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Eskisehir is a Turkish city located in the northwest of the country between the city of Istanbul and the capital Ankara where the Porsuk river crosses it’s the center.

The city of Eskişehir is often called “student city” due to of it’s advanced universities and to the fact thata high ratio of it’s residents are young people, as the services provided to students and youth vary in the city.


The History of Eskisehir

The word Eskişehir in the Turkish language means “old city” as the history of the city is estimated to be more than 4000 years old.

Eskişehir BC

It is believed that the Hittites established a settlement in Eskişehir in 1460 B.C. In the following years, the city was under the control of the Romans and the Celts.

History of the city of Eskişehir

Eskisehir in the era of the Seljuks

Many ancient geographers described Eskisehir as one of the most beautiful cities in Anatolia, as its nature inspired many poets, the most important of which was the Turkish poet Yunus Emre.

The city was named Sultanunu during the Seljuk era and it was conquered in 1079 AD, since then Eskisehir has developed much in terms of architecture.

Eskişehir in the Ottoman era:

The city took its current name when the Muslim Turks settled in the area. Looking at the ruins of the ancient city, they called the area “The Old City” which means “Eskişehir” in Turkish. Contrary to its name, the city is constantly renewing itself.

Eskisehir city location

The city is located in western Anatolia, where it is bordered to the east by the capital Ankara, to the north by Bilecik , to the west by Bursa, and to the south by Afyon and Kutahya.

The Economy of Eskisehir

Eskişehir is one of the richest cities in Turkey, as its economy varies between agriculture, tourism, industry, and logistics transportation services.

The diversification of the city’s economy, with the ease and availability of transportation services, has led to an influx of those wishing to invest in Turkey to the city of Eskisehir to take advantage of the profitable opportunities that its economy provides them.

The city contains advanced industries, most notably aircraft and automobile manufacturing, in addition to mining, ceramic industries, and the manufacture and maintenance of trains.

On the agricultural side, the crops grown in Eskişehir city vary throughout the year between wheat, corn, tomatoes and apples.

In general, the state provides many distinct investment opportunities that increase the possibilities and opportunities for achieving profits.

Eskisehir’s economy is one of the most flexible economies, consisting of 57% services, 39% industry and 7% agriculture.

Economic activities in Eskisehir range from aircraft and automobile manufacturing to the food and graphic industries.

Education in Eskisehir

The city of Eskisehir in Turkey has been named as “the city of students”, as the city is one of the most suitable cities in Turkey to host students from all over the world.

Eskişehir did not get the title “Student City” out of nowhere, but according to the latest opinion polls, the city is considered the most preferred city by Turkish and foreign students to live, and study.

Education in Eskisehir is of high quality. There are three universities in the city Anadolu University, Osman Gazi University and Eskisehir Technical University

The universties of Eskisehir offers 148 high-quality educational programs with world-class faculty and modern laboratories.

ÜNİAR Foundation has awarded Eskişehir the title of “University Student-Friendly City”.

Anatolia University

Transportation in Eskisehir

Eskişehir has an excellent transportation network, linking all parts of the city with each other, and the most popular means of transportation within the city is the tram.

Besides the tram that covers vast areas of the city, there are many buses that travel between all alleys and roads, and buses also connect Eskişehir, the center, with the rest of the villages and cities in the state.

Transportation within Eskisehir is not only limited to land transportation, but the city also has river transportation that takes passengers and tourists within the famous Porsuk River.

Transportation Eskişehir

Eskisehir Hospitals

The city contains many governmental and private hospitals alike, which provide high-quality healthcare services to the city’s residents.

There are also many government clinics, family clinics and government health centers located in most neighborhoods of the city.

The government hospitals located in Eskisehir are:

Yunus Emre Hospital

City Hospital: Eskişehir Şehir Hastane

University hospitals located in Eskisehir:

Osman gazi University Hospital

Private hospitals in the city:

Eskişehir Acibadem Hospital

Umit Private Hospital

Anadolu Hospital

Eskisehir Eye Center

Gorlife Hospital

Eskisehir train

Eskişehir is the crossroads for trains coming from Istanbul to the rest of Anatolia and the capital, Ankara.

The city can be reached easily by train, which connects the city with the capital, Ankara, Istanbul, Konya, Kutahya, Izmir, and many other cities and villages along the train line.

Eskisehir has two types of trains, the YHT express train, which is a modern high-speed train, and the traditional train.

A popular Eski train

Housing in Eskisehir

Eskisehir is characterized by the diversity of houses and housing prices, as there are easy options to buy or rent apartments in the city.

According to the latest prices of 2020, the sale prices of apartments in Eskisehir range from 120 thousand TL for 1 + 1 apartment to 450 thousand TL for 3 + 1 apartment.

As for the rent, the prices vary from 500 Turkish liras per month to 1,500 and 3,000 liras per month.

Housing prices in Eskişehir vary enormously in different regions and neighborhoods, as the neighborhoods near the city center, Bağlar neighborhood, and the neighborhoods that are located on the Porsuk River and near ismet Inonu Street, their prices rise.

The prices are generally lower in Şirintepe, which is located right next to Anadolu University, as it is one of the most suitable neighborhoods for students to live in.

Housing in Eskişehir

Food in Eskişehir

The city has many special meals and drinks, as a large number of Crimean Turks immigrated to Eskisehir, in addition to many Balkan Turks, who took with them some traditional meals, the most famous of which is the “çiğ börek”.

The city is also famous for serving balaban kebab, which consists of kofte, as well as chopped pide bread with tomato sauce and yogurt.

Boza is one of the most popular traditional drinks served in Eskişehir, which locals drink in winter to raise body temperature and nutrition, as boza consists of corn, millet, rice, wheat, bulgur and many other ingredients and sprinkles a little cinnamon over it before eating it.

The boza is exported to all parts Turkey and many countries.

Boza Eskisehir

Weather in Eskişehir

The weather in Eskişehir varies throughout the year, with the summer months experiencing high temperatures in the morning but temperatures drops significantly in the evening.

As for the weather in winter, it is covered with snow in January most of the time, and sometimes the temperatures are below zero without any snow or rain.

Spring and autumn in Eskisehir are among the best seasons of the year for tourism, for tourists to visit the city, and to enjoy the famous Sazova Park.

Weather in Eskisehir

Tourism in Eskişehir

Eskişehir is famous for it’s many amazing attractions that have put it on the tourism map in Turkey.

Tourism in Eskisehir varies between historical, cultural, natural, and medical tourism to satisfy all tastes.

Sazova Park and the Palace of the Princesses are among the most famous tourist attractions in Eskisehir, as well as the Porsuk River, the old Odunpazari houses and camping in the woods.

Eskisehir also has many comfortable hotels that offer cheap prices with around 120-150 TL per night.

Tourism in Eskişehir

Best hotels in Eskisehir

Eskisehir has a lot of excellant hotels, that offers you a great vacation to enjoy the beautiful city famous landmarks and locations.

The best hotels in Eskisehir are Tasigo Hotel Eskisehir Bademlik Termal, Anemon Eskisehir Hotel, Doubletree by Hilton Eskisehir, Ramada Encore by Wyndham Eskisehir, Ibis Eskisehir.

Famous personalities from Eskişehir

Yunus Emre, the famous Turkish poet, is one of the most famous figures in the state. Emre was born in the town of Sarıköy and is famous for his poetry full of wisdom and simplicity.

Al-Sayyid Batal Ghazi: He is a famous Muslim warrior believed to be Abdullah the hero, the Arab Umayyad warrior who fought many battles with the Byzantine state in the eighth century.

Yılmaz Büyükerşen: Current mayor of Eskisehir, former Dean of Anatolia University, and a famous artist.

Eskişehir neighborhoods

Eskişehir is classified as a “big city municipality”, where about 800 thousand people live in the city. The city’s neighborhoods and municipalities are administratively divided into two municipalities, namely the municipality of Tepebaşı and the municipality of Odunpazarı and the city includes the following neighborhoods:

Districts within Odunpazarı Municipality:

71 Evler Mahallesi

75. Yıl Mahallesi

Ağapınar Mahallesi

Akarbaşı Mahallesi

Akcami Mahallesi

Akçağlan Mahallesi

Alanönü Mahallesi

Arifiye Mahallesi

Aşağı Çağlan Mahallesi

Büyükdere Mahallesi

Cunudiye Mahallesi

Çankaya Mahallesi

Çavlum Mahallesi

Dede Mahallesi

Deliklitaş Mahallesi

Emek Mahallesi

Erenköy Mahallesi

Gökmeydan Mahallesi

Göztepe Mahallesi

Gültepe Mahallesi

Gündoğdu Mahallesi

Huzur Mahallesi

Ihlamurkent Mahallesi

İstiklal Mahallesi

Kalkanlı Mahallesi

Karacahöyük Mahallesi

Karapınar Mahallesi

Kayapınar Mahallesi

Kırmızıtoprak Mahallesi

Kurtuluş Mahallesi

Orhangazi Mahallesi

Orta Mahallesi

Osmangazi Mahallesi

Paşa Mahallesi

Sevinç Mahallesi

Sümer Mahallesi

Şarkiye Mahallesi

Vişnelik Mahallesi

Vadişehir Mahallesi

Yassıhöyük Mahallesi

Yenidoğan Mahallesi

Yenikent Mahallesi

Yıldıztepe Mahallesi

Districts within Tepebaşı Municipality:

Alınca Mahallesi

Aşağı Söğütönü Mahallesi

Bahçelievler Mahallesi

Batıkent Mahallesi

Boyacıoğlu Mahallesi

Cumhuriye Mahallesi

Çamlıca Mahallesi

Çukurhisar Hisar Mahallesi

Çukurhisar Yeni Mahallesi

Eğriöz Mahallesi

Emircioğlu Mahallesi

Emirler Mahallesi

Ertuğrulgazi Mahallesi

Esentepe Mahallesi

Eskibağlar Mahallesi

Fatih Mahallesi

Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi

Gazipaşa Mahallesi

Gökdere Mahallesi

Güllük Mahallesi

Hacı Seyit Mahallesi

Hacıalibey Mahallesi

Hasanbey Mahallesi

Hayriye Mahallesii

Hoşnudiye Mahallesi

Işıklar Mahallesi

İhsaniye Mahallesi

Kavacık Mahallesi

Keskin Mahallesi

Koyunlar Mahallesi

Kozkayı Mahallesi

Kumlubel Mahallesi

Mamure Mahallesi

Mustafa Kemal Paşa Mahallesi

Orta Mahallesi

Ömerağa Mahallesi

Sakintepe Mahallesi

Satılmışoğlu Mahallesi

Sazova Mahallesi

Sütlüce Mahallesi

Şarhöyük Mahallesi

Şeker Mahallesi

Şirintepe Mahallesi

Tunalı Mahallesi

Uluönder Mahallesi

Yeni Mahalle

Yenibağlar Mahallesi

Yeşiltepe Mahallesi

Yukarı Söğütönü Mahallesi

Zafer Mahallesi

Zincirlikuyu Mahallesi

Where is Eskisehir located?

The city is located in Western Anatolia, near the capital Ankara and Istanbul.

What is the city of Eskişehir famous for?

The city is known as the “student city” as life in the city is suitable for university students in terms of transportation, housing prices and quality of life

How far is Eskisehir from İstanbul?

Eskisehir is approximately 300 KM away from Istanbul.


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