Gebze Stadt

Gebze city the heart of Turkish industry and hidden touristic places

The Turkish city of Gebze is one of the most important Turkish cities in the state of Kocaeli, as it represents 33% of the state’s national income, as the city has a strong infrastructure that has placed it at the forefront of Turkish cities in economic terms.

The location of the Turkish city of Gebze is considered a strategic location, because of its proximity to Istanbul and the Osman Gazi Bridge, the city has become an important center for shipping and logistics.

The city is not limited to industrial activities only, but it is also famous for its agricultural activity and wonderful tourist places that make it an important city that deserves attention.

The city of Gebze

Where is the Turkish city of Gebze

The city is located in Kocaeli province, Turkey. It is located 65 km southeast of Istanbul, on the Gulf of Izmit, east of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Gebze is the second largest district in Kocaeli, after the city of Izmit, with the city inhabiting about 350 thousand people.

History of the city of Gebze

The Byzantine and Roman era

The name Gebze is currently associated with heavy industry and economic activities, but the city has a long history dating back to the era of Roman Empire where the city was called Bithynia in the past.

Among the most important historical events that took place in the region was the passage of the Carthaginian military commander, Hannibal, while he was moving in his conquests.

Gebze in the Ottoman era

In 1330 AD, the Ottomans conquered the important city under the leadership of Sultan Orhan Gazi, where he is considered the original founder and spiritual father of the Turkish city.

Orhan Gazi made great efforts to rebuild the area, and established a mosque in his name.

History of the city of Gebze

The economy of the city of Gebze

Industry in Gebze

The average per capita income in the city is among the highest in Turkey, as the city contains many large and medium industrial establishments.

The industrial establishments in the city are concentrated along the Istanbul-Izmit road, and the industries in the city vary between concrete, glass industries, textiles, plastics, machinery, metallic materials, metals, and auto sub-industries.

Gebze Industries is known for the high quality and competitive prices, as investors injected millions of dollars into the city due to the excellent profit returns.

Gebze Factories

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Agriculture in the Turkish city of Gebze

The rapid development of industry in the city has caused a decline in agriculture. The production of wheat, oats, sunflowers and various kinds of vegetables and fruits that are among the main agricultural products in the region continues.

In addition to farming, economic activity in Gebze includes huge chicken farms, which use the most modern methods of domestication.

Agriculture in Gebze

Tourism in the city of Gebze

The city contains tourist attractions worth visiting, the most important of which are:

Faruk Yalçın Zoo and natural plants:

Which has more than 3000 animals from 250 different species, including many endangered species.

The garden also contains more than 400 different types of plants, which number up to 8,000 plants.

Faruk Yalçın Zoo

Çoban Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Which is characterized by its wonderful Ottoman architecture, as the mosque was built in 1523 AD.

Çoban Mustafa Pasha  Mosque

Othman Hamdi’s house

The house of the famous painter Othman Hamdi is one of the most beautiful sights in Gebze, as it is distinguished by its elegant decor and design on the sea, and inside it there are wax statues made with great precision and professionalism that depict the life of the painter.

Othman Hamdi Bey's paintings

Eskihisar Adventure Park

This park is a great place for a picnic with children and families, as it is located by the sea and adults can sit in it and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the wonderful landscape, while children can play in the many children’s games inside the park.

Eskihisar Adventure Park

Ballıkayalar Natural Park

This park is located in the midst of forests, as it is an ideal place for lovers of recreation and enjoying the beautiful landscapes with its beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Balikayalar Natural Park

Education in the city of Gebze

Gebze Technical University is considered one of the most advanced Turkish universities in the field of technology, infrastructure, and scientific research, as the university was established in the 1994-1995 academic semester, and its name changed to Gebze Technical University in 2014.

The Technical University continues to teach and teach in 18 departments within its four colleges and 50 postgraduate programs within its nine institutes, as of 2018, the university has 3713 undergraduate students and 4,599 postgraduate students, with a total of 8,132 students with more than 55% studying at the postgraduate level.

Gebze Technical University gate

How to get to Gebze

The Turkish city of Gebze can be reached easily from Sabiha Gokcen Airport by taking bus No. MR60, then getting off at Pendik YHT station, and from Pendik station, you can take the Marmaray express train and get off at Gebze station.

And if you land at Istanbul’s new airport, you can reach Gebze by taking the bus to H-2 Çağlayan, after that, take the bus No. 34AS and get off at Söğütlüçeşme station, then take the Marmaray metro line heading to Gebze.

You can take a taxi through the iTaksi application, which is the application launched by the Istanbul municipality for taxis, and you can download it by clicking here for the Android system, and here for the İOS system.