopping sites in Turkey as the site sells about one product every second.

The website has about 100 thousand sellers and 31 million users, and is famous for the diversity of its products more than other Turkish online shopping websites, as there can be more than one seller for the same product, which ultimately offers competitive prices to users.

GittiGidiyor is also a subsidiary of the international e-shopping giant, “eBay”, where the site provides shopping security under the guarantee of “zero risk”, which is a system that ensures that the seller does not receive the amount until the product arrives properly and like the description to the customer.

Gittigidiyor English (ebay Turkey)

Amazon Turkey

Amazon Turkey is the subsidiary of the famous Amazon online shopping giant, which started to operate in Turkey in September 19, 2019 to make buying online from Turkey easier.

Amazon Turkey sells millions of products such as books, consumer electronics, sports, outdoor, gadgets, toys, home improvement, and children toys, including products from more than a thousand local Turkish companies.

Amazon Prime is also a distinctive service provided by the Turkish website Amazon, for only 7.90 TL per month.

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Amazon Prime Turkey service enables customers to have free shipping for many products, in addition to exclusive discounts and access to offers before they are released to the public.

Amazon Prime also provides an Amazon video service for watching movies and series in addition to Amazon Gaming, which gives exclusive advantages in electronic games.

Amazon Turkey website

Media Markt

Media Markt is one of the most important electronics shopping sites in Turkey, as it offers a wide variety of products from cell phones and computers to household appliances, refrigerators and washing machines.

Media Market offers many specials and discounts, as well as a comprehensive warranty and an additional warranty.


Sahibinden website

Sahibenden is the most important and famous Turkish website for buying and selling used goods, real estate, apartments and cars.

Sahabenden provides millions of products offered directly from the owner, as the site is the largest and most popular online marketplace for displaying apartments and real estate in all of Turkey.



N11 is a Turkish website that sells all kinds of new products, affiliated with the Dogus Group and the South Korean SK.

The site offers an easy buying experience, and is distinguished from other sites by providing discount coupons after each purchase.

موقع N11

Carrefour Turkey

Carrefour Turkey is one of the most important websites for shopping in Turkey for food products, where you can order all food products, cosmetics and many other products from Carrefour on the Internet.

كارفور ميني تركيا


Alibaba is one of the most important Turkey online shopping stores to buy wholesale products, as the site provides millions of diverse products in all classifications.

Alibaba supports shipping all products to Turkey, with various delivery services and shipping insurance.


IKEA Turkey

IKEA Turkey is one of the most important websites in Turkey to buy furniture from the Internet.

IKEA offers a wide variety of products to provide smart home furnishing solutions. In addition, you can buy Swedish food products.

ايكيا اسطنبول 1

Other sites

There are many other sites for shopping in Turkey, most notably let go, Dolap and many other sites.

Wholesale clothes in Turkey

There are a lot of clothes suppliers that offers elegant and stylish clothes at a wholesale price.

You can find in our report a lot of different website that you can shop and buy wholesale clothing from turkey online.

Online clothes stores in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest markets for producing clothes around the world, as it is characterized by the production of high quality clothes.

Turkey contains many famous and reliable clothing brands, the most important of which are  LC Waikiki,  Defacto and koton.

What are the most famous online shopping sites in Turkey?

HepsiburadaAmazon TurkeyGittiGidiyor and Trendyol are the most pfamous shopping sites in Turkey.

What are the main advantages of online shopping in Turkey?

Shopping applications in Turkey provide many advantages, including the variety of products, the appropriate prices, and the speed of shipping.

What are the main disadvantages of Turkey online shopping?

There are some difficulties facing users, including not knowing the Turkish language, and we offer in Turkpedia a guide for buying from all Turkish sites to shop in Arabic and with pictures.

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