The 3 best activities to do in Sultangazi Istanbul Forest

Tourism in Istanbul offers everything that the tourist is looking for from different tourist places, and perhaps the most prominent of these tourist attractions is Sultangazi Istanbul Forest, as it forms a green belt that adorns the city, making it one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul and one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul for families.

This forest extends as one of the city’s lungs, full of greenery colors, where most visitors go for picnics and to enjoy the fresh air. Visitors to the forest will also have a unique date with many activities and events that we list in detail in this article.

Sultangazi Istanbul Forest

The best activities you can do in Sultangazi Istanbul Forest

• You will not be able to achieve the maximum amount of fun except by making an exploratory tour that begins your journey in the forest. There are many things in the forest that deserve you to explore and at the same time enjoy the sport of hiking for long distances, as there are dense trees scattered here and there.

• One of the exceptional sights that will nourish your eyesight is the view of the lake in the forest when you find it reflecting a perfect blend between the colors of greenery and clear water.

• Sitting on the side of the lake is an incomparable pleasure that you can test in this forest.

Landmarks near Sultan Ghazi Forest

There are many tourist attractions in the city, and this is what makes us advise you to visit other tourist places in Istanbul that are located next to the forest, such as Paris Manco Park Istanbul, 4.9 km away, and Vialand Istanbul amusement park, 6.2 km away.

The location of Sultan Ghazi Istanbul Forest on the map

Where is Sultanghazi Istanbul forest located

You can identify the location of Sultan Ghazi Istanbul Forest on Google Maps, in addition to the most important information about the place in this report.

What are the tourist places near Sultanghazi Forest

Among the nearby tourist places are Paris Manco Park Istanbul, 4.9 km away, and Vialand Tema Park Istanbul, 6.2 km away.


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