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Vestel is an important Turkish company that produces technical products and home appliances. The devices produced by the company vary between 18 electronic devices, large equipment and communication systems technology.

The fame of Vestel is not limited to Turkey only, but the company has many branches in different countries around the world, up to 14 branches and startups.

Facroty of Vestel company

Quick facts about Vestel

  • Vestel was established in 1984 in Turkey and was acquired by Zorlu Group Holding in 1994.
  • The company produces a large number of consumer electronics for consumers in the domestic and international markets, in addition to white goods (refrigerators, washing machines … etc.), small household appliances, digital products, portable products and LED lighting products.
  • Vestel is one of the leaders in the European television set market and one of the three largest manufacturers in the white goods market, and it is also one of the 10 most popular brands in Turkey.
  • Vestel employs more than 16 thousand employees, with a high manufacturing capacity that contributes to increasing the country’s exports, supported by technological superiority, the company represents an important force for the Turkish economy.
Vestel company store

Vestel Mobile Phones

Vestel produces many different cell phones under the name “Vestel Venus”, as the latest phone produced by the company was in 2019 under the name Venus Z40.

Vestel Mobile Phones

Vestel City

Vestel’s main production plant is located in Manisa in southwestern Turkey, and the factory, built on an area of ​​1.3 million square meters, is one of the largest industrial complexes in Europe.

The factory is called “Vestel City” because of its large area and number of employees, as the famous National Geographic channel has filmed a documentary about the city of Vestel in a series of giant factories.

Vestel City

Vestel’s share in the European and Turkish market

Vestel occupies an advanced position in the sales of television sets in Turkey and in relation to white goods, the company ranks third in Turkey as the largest producer of refrigerators, washing machines and ovens.

Vestel exports most of its product outside Turkey, and its share in the European market is about 35%.

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The company has also signed several agreements with Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi to produce their products in Vestel factories and export it to the European market.

Vestel in the European market

Vestel and Turkish Defense Industries

Vestel has been providing many advanced defense industries to the Turkish Armed Forces as it has produced the Vestel Karayel Surveillance and Reconnaissance drone for the Turkish Army.

The Karayel drone managed to fly in the air for 8 hours at an altitude of 21,500 feet, with the aircraft making a total of 15 hours of operational flights.

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The Turkish Karayal drone has a payload of 70 kg and can fly for up to 20 hours continuously.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contracted with the Vestel Company under the name “Intra Company” in April 2020 to produce unmanned aerial vehicles in the Kingdom starting from 2021.

 A Karayel Vestel drone

Brands owned or produced by Vestel

The following brands are trademarks that have contracted with the Turkish company Vestel to produce their products in various countries of the world, and some brands owned by Vestel itself are also found in this list:

Regal: a Turkish brand sold in Russia
SEG: a German brand also sold in Russia
FINLUX: Finnish consumer electronics brand
Vestfrost: former Danish white goods brand acquired by Vestel
Digihome: consumer electronics brand
Electra. UK home appliances brand

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Graetz: white goods brand sold in German-speaking countries
Innohit: (Italian TV brand) is produced under license of the brand owner.
Isis. UK TV and white goods brand
Celcus: British TV brand sold exclusively by Sainsbury’s stores
Luxor: former Swedish brand previously owned by Nokia
MAXWELL: produces TV sets, DVD players and white goods (especially refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, washing machines.
Servis: UK white goods brand
Sharp: It was the licensed production of the devices of the Japanese company sold in Europe. Techwood, consumer electronics brand
Telefunken: the German TV brand, is produced under license of the brand owner.
Waltham: former UK brand acquired by Vestel
Kendo: television sets and set-top box brand
Walker: an Irish brand
GoGen: an Eastern European television set and other electronics product brand
Toshiba: Vestel produced televisions bearing the Toshiba brand under a five-year license agreement with the visual solutions division of the Japanese company Toshiba.. Vestel announced that it will use Toshiba’s factory in Wrocław, Poland, for the production of TVs to be sold under the Toshiba and Vestel brands.

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Communicate with Vestel

You can contact Vestel via the following email:

[email protected]

And by the following phone number:

+ 90-2362332582

You can also contact the company on the following number on the WhatsApp application: 08502224123

To visit the English-language website, click here .


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