Plastic surgery in Turkey

Plastic surgery in Turkey .. Everything you need to know 2023

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We will cover here everything you need to know about plastic surgery in Turkey, from costs to the most famous plastic surgeries.

Turkey plastic surgeries combine high quality with affordable prices, so you can travel and have fun while having your plastic surgery at world class hospitals at the same time.

Plastic surgery in Turkey

About plastic surgery in Turkey

Turkey is ranked eighth in the world in terms of aesthetic tourism, behind only the United States, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy, and Germany. According to statistics from 2019, 754 thousand 392 surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were done in Turkey. 351 thousand 930 of them needed surgical treatments, whereas 402 thousand 462 were non-surgical.

In 2019, 161,298 cosmetic surgery procedures were conducted on the face and head, 84,231 on various regions of the body, 72 thousand on the breasts, and 3,496 on the eyelids. The remainder were judged to be operations such as liposuction and fat grafting. Botox was the most often used non-surgical treatment in 2019. The number of botox injections reached 200 thousand in 2019, hitting 199 thousand 506. Botox was then followed by skin care, hair removal, and laser treatments.

Individuals who travel to Turkey for health tourism make up a large portion, if not the great majority, of those who contribute to these figures. Thousands of individuals from Europe, the Middle East, and Russia entrust their health to competent Turkish doctors. Thousands of health tourism firms play a vital part in this entrustment process.

Turkey has high-quality and high-tech medical centers that perform plastic surgery in all its forms and techniques and for all parts of the body, such as: eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, nose, lips, mouth, and the outside of the ear,

Turkey has become particularly famous in the field of hair transplantation, so it has become one of the best countries in this field.

Many world famous artists and celebrities prefer to perform many different Plastic surgery in Turkey, because of the great progress and impressive results that they show.

Most famous Plastic surgeries in Turkey

Eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey

The eyebrows are the defining frame of the face, and they serve to show the face in good balance.

With age, facial muscles lose their natural elasticity, as well as facial skin, which leads to the appearance of loose eyelids and sagging eyebrows.

In the process of eyebrow lift, the technique is based on lifting the eyelids to open the area around the eyes, which is reflected on the forehead and tightens the lines of wrinkles in it.

The average prices for eyebrow lift and tightening are about 1000 US dollars, not including accommodation in a medical center.

Calculating the full cost of eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey, the average is about 1500 US dollars, and a 3-day stay in one of the centers is required for follow-up during and after the operation.

Eyelid surgery in Turkey

With age, the skin accumulates as layers in the upper eyelid, causing wrinkles and heaviness in the lower eyelid.

This also allows fat to accumulate in this area and become bad looking.

In the process of eyelid lift, the upper and lower eyelids are tightened,

Lifting the upper eyelid improves vision and makes the appearance younger,

As for tightening the lower eyelid, it helps reduce wrinkles and puffiness in this area.

The average cost of an eyelid surgery without calculating the cost of accommodation in a specialized medical hospital is about 800 – 1200 dollars.

As for calculating the cost of Eyelid surgery in Turkey for 4 days in the medical center, it will cost $1,200-1,600.

Cheek implants in Turkey

Sometimes the shape of the cheekbones may not match the rest of the face, which favors the cheek implant procedure.

Or in the case of aging and sagging cheeks due to the loss of an amount of fat, and the desire to appear in a harmonious appearance,

In the process of cheek implants, silicone implants are used above the cheekbones; To pull the face to give a different, more youthful face,

It is good that these operations can be performed simultaneously with other different operations on the face.

The average cost of a Cheek implants in Turkey, without calculating the cost of accommodation, is about $1,000 – $1250,

As for calculating the cost, including the costs of a 4-day stay in a medical center, it will cost $1350 – $1,600.

Nose job surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery in Turkey that many people want to perform in general;

This area is one of the places that show the most beauty or ugliness on the face.

It is also one of the areas most susceptible to injuries.

Before this operation, discussions are held with the consultant located in Turkey, and the doctor will take in these discussions enough time to discuss all the different options for the operation,

The doctor will also review the patient’s pros and cons of the operation in detail.

And the recovery time from rhinoplasty usually takes from two to six weeks, which is enough time for the patient to get used to his appearance and recover from the operation,

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is about 1500-2000 dollars, and the price varies according to the type of technique used and the procedure of the operation,

And calculating the cost of staying in a specialized medical center, it will cost $2000-2500, and the stay will take about 6 days.

Chin implants in Turkey

Chin implant surgery in Turkey is a relatively simple operation and takes about 40-60 minutes only, and it is possible to return home on the same day.

The technique of chin implantation and its augmentation depends on inserting a dissolvable implant above the chin bone.

It is implanted through an incision inside the mouth between the lower lip and the gums, so there will be no visible scars on the face.

The cost of a chin transplant in Turkey is about $1,500, without counting the cost of accommodation in a medical center.

And by calculating the cost of accommodation for a maximum of 5 days, and this is in difficult cases, we will find the cost about 2000 dollars.

Facelift in Turkey

Facelift surgeries in Turkey, is the most common and comprehensive method for treating facial wrinkles due to aging, and the types of face-lift surgeries vary.

There are a few types that require surgical intervention, and there are other types of them that do not require surgical intervention.

And the technique in the face-lift process removes the excess skin on the face and neck, and tightens sagging tissues and muscles,

And the surgeon will explain the options available to the patient and the best way to achieve the desired goal,

The facelift process has many details and takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the number of surgical details in the face.

The cost of Facelift surgery in Turkey is about $2500.

It is a cost for extreme cases that include multiple surgical procedures, and the cost decreases according to the details of each operation.

This cost does not include accommodation in a medical center; And calculating the cost of staying for 6 days in one of the centers, we will find that it costs $3000.

plastic surgery in Turkey

Lip augmentation in Turkey

Many people prefer to choose to improve the appearance of the lips when thinking about having a plastic surgery in Turkey, after they are sagging due to age.

And in some cases, women of younger ages prefer lip augmentation, especially those with thin lips,

The process of lip augmentation is done on the basis of making lip fillers with an effective period ranging from 4 to 8 months,

These procedures and access to the appropriate lip shape for the face will be discussed by the cosmetic specialist located in Turkey,

The average price for lip augmentation in Turkey is $700-1100.

And calculating the cost of staying in a hospital for two days only, we will find that it amounts to $1050-1450.

Otoplasty in Turkey

Sometimes the shape of the ear that is not proportional to the size of the face causes embarrassment to the owner,

This process is one of the simple operations for plastic surgery in Turkey.

And it takes only two hours to perform it, and it is sometimes done under local anaesthesia.

The otoplasty technique is based on making surgical incisions behind the cartilage behind the ear, allowing the ear to be reshaped in an appropriate way,

And then the shape of the ear folds is improved, if necessary, in a way that matches the cheeks and eyebrow line,

The cost of otoplasty in Turkey ranges from 1000-2000 dollars, and calculating the cost of staying in a medical center for two days, it costs 2350 dollars.

Neck lift in Turkey

The neck is one of the places where wrinkles and signs of aging appear most due to advancing age, and sometimes due to sudden weight loss.

The technique of the operation is based on reshaping the skin around the neck and jawline, which reduces the appearance of sagging,

This is done by removing the skin and tightening the neck muscles, and using liposuction to remove excess fat,

Or, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to get rid of these symptoms, and a neck lift is usually performed in conjunction with a face-lift,

The neck lift surgery in Turkey costs about 1800 dollars, and the price varies according to the quantities of skin to be tightened and corrected,

And by calculating the cost of staying for 3 days in a specialized medical center, the cost will reach $2150.

Best hospitals in Turkey for plastic surgery

We have chosen for you the most famous of these centers in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey.

Istiniye university hospital

Located in Istanbul, Istiniye University Hospital combines the academic approach of Istiniye University with the luxurious service of Liv Hospital’s services Experts and digital technology infrastructure to provide a comprehensive healthcare experience.

Istiniye has a lot of different clinics that assures you to have a great plastic surgery in Turkey.


Acıbadem Hospitals Group

Acibadem hospitals is a Turkish medical group comprised of around 17 prestigious institutions. This healthcare business was founded in 1991 and has maintained a high standard of excellence in cosmetic surgery in Turkey ever since.

Dr Serkan aygin clinic

The center specializes in hair transplantation in particular, in addition to performing many plastic surgeries specialized in various plastic surgeries, dermatological surgeries, and facial plastic surgery in Turkey.