Top 10 Places to Visit in Eskisehir .. A Tourist Guide 2023

Are you looking for an adventure in the heart of Turkey Look no further than Eskisehir! This hidden gem offers an array of unique attractions and experiences for any adventurous traveler. Join us as we explore the top 10 places to visit in Eskisehir in 2023.

What are the best places to visit in Eskisehir gathered under one main topic. Let’s get to know this city that smells of history, which fascinates those who see it with its historical houses, Parks, Islands and Porsuk Stream.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Eskisehir

About Eskisehir Attractions

Especially in recent years, constantly developing and beautifying EskisehirThere are many places you can visit and see. We have brought together the best places to visit in Eskişehir for you.

The fact that this beautiful city is small and cute, with its western and traditional stance, is an unforgettable place for those who see it. Let’s take a look at the must-see places of Eskişehir, which amazes those who come to visit with its self-conscious stance.


Odunpazarı homes: How about a trip to the past in Eskişehir These houses reflect the social and cultural activities of the city. The history of the houses reflects the history of Eskişehir. You can learn more about these houses by chatting a little with the cute aunts in the neighborhood.

The people living there will warm you with their hospitality. Various museums, shops with cultural and commercial value, and a few second-hand booksellers are waiting for you. Every traveler who comes to Eskişehir should definitely stop by these beautiful structures.


Kentpark: This is a park where you can find peace, happiness, and get away from stress a little more. Is that just that, of course not; You can have your children take horse training, attend swimming lessons in the pool, relax in the botanical cafes, watch the colorful roses, fish or ducks swimming in the pond with pleasure. This is a place where you can sit on benches and read a book in front of beautiful views.

Sazova Park Eskisehir

Sazova Science, Art and Culture Park

Sazova Science, Art and Culture Park: Here is Eskişehir’s largest park. It would be wrong to call it a park only because there are many different activities such as a Fairytale Castle, a Japanese Garden, one-of-a-kind Pirate Ship, Space House, Science Experiment Center, Amphitheater etc., which is unique in Turkey.

If walking in the park makes you tired, a tiny and cute train will be taking you around. You can also do water skiing, take professional sailing lessons, and canoe in this park. This is our number one place among the places to visit in Eskişehir.

Sazova Park Eskisehir

Regulator Picnic Area

Regulator Picnic Area: To have a good time with your family, to have fun and to spend a stress-free day, you should choose this natural wonder of 50 thousand square meters. It is a great place for those who plan to spend time with nature.

You can enjoy dinner and breakfast with the sounds of water in the green. Pleasant and clean; If you are tired of the city, you should come and breathe here. It is also the most peaceful environment for barbecue.

Porsuk Stream, Islands and Gondola Tour

Porsuk Stream, Islands and Gondola Tour; With its colorfully painted bridges, sculptures, sparkling river and cafes around it, you will enjoy and find peace, this is a magnificently beautiful place that forms the center of the city and belongs to Eskişehir. The beauties of this place will accompany you every step of the way.

Atlihan Bazaar

Atlihan Bazaar; Atlıhan bazaar with its magnificent courtyard, tiny handicraft shops and where you can definitely find something for your loved ones… You can find hundreds of varieties and the most beautiful meerschaum works, one of the best examples of Eskişehir handicrafts, in Atlıhan.

Eskişehir and Atlıhan are the first ones that come to mind when meerschaum is mentioned. Here you can find the most beautiful varieties of meerschaum works such as pipes, rosaries, necklaces and mouthpieces.

Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex

Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex: The Kurşunlu mosque and complex reflecting the culture of Eskişehir… The wind blowing on your face may scare you during a small tour of the complex. The name of fear becomes hope while strolling inside the complex.

Don’t be surprised if you see butterflies landing on the flowers blooming in the garden of the complex in the place where the Mevlevi devote themselves to God, maybe those butterflies are the Mevlevis who were chasing true love here yesterday.

Wax Sculptures Museum

Wax Sculptures Museum: The Museum of Wax Sculptures was first used by the Romans to hide the face of the deceased in the room. Beeswax has been used since ancient times to mold all kinds of objects, due to its soft and shape-forming properties.

The wax mask tradition, which started in the Roman period, was developed over time and turned into more realistic sculptures through painting. In many parts of the world there are museums with wax sculptures. this is one of the most important in the museum.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden: Secret paradise Japanese garden Japanese gardens were not considered as wealth and luxury as in Europe, but were considered a part of the Japanese people’s love and longing for nature. In a classical European garden nature has been pruned and cleared.

Contrary to the European understanding of shaping nature, in a Japanese garden miniature copies of nature are created using symbolism. The main purpose of use in Japanese gardens is not only beautiful appearance. The priority is to create an environment where the soul will find peace.

Tcdd Museum

Tcdd Museum: Istanbul Railway Museum was opened in Sirkeci Station. Serving in an area of ​​45.50 square meters, 300 cultural assets are exhibited in the museum. Atatürk’s study room, meeting room and bedroom are located on the upper floor of the museum building, which has two floors. It is preserved as it is, with its private belongings and furniture bearing the characteristics of that day. You can get new ideas by visiting both Sirkeci Station, which is our country’s gateway to Europe, and the museum, which tells about the development of railway transportation throughout history.

Midas Monument

Midas Monument: Magnificent historical richness..the sacred center and gathering center of the region during the Phrygian times in the 6th century BC, altar places for the offerings to the gods, caves, cisterns, unfinished written rock, the king tombs around it… all waiting for you, and the fact that this place can be seen from the top quietly a strange atmosphere. Everything is in the old days! You must be a witness. Midas Monument, which was misunderstood about its construction in the 19th century, is one of the beautiful monuments of the Phrygian civilization that must be visited and seen. Bring your tour to the Midas Monument, which you will enjoy, to life without delay.

Eskisehir Zoo

Eskisehir Zoo There are areas where various kinds of animals are exhibited. There are different animal groups such as birds, animals, mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals in the garden. Educational programs, research and conservation projects are also carried out in the garden. Moreover A Medium-sized Aquarium with Eti Underwater World It is located in.

Eskisehir Accommodation

Where to Stay and Accommodation in Eskisehir: You are planning to go to this beautiful city, but where will you stay Where to stay and accommodation in Eskişehir, we have listed the best ones for you. Eskişehir is a city rich in entertainment with its developed transportation network and entertainment life…. There are many accommodation opportunities in Eskişehir, which welcomes many local and foreign tourists for different purposes every year.

How to go to Eskişehir

How to go to Eskişehir We decided to prepare such an article in order to find a complete solution to the questions of how to get to Eskişehir. Transportation to Eskişehir, one of the most popular cities of recent times, is extremely comfortable. It is possible to reach Eskişehir, which is located close to important cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, by high-speed trains, buses and by plane in summer.

Eskisehir Train

If you have places you want to add to our list of places to visit in Eskişehir, please write it to us as a comment. Have a good holiday every time, see you in another trip. :)

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