A Guide to Terra City Mall in Antalya

Terra City Mall Antalya is a perfect destination for shopping, with over 200 shops spread out on 4 floors.

Terra City Antalya mall is one of the largest malls in Antalya, Turkey. Located on Antalya’s busiest avenue Tekelioğlu, it was opened to the public in 2011 and has since been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. This blog post will provide information about Antalya’s newest mall, including its amenities and attractions.

What is Terra City Antalya mall

The Terra City Antalya mall includes more than 200 stores spanning over six floors which are located next to each other with wide walkways between them so that visitors can always find their way around easily. The different zones include women’s wear (Fashion Street), children’s clothes (Family Arcade), jewelry shops (Jewelry Street) as well as grocery stores like Migros or Carrefour Express and restaurants such

Location and working Hours

The Antalya Terra City mall is located on Tekelioğlu Street. After opening in 2011 it quickly became one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. The Mall opens daily from 10am to midnight every day of the week.

The Mall’s Amenities (shopping, restaurants, entertainment)

Terra City Antalya mall features a wide variety of stores that span six floors including grocery stores like Migros or Carrefour Express and restaurants such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King and more international fast food chains. There are also jewelry shops (Jewelry Street) as well as children’s clothes which can be found on the first floor of Antalya Terra City mall. The Mall also features a children’s amusement park, rides like Ocean Express which takes you through Turkey’s beautiful seaside landscape in just 30 minutes and an IMAX cinema where Hollywood blockbusters can be enjoyed!

Shops in Terra City Antalya Mall (H&M, Adidas, Zara)

The Antalya Terra City Mall features many stores that are popular in other countries like H&M, Zara and Adidas. It also includes a cinema and an entertainment zone with bowling alleys, billiards tables as well as arcade games for both children and adults.

How to get to Terra City from the airport or city center and how much it costs

You can take a taxi from Antalya Airport to the Antalya Terra City Mall for approximately 50 Turkish Lira.

There are also bus and shuttle services that cost less than half of what you would pay in a taxi, but these buses only run on limited routes during certain hours of the day. If you plan your visit ahead, this is an excellent option as it’s cheaper than taking a taxi every time.

However if you’re not sure about when or where your next destination will be after Antalya Terra City Mall then we recommend renting a car which is available at Antalya Airport with Hertz rent-car company among other rental companies.

Terra City mall shopping Antalya

Important Notes about visiting Terra City Antalya Mall (Closing times for different attractions)

Besides the opening hours mentioned above, Antalya Terra City Mall is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays for visitors who want to spend more time shopping or eating.

Contact Information for Terra City Antalya Mall

You can contact Terra City mall in Antalya with the following information:

Terra City Antalya Mall

Fener, Tekelioğlu Cd. No:55, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Phone: +902423181818

Web site: terracity.com.tr

Online shopping from Turkey

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Websites to buy clothes from Turkey

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How much is parking cost in Terra City mall

The Antalya Terra City Mall has a parking lot which is free and open to the public. The opening hours of this mall are from 10am until midnight daily.

Is there a dress code to enter the mall

There is no dress code to enter Antalya Terra City Mall which means that visitors can wear what they would like.

Where can you find children’s clothes in Antalya Terra City mall

There are children’s clothes on the first floor of Antalya Terra City Mall.


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