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Traveling is a fantastic method to learn about various places and nations’ cultures. At general, tourists are more concerned with the historical and cultural sites they may see and see than with their lodging in the areas they will visit. Every section of our land has various marks of history and different civilizations. Have you ever considered that the hotels you’ve been looking for to stay in may be historic So, as a traveler, how about pursuing historical architecture

In this post, we will discuss the tales of the most magnificent historical hotels in Turkey, each of which has taken a unique trip and experienced history. Come on, let’s begin our adventure to those lovely hotels that haven’t lost their historical charm.

Historical Hotels in Turkey

Best Historical Hotels in Turkey

Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Istanbul

The Four Seasons is a structure that was turned into a hotel and is located on Istanbul’s ancient peninsula. The Sultanahmet Prison was erected in 1919 with a neoclassical architectural style. Tevkifhane was the street with the prison’s entry gate, while Kutlugün was the street with the exit gate. The names of these streets have not changed.

Art works were created on a regular basis at this location, which is also the first modern building in Istanbul, with its spacious courtyard and distinctive tile samples.

In the ambience of this location, Kemal Tahir penned Prisoner of the Captive City; Nazm Hikmet wrote Human Landscapes from My Country; and Orhan Kemal wrote 72nd Ward.

If you want to have a different experience and go on a historical tour, go here.

Grand London Hotel, Istanbul

The Greater London Hotel, which has one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul, is in the Pera district of Beyoğlu. This magnificent hotel was built in the 19th century by the architect Semprini. It was converted from a residence to a hotel to host these guests during the period when the British were trying to jump on the Orient Express and explore the world. Of course, the choice of the Great London Hotel as a name may have been chosen to attract the British. 

Let’s say in advance that when you get inside, you will be able to teleport you to another century with antiques, wallpapers and decorations. Also, when Ernest Hemingway came to Istanbul, he stayed at the Greater London Hotel for a while to observe the occupation years as a journalist.

Even though it is not as popular as before, it is pleasant to look at this hotel, which continues to serve, and to think about the people living in it. The easiest way to come here is to fly to Istanbul !

Pera Palace, Istanbul

Pera Palas, a must-see location for TV shows and movies, gets its name from the Pera area of Beyolu, where the Great London Hotel is situated. The hotel, first opened in 1895, was designed with the artists, authors, and bureaucrats of the Orient Express in mind. The opulent structure, designed by Alexandre Vallaury, utilized Art Nouveau, classical, and orientalist lines.

Pera Palas, with its allure both inside and out, is one of the emblems of Beyoglu.

Until now, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Agatha Christie, and Ernest Hemingway have stayed at the hotel, which creates the sensation of being in another period.

The apartments where Atatürk stayed and Agatha Christie penned “Murder on the Orient Express” are now preserved as museum exhibits.

If you wish to experience a totally different era of Istanbul, the location of this ancient hotel where Turkey’s first ball event was held is obvious.

Splendid Palas Hotel, Buyukada

Splendid Palas, located in Büyükada, is a wonderful hotel that was erected in 1908 and is still in operation. This hotel is unique in that it is the only one in Turkey that is designated as a first-class historical monument and is run in accordance with its original design.

In its 110-year existence, the hotel has seen wars and beautiful balls.

For many years, especially during Atatürk’s reign, it hosted the Republic Balls. This antique edifice, with its crimson shutters and green domes, overlooks the Marmara Sea and retains its charm despite the passage of time.

The inside of Splendid Palace is just as lovely as the façade. If you swing by for a cup of coffee, you should certainly check out the courtyard.

It has a unique structure that is not seen inside Turkey’s borders. If you want to view this gorgeous and historical landmark, you should travel to Istanbul first, and then take the lovely boat over the water.

Divan Cukurhan Hotel, Ankara

As another historical edifice, Divan ukurhan in Ulus is placed exactly near to Ankara’s old castle. The hotel is essentially an antique caravanserai with elements of traditional Ottoman architecture. In the early years of the Republic, ukurhan, a historic caravanserai and a modern boutique hotel, was utilized as a jail. It is now one of the World Monuments Fund’s “100 Monuments of the World Waiting to be Saved.”

This historical site, which has remained standing for years thanks to repair efforts, continues to life with the tales it houses.

Furthermore, ukurhan has important Ottoman Empire relics. These remains may be seen not only in the building, but also in the meals, which allude to Ottoman cuisine. If you want to live in a historical setting, you should surely go to Ukurhan.

Savon Hotel, Hatay

After a repair, Savon, which was utilized as a soap factory during the Ottoman time, began to be used as a hotel. The scent of soap still pervades the hotel, which greets guests under its domed ceilings.

Savon features a beautiful U-shaped patio. Even if you go down the street without entering the hotel, you can see the courtyard from the corner. “I wish this was my house,” you’ll think as you view its broad staircase and lovely courtyard. Flying to Hatay is the most convenient method to see this area with a rich history and delicious cuisine!

Cheltikov Hotel, Kars

The Cheltikov Hotel today occupies the structure that was erected as a mansion by the Cheltikov Family during the Russian rule of Kars. Of course, this is not Cheltikov’s narrative. Prior to being a hotel, the structure housed an opera theatre and a hospital. It has not, however, lost any of its charm.

When our calendars displayed the year 2011, the majestic Cheltikov Family building debuted as a hotel.

The outside of this hotel, built in the Baroque style, with its superb reliefs and ceiling decorations that are a marvel of aesthetics, is the sort of hat.

This lovely and ancient site is one of the places you should not miss if you visit Kars.

Historical Seljuk Mansion, Mardin

The Ancient Seljuk Mansion is one of Turkey’s historical mansion hotels, saluting the Mesopotamian Plain. This palace, which was previously a courthouse, greets visitors with stunning stone embellishments and ethnic patterns.

Every vacation to Mardin is a voyage through history.

However, if you want to visit a house with a spectacular view and experiences, come here.

The quickest method to get to this area is to fly to Mardin.


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