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Turkish Airlines Cargo: A Complete Guide

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Turkish Airlines Cargo, internationally known as Turkish Cargo Logistics Company, is one of the most important cargo companies in Turkey with the various cargo and freight transportation services it offers.

Turkish Cargo has become the fastest-growing brand in air transportation worldwide.

Turkish Airlines Cargo

What is Turkish Cargo?

Turkish Cargo is a logistics company that has been carrying out air cargo transportation for Turkish Airlines since 1933.

According to the data of THY Press Consultancy, Turkish Cargo achieved a 32 percent increase in business volume in 2021. Turkish Cargo, which managed to transport 9.2 million tons of goods over long distances, left Europe’s leading air cargo brands behind. As a result, it has become the leading brand in this industry.

According to the official statement made by THY, considering the monthly data published by the International Air Transport Association IATA, Turkish Cargo, which ranked fifth in the same period last year, will be among the largest air transportation companies in America, Europe and the Far East in May 2023. It has been stated that it is among the top three air cargo carrier companies, leaving it behind.

Turkish Cargo flies in the fleet of parent company Turkish Airlines and has 388 aircraft (passenger and freight aircraft). Turkish Airlines continues to grow with its assets, operational capability, fleet and highly qualified workforce.

Thanks to Turkish Airlines’ extensive network and fleet, you can deliver your cargo directly to more than 340 destinations around the world.

What Services Does Turkish Cargo Provide?

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General Posts

Turkish Cargo allows you to transport a wide variety of products such as transportation, clothing, petrochemicals, automotive and electronic products.

Turkish Cargo has a large container area with its advanced cargo warehouses in Turkey/Istanbul, which is a strategic center due to its location at the intersection of continents.

Special Posts

Animal Transport on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has 30 years of experience in live animal transportation and transports pets in a healthy and warm climate by providing appropriate environments in accordance with CITES and IATA regulations.

Vegetable and Fruit Shipment with Turkish Airlines Cargo

Turkish Airlines aircraft can transport flowers, vegetables, fruits, beef, fresh/frozen fish, milk, chocolate, dairy products as well as fermented products.

Sensitive Posts

Turkish Airlines carries out your sensitive cargo shipments using the latest technologies and facilities.

Shipments are kept in special crates and durable boxes and stored in containers controlled by CCTV 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The handling, unloading and transfer of cargo are closely supervised by personnel specialized in this field.

Transportation of Medicines by Air

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Thanks to advanced technologies, Turkish Airlines delivers medical supplies to their destinations very safely at a controlled temperature.

Turkish Cargo Funeral Transportation

Funeral transfers with Turkish Airlines are carried out as quickly as possible with the company’s dedication and high-quality working principles.

Procedures, documentation, packaging and labeling rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are strictly followed in funeral transportation.

Turkish Cargo Cargo Tracking

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You can easily track your shipment by clicking here and monitor cargo movements by entering the tracking code sent to you in the required field.

Contact with Turkish Cargo

You can contact Turkish Cargo at +908503330777:

You can visit the official website here.